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City Council Meeting

Thursday, January 03, 2013

                                    MINUTES OF THE MEDFORD CITY COUNCIL MEETING
                                                                  January 3, 2013
Swearing In - Mayor & City Councilmembers
Gary Wheeler was sworn in as Mayor; Chris Corcoran, Eli Matthews and Daniel Bunn were sworn in as Councilmembers.
The meeting was called to order at 12:00 in Council Chambers, City Hall, 411 W. 8th Street, Medford with the following members and staff present.
Mayor Gary Wheeler; Councilmembers Bob Strosser, Karen Blair, Daniel Bunn, Al Densmore, Eli Matthews, John Michaels. Chris Corcoran and Dick Gordon (*arrived as noted).
City Manager Eric Swanson; Deputy City Manager Bill Hoke; City Attorney John Huttl; City Recorder Glenda Wilson.
20.     Approval or correction of the minutes of the December 20, 2012 regular meeting
         The minutes were approved as presented.
30.     Oral requests and communications from the audience
30.1   Steve Vincent – Energy Conservation Presentation
Mr. Vincent addressed the Council and presented a rebate check in the amount of $14,732 for energy conservation work that was completed at the Santo Community Center.  He recognized Brian Sjothun, Parks & Recreation Director and Greg McKown, Building Facilities Supervisor for their efforts to be fiscally prudent and conservation minded.
40.     Consent calendar
Mr. Huttl noted that the ordinance for Agenda Item 40.3 was amended to remove code modifications to Chapter 10 as these modifications will be completed under a separate process.
40.1   REMOVED By Councilmember Blair. 
40.2   COUNCIL BILL 2013-002  An ordinance appointing Construction Engineering Consultants and Thornton Engineering, Inc. to provide engineering services for a three-year term.
40.3   COUNCIL BILL 2013-003 An ordinance amending Sections 2.427, 2.428, 2.429, 2.435, 2.437, 2.438, 2.439, 2.446, 2.447, 2.461, 2.472, 2.475, 10.123, 10.133 and 10.137 of the Medford Code pertaining to  residency requirements for City boards and commissions.
40.4   COUNCIL BILL 2013-004 An ordinance amending Section 2.065 of the Medford Code pertaining to meeting decorum.
40.5   COUNCIL BILL 2013-005 An ordinance amending Section  2.470 of the Medford Code pertaining to membership on the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission.
Motion:  Adopt the consent calendar.
Moved by:  Bob Strosser                         Seconded by:  John Michaels
Roll Call:  Councilmembers Bob Strosser, John Michaels, Karen Blair, Daniel Bunn, Chris Corcoran, Al Densmore and Eli Matthews voting yes.
Motion carried and the following council bills were duly adopted: 2013-002, 2013-003, 2013-004 and 2013-005.
50.     Items removed from consent calendar
40.1   COUNCIL BILL 2013-001  An ordinance authorizing execution of an Intergovernmental Agreement for the Water for Irrigation, Streams and the Economy (WISE) Project with the WISE Project Partners.
Councilmember Blair requested a staff report.  Cory Crebbin, Public Works Director addressed the council and spoke to the ordinance.  He noted that the previous agreement has expired and this action will continue the City’s participation with this project, however there is no direct financial obligation.  He spoke to the work being done in the addressing the water resources for the Rogue Valley.  Roger Thom, Utilities Engineer, addressed the Council and noted that the City of Medford previously was the lead for this project but under the new agreement the Talent Irrigation District will take that role. 
Councilmember Blair noted that she had many questions regarding the project and concerns regarding potential future funding for the project.  She requested that a Council study session on this topic be scheduled.  Councilmembers discussed the history of the WISE project and agreed that a future study session on the history and future of the project should be scheduled.
Motion: Adopt the ordinance.
Moved by:  Chris Corcoran                                   Seconded by:  John Michaels
Roll Call:  Councilmembers Chris Corcoran, John Michaels, Daniel Bunn, Al Densmore and Bob Strosser voting yes.  Councilmembers Karen Blair and Eli Matthews voting no.
