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City Council Study Session

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Medford City Council Study Session
October 31, 2013
The meeting was called to order at noon in the Medford Room, City Hall, 411 W. 8th Street, Medford with the following members present.
Mayor Gary Wheeler; Councilmember Bob Strosser, Dick Gordon, Karen Blair, Tim Jackle and John Michaels.
Mayor Wheeler requested a discussion regarding the November 7th evening council meeting and if there would be quorum.  Councilmembers discussed and it was concluded that the evening meeting would be cancelled and that rescheduling of the public hearings would be needed.
1.  Rogue Valley Television Annual Report:  Joe Brett and Erik Palmer from Rogue Valley Television/Southern Oregon University addressed the Council.  Mr. Brett provided an overview of the operations of the organization and spoke to the many changes that have occurred in the organization.  The re-launching of the organization as the Southern Oregon Digital Media Center occurred in January 2013 and the organization is focused to engage in public information and inclusion of a wide variety of social media platforms.  He spoke to the video streaming and archiving of public meetings that was implemented in the last year and that they now have the ability to video stream to mobile devices.
Mr. Palmer addressed the Council and noted that the strategic plan for the Digital Media Center was submitted with the annual report.  He stated that they are in the mode to come into the 21st Century with improving public information and engagement.  They will be submitting some grant applications for public information projects to support ideas to work with municipal and other stakeholders to do digital engagement activities.
Councilmember Gordon questioned the ability to provide opportunities for two way participation with meetings outside of Medford, such as legislative committees.  Doug Townsend, Technology Services Director noted that the City has the ability for that at this time.
2.  Bear Creek Restoration/10th to McAndrews:  Brian Sjothun, Parks & Recreation Director addressed the Council and noted that today's presentation is for informational purposes only.  He introduced the members of the Bear Creek Partners group who have been meeting to discuss implementation of the Rogue Valley Council of Governments Plan and the Bear Creek Implementation Plan.  He provided an overview of the proposed plan and next steps to be taken to move forward.  The primary task necessary for the continued success of improvements is the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the plantings along the greenway.  The next steps that the group is addressing are how to get the grant writing and applications completed to provide funding for the project.
The meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.
Glenda Wilson
City Recorder

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