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City Council Study Session

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Medford City Council Study Session
December 5, 2013
The meeting was called to order at 6:04 p.m. in Council Chambers, City Hall, 411 W. 8th Street, Medford with the following members present.
Mayor Gary Wheeler; Councilmembers Dick Gordon, Karen Blair, Daniel Bunn, Bob Strosser, Eli Matthews, Tim Jackle, John Michaels and Chris Corcoran.
Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC): 
Eric Swanson, City Manager addressed the Council and introduced the topic.  He noted that Greg McKown, Parks & Facilities Superintendent and Brian Sjothun, Parks & Recreation Director will be presenting information to provide an overview of the recommended process for the upcoming public facility projects.  
Mr. McKown addressed the Council and provided the overview on the use of the CMGC process for the upcoming projects.He noted that staff is seeking Council direction on the procurement process, project team development and the temporary staffing need.He spoke to three project delivery methods and described how these each work and the differences in the timing for delivery of the project.
He spoke to the proposed participants of the project management team and the individual project teams.
Councilmember Gordon questioned having separate requests for proposals for each project and Mr. McKown responded that staff’s recommendation is to have one for all projects, but that each project would be separately managed and budgeted.
Councilmember Gordon questioned if any research had been done to determine that there are local architects to handle these projects.Mr. McKown noted that there are local firms who are very capable.Mr. Sjothun addressed the Council and noted that this is part of the direction that staff is seeking from Council this evening.He noted that this would be an opportunity for the smaller firms to partner and present a joint request for proposal.He noted that staff is recommending that separate requests for proposal for each of the five fire projects be avoided.
Councilmember Gordon noted he would not like to see all of these projects occur at the same time as he feels that the local workers and economy would benefit if these could be spread out over a longer period.
Mr. Sjothun addressed the Council and provided information regarding the project to complete Phase 4 of the U.S. Cellular Community Park project.He reviewed the timeline for the project actions for bidding and contract award.
Mr. McKown provided the staff recommendation for a CMGC and designer of record, project team development and consideration of a temporary CIP administrative support position.
Councilmember Corcoran spoke to the opportunity for small architectural firms to work together.These projects needs to be done with strong financial stewardship and he does not want to spend additional costs for multiple architectural firms.
Councilmember Michaels noted he shared Councilmember Corcoran’s opinion and that the City needs to utilize the public funds efficiently.He noted that if we can use local vendors we should but need to ensure we have the expertise needed to really address public safety building requirements.
Councilmember Gordon requested confirmation on bonding capacity of local firms.Would like the fire and police to be separate requests for proposal.We need to look at spreading out the construction over a period of time to better utilize our local skill labor over a longer period of time.
Councilmember Corcoran does not agree with having them simultaneously, we have a need for public safety facilities to be done would not want to delay one for the other.
Mayor Wheeler noted he does not want to spread out as the economy may change, inflation causing the projects to cost more.He noted he is sensitive to the local businesses but need to make sure we get the projects completed for the amount of bonded debt we have available and avoid inflation impacts.
Mr. McKown noted that all three could be designed at the same time and then build in phases.However the CMGC and architectural firms need to be in place to begin the process.
Mayor Wheeler invited Gary Caperma, President of the AIA to address the Council regarding the recommendations of staff.Mr. Caperma noted their goal is to ensure that there is an equitable playing field for competition and to help the community by keeping local tax dollars in the local community.
Mayor Wheeler invited David Wilkerson to address the Council and he noted that his firm was the architect of record for the Jackson County parking garage project.All of the contractors who bid on the two jobs for the Jackson County project offered discounts on their own.He suggested that while this could not be used as an evaluation criteria it is possible that this will occur if the projects are issued individually.
Council discussion on recommendation and concurrence to move forward with CMGC/Architect of Record proposal as recommended or to have a CMGC/Architect of Record for each project.
Mr. Swanson spoke to his experience with the joint Police/Fire facility that was built in Roseburg.He noted that staff has heard the Council concerns and will provide additional information to address those concerns before making further recommendations on how to proceed.
Meeting adjourned at 7:14 p.m.
Glenda Wilson
City Recorder

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