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Agenda & Minutes

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Planning Commission (View All)

Planning Commission Minutes

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The regular meeting of the Planning Commission was called to order at 5:33 PM in the Council Chambers on the above date with the following members and staff in attendance:
Commissioners Present
David McFadden, Chair
Tim D’Alessandro
Joe Foley
Mark McKechnie
Jared Pulver
Commissioners Absent
Patrick Miranda, Vice Chair, Excused Absence
Bill Mansfield, Excused Absence
Norman Fincher, Excused Absence
Staff Present
Jim Huber, Planning Director
Bianca Petrou, Assistant Planning Director
Kelly Akin, Principal Planner
John Adam, Senior Planner
Kevin McConnell, Deputy City Attorney
Alex Georgevitch, Acting City Engineer
Terri Rozzana, Recording Secretary
Carla Paladino, Planner III
Desmond McGeough, Planner II
10.          Roll Call
20.          Consent Calendar/Written Communications.
20.1  ZC-15-058 Final Order for a request for a change of zone from SFR-00 (Single Family Residential, one dwelling unit per existing lot) to MFR-20 (Multiple-Family Residential, 20 dwelling units per gross acre) of 0.22 acres located on the east side of Lozier Lane, south of West Main Street. David & Cathie Johnson, Applicant.
20.2  ZC-15-041 Final Order for a request for a change of zone from MFR-20 (Multi-Family Residential – 20 dwelling units per gross acre) to C-C (Community Commercial) on one parcel at 955 North Phoenix Road (371W34 TL501), consisting of approximately 2.14 acres located at the southeast corner of East Barnett Road and North Phoenix Road. Rogue Federal Credit Union, Applicant; CSA Planning, Ltd., Agent.         
Motion: Adopt the consent calendar.
Moved by: Chair McFadden                                                        Seconded by: There was no second
Voice Vote: Motion passed, 5–0.
30.          Minutes
30.1.      The minutes for June 11, 2015, were approved as submitted.
40.          Oral and Written Requests and Communications. None.
Kevin McConnell, Deputy City Attorney, read the Quasi-Judicial Statement.
50.          Public Hearings—New business
50.1 CP-13-078 Consideration for a Class A – Major Legislative Comprehensive Plan Amendment to modify the General Land Use Plan (GLUP) map from General Industrial, Commercial, Service Commercial, and Urban Residential to Airport for properties surrounding the Medford International Airport owned by Jackson County. (City of Medford, Applicant)
Carla Paladino, Planner III, reviewed the proposal, gave a brief background and read the comprehensive plan amendment approval criteria.  Ms. Paladino stated that representatives from the airport were present tonight.  Mr. Bern Case and his representative, Clark Stevens, are in the audience if the Commission would like to speak with them.
Commissioner McKechnie asked if the urban residential with wetlands was going to be discussed separately tonight or another time?  Ms. Paladino reported that the applicant submitted a pre-application on just that property.  Staff told them that their goal was to present this broader project this evening and incorporate that property with the rest of them and change it to the airport designation.  The goal is to change the General Land Use Plan map from various designations to the airport designation.
Commissioner Pulver asked if the goal was to give the airport flexibility for lands the airport is going to use that currently has the various General Land Use Plan map designations?  Ms. Paladino replied yes and to have a map that shows where the airport owns property contiguous to the airport.  It is identifying that specific use within the City and to be able to identify it.  The underlying zoning could be different.
The public hearing was opened and there being no testimony, the public hearing was closed.
Motion: Based on the findings and conclusions that all of the applicable criteria are either satisfied or not applicable, the Planning Commission forwards a favorable recommendation for approval of CP-13-078 to the City Council per the staff report dated June 18, 2015, including Exhibits A through D.
Moved by: Commissioner Pulver                              Seconded by: Commissioner McKechnie
Roll Call Vote: Motion passed, 5–0.
50.2 CUP-15-054 Consideration of a request for a Conditional Use Permit to allow the construction of two multi-use trail ramp connections, portions of which lie within the Bear Creek Riparian Corridor. Subject trail connections will connect Bear Creek Greenway to the Highway 62/Interstate 5 interchange, located on the southwest and northwest corners of the interchange within the SFR-4 (Single Family Residential – 4 dwelling units per gross acre) and C-R (Regional Commercial) zone districts. (Jackson County, James Philp, Applicant/Agent)
Chair McFadden inquired whether any Commissioners have a conflict of interest or ex parte communication they would like to disclose. None were disclosed.
Chair McFadden inquired whether anyone in attendance wishes to question the Commission as to conflicts of interest or ex-parte contacts. None were disclosed.
Desmond McGeough, Planner II, read the conditional use permit criteria and gave a staff report.
The public Hearing was opened.
Chair McFadden asked if there were going to be additional traffic lights or warning lights that pedestrians are crossing the entrances onto the freeway at those angles?  Mr. McGeough replied that to his knowledge there was not going to be additional lighting for pedestrians.  The idea was to extend the path out to the existing sidewalks on the corners.  Mr. McGeough deferred the question to the applicant.
a. James Philp, Jackson County Roads, Project Engineer, 200 Antelope Road, White City, Oregon, 97503.  Mr. Philp reported that currently on the north ramp there is no crossing.  The sidewalk is closed.  Pedestrians need to cross on the east side of I-5 to get to the south side.  They will open the north crossing.  There is a pedestrian walk that will be installed as part of this project on the north side.  The Oregon Department of Transportation felt that the on-ramp to southbound was adequate with signage to slow traffic down.  They are installing conduit for future use if there needs to be.  Both ramps will be ADA accessible.  Across the Bear Creek bridge they are going to improve the island to give the bike lane some additional width.
