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City Council Study Session Minutes

Thursday, July 16, 2015

 July 16, 2015
                                                                                Medford City Hall, Medford Room
411 West Eighth Street, Medford, Oregon
The Medford City Council Study Session was called to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Medford Room of the Medford City Hall on the above date with the following members and staff present:
Acting Mayor Daniel Bunn; Councilmembers Clay Bearnson, Chris Corcoran, Dick Gordon, Tim Jackle, Eli Matthews, Kevin Stine, Michael Zarosinski*
City Manager Pro Tem Bill Hoke; City Attorney Lori Cooper; Deputy City Recorder Karen Spoonts; Deputy City Attorney Kevin McConnell; Deputy City Manager Chris Reising; Building Director Sam Barnum; Development Services Manager Christy Taylor; Planning Director Jim Huber; Assistant Planning Director Bianca Petrou; Senior Planner John Adam; Principal Planner Kelly Akin
Floodplain Management Program
Deputy City Manager Chris Reising provided the budget background issues and legal considerations (see PowerPoint presentation).
*Councilmember Michael Zarosinski arrived.
Councilmember Corcoran questioned the wage that RVCOG would charge.  Development Services Manager Christy Taylor noted they just took on Jacksonville so they probably would not have time plus there is a lot of training time involved. Ms. Taylor noted that we pay city dues of approximately $24,000 annually to RVCOG and questioned if we could use that toward this issue.  She noted that we could only use 50% of the Mayor’s dues and is not an option.
Councilmember Stine questioned the cost of a full time planner.  Staff provided an amount of $75,000 and up. Planning Director Jim Huber noted that there are issues such as mapping Larson Creek, which will now be in the flood plain and are issues that an experienced planner would deal with. Top salary for a Planner IV would be over $100,000.
Assistant Planning Director Bianca Petrou provided information on requirements in adopting the UGB. In order for anyone to annex there is a public hearing; staff needs a TSP update adopted; an updated wetlands inventory and ordinance adopted; and also urbanization plans which will need to be adopted.
Councilmember Gordon said DLCD requested money for flood plain management and grant funds to assist cities for this. Ms. Taylor noted that they supposedly received funding for a flood plain insurance specialist although you call the number for the specialist and it is not connected. She indicated that the grant money was for mitigation purposes only.
Councilmember Stine questioned timing; Mr. Reising noted that technically it cannot be in the Building Department. Ms. Taylor noted that July 1, 2015, was our drop dead date. Councilmember Gordon questioned if we could ask for an extension to January 1, 2016. Ms. Taylor noted that there is not enough staff time in Building Department as we are also doing utility billing.
Councilmember Stine questioned if every city has a flood plain manager; Ms. Taylor noted that most of the large cities and counties have one.  Councilmember Gordon questioned if we could share this with the county or Ashland; Ms. Taylor noted that the county is on disciplinary probation.  Staff discussed finding a Planner that can take care of this.
Council thought Option 3 was best. Councilmember Corcoran stated that we will have to cut into contingency and something else will need to be cut from the budget. Councilmember Jackle indicated the flood plain was more important than downtown design.
The meeting adjourned to the regular City Council meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Karen M. Spoonts, MMC
Interim City Recorder


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