Ordinance 2013-001 was duly adopted.
60.     Ordinances and resolutions
60.1   COUNCIL BILL 2013-006  An ordinance authorizing execution of an Agreement between the City of Medford and Teamsters Local 223/Medford Parks Employees Association concerning wages, fringe benefits, and other working conditions through June 30, 2014.
Motion: Adopt the ordinance.
Moved by:  John Michaels                                    Seconded by:  Al Densmore
Roll Call:  Councilmembers John Michaels, Al Densmore, Chris Corcoran, Bob Strosser and Daniel Bunn voting yes.  Councilmembers Karen Blair and Eli Matthews voting no.
Ordinance 2013-006 was duly adopted.
60.2   COUNCIL BILL 2013-007  A resolution authorizing the position of a Development Services Technician in Public Works Engineering.
Motion:  Adopt the resolution.
Moved by:  Bob Strosser                         Seconded by:  John Michaels
Councilmember Corcoran questioned if the cost for this position was included in the overall funding requirements for the City to take on the billing and Mr. Crebbin noted it was.
Roll Call:  Councilmember Bob Strosser, John Michaels, Eli Matthews, Al Densmore, Chris Corcoran, Daniel Bunn and Karen Blair voting yes.
Resolution 2013-007 was duly adopted.
70.     Public Hearing
70.1   Consider an appeal of the Public Works Director’s decision denying the installation of additional stop signs at the intersections of 5th Street and Bartlett Street.
Councilmember Corcoran reported exparte communication with Mark DeBoer; Councilmembers Al Densmore, Eli Matthews and Karen Blair reported exparte communication with Eric Iverson.  Councilmember Bunn requested further information on the exparte communications and Councilmembers reported that the communication was on the individuals desire to have the stop signs reinstalled at the intersections.  It was noted that this information will likely be presented in the staff report and appellant presentations as well.
Cory Crebbin, Public Works Director provided a staff report.  He noted that this appeal is from the Medford Urban Renewal Agency.  Prior to The Commons project, the Fifth Street and Bartlett intersection was one intersection that did have a four-way stop.  The Commons project was redesigned with two one-way streets and two intersections.  The request for the installation of stop signs has been reviewed by the Transportation Coordinating Committee and the Committee recommends that the stop signs request be denied. Per Medford Code 6.100 the Public Works Director is authorized to place traffic controls based on traffic engineering and traffic control standards.  Based on the Committee recommendation and the Manual for Uniformed Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and the analysis that the intersections do not warrant the stop signs, the Public Works Director denied the request.
Mr. Crebbin provided the technical analysis used to determine MUTCD warrants.  The analysis does not support the installation of the stop signs.  He did note that the installation of the MUTCD R1-6a sign could be installed to provide additional awareness of pedestrian activity in the area.  He noted staff recommends that the decision of the Public Works Director be upheld.
Councilmembers questioned use of Fifth Street as a connector between Central Ave. and Riverside Ave.  Mr. Crebbin noted that given the design of the street with bulb outs and special surface treatments it is likely that Fourth Street and Sixth Street will be more accessible for the connecting vehicular traffic.
Councilmember Blair questioned if the Public Works Director would be installing the MUTCD R1-6a style signs if the denial was upheld.  Mr. Crebbin noted that the Council would need to speak with the appellant as they have stated they do not like the style of the signs.
Councilmembers questioned the criteria for their decision in this matter and desires to make this area pedestrian friendly.     
*Councilmember Dick Gordon arrived and was sworn into office.
Public hearing opened.
  1. Eric Iversen, Project Manager representing the applicant addressed the Council.  He noted that there were no stop signs on the plans for the project that were approved.  This was an oversight on his part and once he observed the signs were not noted on the plans to be replaced he contacted the City to get this addressed. He spoke to the redesign of these intersections and the applicants desire to have the stop signs replaced.  He noted that the R1-6a sign is a suburban design and more fitting for a school or mall environment not this area.  He noted that this intersection was not originally designed to meet the level of warrants for traffic impacts.  He would not be in support of re-evaluation of this request once the streets have been opened.  He noted that Lithia is in attendance as the first occupant at the Commons.  He spoke to Lithia having a number of the redevelopment sites in this area and that when fully developed the project is designed for pedestrian traffic not vehicular.  Lithia is recommending the stop signs be reinstalled.
