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Housing & Community Development Commission Minutes

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Housing and Community Development Commission
Wednesday, January 6, 2016
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
City Hall Medford Room 330
Meeting called to order @ 5:39 p.m.
  1. Roll Call
Present: Commissioners – Dawn Blanchette, Marie Cabler, Denise James, Chad McComas, Shanon Pewtress, Jennifer Puryear, Steven Sobhi, Bill Boehning; and Daniel Smith arrived late.  Staff – Angela Durant. Council Liaison – Clay Bearnson. Absent: Commissioners – None.
  1. Public Comments
  1. Approve Minutes
The minutes from December 2, 2015 were approved as submitted.
  1. Presentation by Oregon Action on Inclusionary Zoning Initiative
Michelle Glass and Alex Budd with Oregon Action provided the Commission with information regarding a 2016 legislative opportunity known as Inclusionary Zoning (IZ). The presentation was intended as an overview and did not cover technical features. IZ was referred to as a tool that municipalities can use when they are planning for new housing growth and development.
IZ can offer incentives to developers who agree to “set-aside” a pre-established percentage of units for affordable housing. Proposed Bill 2564 would repeal the existing ban on IZ in Oregon. As stated, this bill would not be a mandate, but rather an option or tool. Bill 2564 is an amendment to a failed 2015 bill. Both representatives provided commissioners with a summary of the history of the failed bill, developer concerns and potential incentives. Oregon Action is an advocate of the amended bill and requested the Housing Commission seek Council’s support through a letter from Mayor Wheeler. Ms. Glass and Mr. Budd provided the Commission with several handouts including a 2016 IZ Summary, IZ 2016 Regular Session and a sample support letter from Ashland City Council.
Oregon Action concluded their presentation by inviting questions. Responses were provided to questions regarding the current ban on inclusionary zoning and home rule authority, the impact IZ has had on the existing affordable housing crisis, outside jurisdictional support and the timeline for submission of a support letter. Commissioners discussed concerns to proceeding with a motion, which included representation from housing developers. 
Motion 1:  The Housing & Community Development Commission will present to Medford City Council proposed Bill 2564; during public comments at the January 21, 2016 noon Council meeting, requesting support a repeal of the ban on inclusionary zoning in the state of Oregon.  Motion made by Steve Sobhi; seconded by Denise James. Motion passed with 7 votes. 
Staff will provide Council with an emailed staff report prior to the January 21st noon Council meeting.
  1. Presentation by ACCESS on Medford’s Affordable Housing Crisis
Cindy Dyer and Jackie Schad facilitated an interactive discussion regarding the local and state affordable housing crisis. Ms. Dyer discussed current and historical vacancy rates, housing prices, unused housing vouchers, nonprofit/project developer incentives and Medford jobs data as related to affordable housing needs. ACCESS offered support of the repeal on inclusionary zoning in Oregon.
  1. Round Table Introductions – New Commissioners Welcome
All members of the Commission shared brief self-introductions.  
  1. Remarks from Council Liaison
  1. Remarks from Commissioners
Marie Cabler provided the Commission with a review of Robert’s Rules of Order.
Shanon Pewtress presented the Commission with the December 31, 2015 Jackson County Residential Statistics Report.
  1. Remarks from Staff
a)2016 CDBG Grant Cycle Update
Angela Durant made mention that no changes have been made to the original 2016 CDBG Grant Cycle schedule.
b)Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Trainings
Mrs. Durant updated the Commission on the outcome of the Jurisdictional Responsibilities and Advocates AFFH training sessions held in December 2015.  
c)Affordable Housing Community Conversation Event Update
Mrs. Durant updated the Commission on the “Affordable Housing Crisis Community Conversation” event held at the Medford Library on December 10, 2015.
d)ACCESS First-Time Homebuyer Program Income
ACCESS returned $22,018.92 in program income through the 2013 First-Time Homebuyer Program. Per ACCESS’ request, these funds will not be reallocated to this program. Program income will be re-allocated through the 2016 Action Plan process.
e)Fair Housing Division’s Request for Fair Housing Matrix 
*Tabled until after the 2016 Action Plan is completed.
  1. Adjourn
Meeting was adjourned at 7:14 p.m.


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