Commissioner McKechnie asked that when the Bear Creek bike path was constructed, was it a Criterion 1 or Criterion 2 finding?  Mr. McGeough stated that the first improvement was in 1995 and he was not around at that time.  If it is in the Riparian Corridor there is going to be conditions to work with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Commissioner McKechnie asked Mr. Philp if he had any objections to the condition about informing the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife of this project?  Mr. Philp responded that Jackson County Roads would prefer to go with Criterion 1.  It is 112 feet of impact.
Commissioner Foley asked if the City was opening up themselves to a liability issue by paving the pedestrian crossing and not changing any of the pedestrian controls?  Mr. McConnell stated that any liability that the City may have would be recreational immunity.
Commissioner D’Alessandro asked the applicant was adding additional warning signage for pedestrian and bike crossing?  Is any of it electronic or signs?  Mr. Philp replied it was just signs.  There is a push button electronic crossing for the north side that will be installed.
Commissioner Pulver asked if there was going to be a traffic signal/walk signal from the north edge to the island as well as from the island to the west side?  Mr. Philp reported from the north edge to the island is a free movement without a traffic signal.  The push button will be in the island to cross the other three lanes.
Commissioner Pulver asked on the north side of Highway 62 and the west side of the ramps there is no sidewalk?  Mr. Philp replied that is correct.
The public hearing was closed.
Motion: Adopt the findings as recommended by staff and direct staff to prepare the Final Order for approval per the staff report dated June 18, 2015 including Exhibits A through J.
Moved by: Commissioner Pulver                              Seconded by: Commissioner D’Alessandro
Roll Call Vote: Motion passed, 4–0-1, with Commissioner Foley abstaining.
60.  Reports
60.1            Site Plan and Architectural Commission
Kelly Akin, Principal Planner, reported that the Site Plan and Architectural Commission met last Friday, June 19, 2015.  They approved revisions to the proposed garage for the police station.
60.2        Report of the Joint Transportation Subcommittee. None.
60.3        Planning Department
Kelly Akin, Principal Planner, welcomed Commissioner Foley.
Jim Huber, Planning Director, approved riparian reduction request related to a subdivision that will come before the Planning Commission soon.  It is off of Kings Highway.  It is to reduce the riparian corridor from 50 feet to 25 feet.
There is a joint City Council and Planning Commission study session scheduled for Thursday, July 9, 2015, at noon in the Carnegie Building.  Lunch is at 11:30 a.m.  The discussion will be on marijuana. 
The next regular Planning Commission study session scheduled for Monday, July 13, 2015, there are no business items scheduled so it may be cancelled.  Staff will keep the Planning Commission informed. 
There is business scheduled for both Planning Commission July meetings.  There is also business scheduled for the second meeting in August.
Last week City Council approved the East Main alley vacation that the Planning Commission recommended at the end of May.  Next week, the City Council will consider the 2015 Spring Cleaning Housekeeping amendments and the Lozier Lane Transportation Facility application.
The Planning Commission has Mr. Schwimmer’s vacancy to fill.  He served on the Site Plan and Architectural Commission and the Joint Transportation Subcommittee.  Site Plan and Architectural Commission meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at noon.  The Joint Transportation Subcommittee is getting ready to moving.  They are working on updating the Transportation System Plan.  She does not know the time commitment that will be.  There are three Planning Commissioners that sit on that subcommittee.  Currently Commissioner D’Alessandro and Commissioner Fincher are on the Joint Transportation Subcommittee.  These appointments will be added to the next Planning Commission meeting.
60.          Messages and Papers from the Chair. None.
70.          Remarks from the City Attorney.
Kevin McConnell stated that discussion for the joint study session with the City Council and Planning Commission on Thursday, July 9, 2015, at noon in the Carnegie Library will be regarding marijuana.  Currently there is a moratorium where marijuana is not allowed.  That may be changing.  City Council is considering lifting the moratorium on marijuana businesses.  The City Council is going to ask the Planning Commission is to come up with a reasonable time, place and manner restrictions regarding retail and medical business licenses such as dispensaries, marijuana processors, wholesalers and producers.
80.          Propositions and Remarks from the Commission.
Chair McFadden welcomed Commissioner Foley to the Planning Commission.
Commissioner Pulver stated that he sat in on a City Council meeting when they were dealing with a vacancy on the Site Plan and Architectural Commission.  What is the process for the Planning Commission vacancy?  Ms. Akin replied that the City Council President asked staff to go back to the applicants from the fall to see how many were interested.  She does not expect a long vacancy. 
90.          Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 6:22 p.m. The proceedings of this meeting were digitally recorded and are filed in the City Recorder’s office.
Submitted by:
Terri L. Rozzana                                                                
Recording Secretary
David McFadden
Planning Commission Chair                                                                         
Approved: July 9, 2015

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