  1. Mark DeBoer, Lithia addressed the Council regarding the request for the stop signs.  He displayed the design plan for the park blocks and given the overall goals for the park blocks feels that the stop signs are warranted.
  1. Len Merryman, 468 Sterling Point, Central Point, addressed the council in support of the installation of the stop signs. 
Public hearing closed.
Motion:  Uphold the appeal and direct that the stop signs be installed.
Moved by:  Chris Corcoran                       Seconded by:  Eli Matthews
Councilmember Corcoran spoke to his motion and stated that given the design of the park blocks he feels the signs need to be installed.
Councilmember Gordon reported exparte communication with Eric Iverson and Mark Deboer.
Roll Call:  Councilmembers Chris Corcoran, Eli Matthews, Karen Blair, Daniel Bunn, Dick Gordon and Al Densmore voting yes.  Councilmembers Bob Strosser and John Michaels voting no.
Motion carried and so ordered.
80.     City Manager and other staff reports
80.1   Travel Medford Update by Annie Jenkins
Ms. Jenkins addressed the Council and provided an update on Travel Medford activities for the 2011-12 year. She spoke to the new branding for the organization, redevelopment of communication pieces and website and outreach efforts. 
80.2   Mr. Swanson noted that the Strategic Plan will be printed in hard copy for presentations by Council and it is also now on the City website.
90.     Propositions and remarks from the Mayor and Councilmembers
90.1   Proclamations issued:
90.2   Election of Council Officers.
Councilmember Corcoran noted traditionally that the Council Vice President moves into the President position and he expressed concern regarding his ability to fulfill this position given his work.
Motion:  Elect Al Densmore as Council President.
Nominated by: Chris Corcoran
Roll Call:  Councilmembers Chris Corcoran, Al Densmore, Dick Gordon, Eli Matthews, John Michaels, Bob Strosser, Karen Blair and Daniel Bunn voting yes.
Councilmember Densmore was elected Council President.
Motion:  Elect Dick Gordon as Council Vice President.
Nominated by:  Bob Strosse4r
Roll Call:  Councilmembers Bob Strosser, Al Densmore, Chris Corcoran, Dick Gordon, Eli Matthews, John Michaels, Karen Blair and Daniel Bunn voting yes.
Councilmember Gordon was elected Council Vice President.
Mayor Wheeler presented recognition plaques to Councilmember Bob Strosser for his service as Council President and Councilmember Chris Corcoran for his service as Council Vice President.
Councilmember Strosser addressed the Council and recommended that the City Attorney in a study session provide an overview of public meetings laws and Councilmember communication.
90.2   Further Council committee reports.
a.   Councilmember Strosser reported on the Water Commission meeting.                
90.3   Further remarks from Mayor and Councilmembers.
a.   Councilmember Bunn thanked the Councilmembers and staff for their guidance in helping him to prepare for the position.  He spoke to the benefit of serving on boards and commissions prior to becoming a Councilmember.
b.   Councilmember Densmore noted that he and Councilmember Bunn are participating in the Police Citizen’s Academy and that it is a great program.
c.   Councilmember Blair addressed the Council regarding the previous discussion of the Community Development Block Grant funding for the Union Park project.  She noted that the Council has expressed interest in keeping the project moving forward and she would like Council concurrence to have staff bring forward information regarding the 2013 Community Development Block Grant allocation for consideration of preference funding for the project.  Council concurred and still will prepare an agenda item commentary for the next Council meeting.
Mayor Wheeler noted that as the evening business has been addressed during the noon meeting, the evening session has been cancelled.
100.   Adjournment
There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 2:04 p.m.
The proceedings of the City Council meeting were recorded and are filed in the City Recorder's office. The complete agenda of this meeting is filed in the City Recorder's office.
Glenda Wilson
City Recorder

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