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City Council Study Session Minutes

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Medford City Council Study Session Minutes

June 18, 2015



The Medford City Council Study Session was called to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Medford Room of the Medford City Hall on the above date with the following members and staff present:


Mayor Gary Wheeler; Councilmembers Clay Bearnson, Daniel Bunn, Chris Corcoran, Tim Jackle, Eli Matthews, Kevin Stine, Michael Zarosinski


City Manager Pro Tem Bill Hoke; City Attorney Lori Cooper; Deputy City Recorder Karen Spoonts; Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Greg McKown; Police Chief Tim George; Planning Principal Planner Kelly Akin


Councilmember Dick Gordon was absent.


Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Greg McKown stated that due to the cost of the parking garage, staff needed to present a revised base façade and alternate façade on the police station parking garage. Principal Planner Kelly Akin stated that staff looked at this from an aesthetic standpoint and the façade options will be brought to SPAC tomorrow. City Manager Pro Tem Bill Hoke questioned if they are presenting two options for SPAC. Mr. McKown stated that they were.


It was suggested one façade was chosen and stay with it so it wouldn’t be so confusing. Ms. Akin noted that staff will ask for authority for the basic façade and work up from there. What staff is hoping is that SPAC will allow the revised base façade and if needed, staff can use the alternate façade without going back to SPAC.


Project completion will be on schedule for September 2016.


Councilmember Jackle questioned how much the alternate façade would cost; Mr. McKown noted it was about $850,000 more and provided information on the siding differences between the two designs.


Councilmember Stine questioned why we would go with the revised base façade vs. budgeted façade; Mr. McKown noted that the budgeted façade is no longer on the plans and would probably not be approved by SPAC.


Mr. Hoke questioned if this would put out as a RFP; Mr. McKown stated that it would. Mr. Hoke remarked that this would come back to Council; Mr. McKown noted that it would come back to Council in late August. Mayor Wheeler remarked that this is purely façade.


The meeting adjourned to the regular City Council meeting at 6:45 p.m.





Karen M. Spoonts, MMC

Deputy City Recorder

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