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City Council Study Session Minutes

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Medford City Council Study Session
July 31, 2014
The meeting was called to order at 12:10 in the Medford Room, City Hall, 411 W. 8th Street, Medford with the following members present:
Mayor Gary Wheeler; Councilmembers Daniel Bunn, Chris Corcoran, Dick Gordon, Tim Jackle, Eli Matthews, John Michaels and Bob Strosser
City Manager Eric Swanson; Deputy City Manager Bill Hoke; Finance Director Alison Chan; Deputy City Attorney Lori Cooper; Police Chief Tim George; Project Manager Greg McKown; Deputy Police Chief Randy Sparacino; Deputy City Manager of Development Services Chris Reising; TS Director Doug Townsend; Office Administrator Anne Gordon; Emergency Management Coordinator Larry Masterman
Police Facility Design
Chief of Police Tim George thanked council for their vision and leadership. He provided an update on their progress since the last meeting and stated there are weekly project meetings. Because of the temporary placement of the Police Department at the Carnegie Library staff came up with new ideas that have been brought forth in the design of the facility. Chief George stated that he is proud of those involved in this project.
Project Manager Greg McKown introduced those on the team: Finance Director Alison Chan; Police Chief Tim George; Deputy Police Chief Randy Sparacino; Deputy City Manager Chris Reising; TS Director Doug Townsend; Office Administrator Anne Gordon; and Emergency Management Coordinator Larry Masterman. Mr. McKown stated that the project is on schedule. Two options were presented (see PowerPoint presentation); what staff was seeking today was council’s preference.
David Wilkerson of ORW presented the floor plan designs. He introduced those who have worked on this from ORW.
Councilmember Gordon was surprised that there was not the ability to enlarge either male or female locker rooms; Mr. Wilkerson noted that it could be done by moving the outside door. Councilmember Corcoran questioned the capacity for growth for the female locker room. Mr. Wilkerson noted that the project is designed for 20 years out. Chief George noted that it is 10% female officers and that most cities that start to eclipse the 100,000 population decentralize the department. Councilmember Michaels noted that plumbing is close to where the room would be moved. Mr. Wilkerson noted that it could be looked at but stated the reasoning why it was done this way. Mr. McKown noted that this is not set in stone but it is close.  Mr. Gordon questioned if design was based on Municipal Court staying at the present building; staff noted that it was.
Tom Walker, Project Manager and Estimator of Adroit Construction provided information on the design of the building.
The exterior design was presented and minor changes were noted; Mr. Wilkerson stated that the design is similar to the Lithia building and One West Main building. Mr. Michaels questioned where the HVAC would be; Mr. Wilkerson noted that it will be on the roof, it will be covered and have a smaller footprint than what is on the current City Hall building. Mayor Wheeler questioned the lot line between the buildings; it was stated that the County has 13’ and the City will have 10’. Medford Water Commissioner Manager Larry Rains questioned if that was a pass through; Mr. Wilkerson noted it will be gated and fenced.  Mr. Corcoran questioned security; Mr. Wilkerson noted it will be mechanical ventilated and talked about the screening for the parking structure. Mr. Gordon questioned parking for citizens and how to access the building. Mr. Wilkerson noted there is a separate parking project that is being worked on. There will be a pedestrian walkway for parking at the Lausmann Annex. Discussed was no parking on Ivy by the new Police Station.
Mr. Michaels thought the design speaks of current and thought it could get dated. Mr. Wilkerson spoke of the aspects of design according to the year it was built. Councilmember Bunn appreciated Mr. Michael’s comments and the masonry on option 1. Mr. Matthews questioned the composite panels; Mr. Wilkerson noted that it very similar to the Lithia building although the products will not be imported from Italy. Mr. Gordon noted that you can refresh a building by changing out the panel system on the building. Councilmember Jackle liked both designs but liked option 1 more. Mr. Corcoran questioned what Mr. Wilkerson would have liked to have seen in the building; Mr. Wilkerson noted that there were more ins and outs in the original design and commented that there is not an ounce of fat in the project. Mr. Walker noted that both concepts are feasible; option 2 would be more expensive although option 1 parking area is more expensive due to the brick. Staff of ODW noted that there is strength in this building. Mr. Wilkerson remarked that you could add curves to the landscaping area. Mr. Matthews liked option 1 but would add the bow from the front from option 2. He questioned if art could be added to the design. Mr. Wilkerson noted there will be a prominent part for the entry area which will be from the tree that was taken down. Councilmember Strosser liked option 1. Mr. Michaels questioned the electrical components; Mr. Wilkerson noted that is in the next phase of the project and the plan needs to be stabilized before the engineers can work on the next phase.
Mr. Wheeler liked option 1 with the brickwork and the plaza and thought it fit well into the area. He stated that he would like the Arts Commission to come up with something that represents public safety. Mr. Gordon noted he is okay with either option. Mr. Jackle noted that he would agree with Mr. Matthews’ comments but would like to save money. Mr. Michaels questioned if we can anti-pigeon the building; Mr. Wilkerson noted that they try to prevent that in the beginning.  Mr. Michaels also requested information on solar panels. City Manager Swanson noted that we are heavy on option 1 and appreciated that they are sticking to a budget and a timeline.
The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
Karen M. Spoonts
Deputy City Recorder

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