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City Council Study Session Agenda & Minutes

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016
6:00 p.m.
Medford Room
411 West 8th Street, Medford, Oregon
  1. City Manager Recruitment

January 19, 2016
Medford City Hall, Medford Room
411 West Eighth Street, Medford, Oregon

The Medford City Council Study Session was called to order at 6:00 p.m. in the Medford Room of the Medford City Hall on the above date with the following members and staff present:
Mayor Gary Wheeler; Councilmembers Clay Bearnson, Chris Corcoran, Dick Gordon, Tim Jackle, Kevin Stine, Michael Zarosinski
City Manager Pro Tem Bill Hoke; City Attorney Lori Cooper; City Recorder Karen Spoonts
Councilmembers Daniel Bunn and Eli Matthews were absent.
Ad Hoc Committee Members: Beth Lindsay; John Anhorn; Rick Whitlock; Rudd Johnson
City Manager Recruitment
Each Ad Hoc Committee member introduced themselves to Chuck Rohre of Waters & Company. Mayor Wheeler noted the Ad Hoc Committee helped the City find his company. Councilmember Gordon stated that the Ad Hoc Committee has skills that the Council does not and would like them to work with Mr. Rohre. Mr. Rohre stated he does not have any problems with that and has done this before. Up to a certain point, this entire body would be involved.
Mr. Rohre noted that we had a study session in October and would like to work on the marketing profile. He noted someone had requested a candidate from Oregon and questioned if that was so. He also questioned if we only wanted City Managers vs. a Deputy City Manager to apply. He also talked about expectations. He wanted in the marketing piece what the top issues are in Medford today. A self-assessment from the candidate is important. He talked about the four tasks in the marketing profile and the timeline for each process. Task five is the actual interview. Mr. Rohre stated he will be available during the interview process. Beyond that they will help negotiate an employment agreement. There are also semi-final candidates that are recorded. From there they are scored. Another tool is a management style analysis which is on line and establishes a baseline for Medford. He requested input from everyone on what they are looking for in a candidate.
Mr. Anhorn noted that the City Managerís job description looked very comprehensive. Councilmember Corcoran noted the uniqueness that is in the applicant would send them to the top. He commented on the process Mr. Rohre talked about and liked what he heard. Councilmember Corcoran noted this is not a retirement stop, but they needed leadership skills. Land use is a concern as we are going through the Urban Growth process. They have to be a consensus maker both inside and outside of this building and spoke about an article from Forbes Magazine. Councilmember Corcoran stated that the ship is sailing even without a City Manager so he wanted Mr. Rohre to take the time he needed to find the perfect fit. He wanted a team player. The current issues would be the UGB. We have public safety issues and have not done major expansions.
Councilmember Stine would like a quarterback that did not call their own plays. He questioned how many people he would video interview. Mr. Rohre noted that if there were 100 applicants, they typically get it down to about 15-17 candidates. They then get the written questionnaire to fill out which will tell us what size their city is, their degrees, etc. They will get it down to about 12 and they will do the videos, which Council will then review. This can save money and the City will have to pay for those who come out for the interviews. He stated that when the candidates come out, the spouses come out as well.
Councilmember Jackle thought the City Managerís job description is appropriate. He noted that he is the one that wanted a candidate from Oregon, but thought we should be able to get some applications. Mr. Rohre noted that the pool will be very small if you only choose Oregon, but it could be a tie breaker. Councilmember Jackle thought we also need someone with a broad oversight in all departments.
Councilmember Corcoran stated he would want to build or make changes to the City after they started out at the City. Mr. Anhorn stated there might be changes needed to be made in the City. Mr. Anhorn and Ms. Lindsay both would like the spouse attending and spending time with them as well. Ms. Lindsay would like a lot of information on the spouse so that we can show them what they are interested in. Mr. Johnson noted you are selling people to come, including the family.
Councilmember Bearnson questioned what Mr. Rohre needed at the present time or could it be sent to him at a later time. Mr. Rohre noted he would like it by next week. Mayor Wheeler stated that Council should send the information to Mr. Hoke or Lynette O'Neal. Mr. Hoke stated he will share it with everyone and the Committee. Mr. Anhorn stated that everyone needs to agree on the final list. Mr. Rohre stated that he will provide a draft marketing profile for Council.
Mr. Whitlock questioned the management style and was not sure the Ad Hoc Committee was the group to decide what Council wanted. Mr. Johnson questioned if Mayor/Council is one response, Ad Hoc is another response, and department heads are another response. Mr. Rohre explained the process, it is presented in a composite manner and there is a column that shows who gave those comments. This will be about task three. Mr. Johnson thought it was important to be utilized but only questioned how it was assembled. Ms. Lindsay stated the Council is the biggest customer and the items that Council is concerned about, such as the UGB. One is technical; one is the bag of experience.
Councilmember Gordon wants the Ad Hoc Committee involved in the recruiting. He questioned when Mr. Rohre would need information about the compensation package. Mr. Rohre noted there are a number of issues in that, such as base salary. The other is that most city managers are getting compensation to their deferred accounts. Other issues are relocation and recapture clause.
*Mr. Whitlock left.
Councilmember Gordon questioned when he would need this; Mr. Rohre stated he would need to know within 7-10 days. Councilmember Corcoran noted that a location can make a difference on the amount of salary. Mr. Johnson wanted to know what makes sense and we screen against them. Mr. Rohre noted severance is another issue and the minimum is nine to 18-24 monthsí severance pay. Mr. Johnson noted that number is going down dramatically in the private sector and questioned if it was going down in cities; Mr. Rohre noted that it is actually going up, but conditions are written with the severance. Councilmember Stine questioned the severance; Mr. Rohre noted city managers work directly for a body of people with potential new faces later on, such as council changes.
Councilmember Stine questioned if he did not want the Ad Hoc Committee to score the videos; Councilmember Gordon wanted to discuss that later. Councilmember Gordon requested compensation, spouse, participants of Ad Hoc Committee, and anything that was discussed here. Councilmember Gordon questioned who should people interested in applying contact; Mr. Rohre suggested they contact him and he will tell them how to apply. Councilmember Gordon requested Mr. Rohreís contact information.  Councilmember Gordon wanted a consensus builder and a city manager to provide pros and cons to any issues. He also wanted someone who would allow Council to make decisions and they would know to follow that direction. Councilmember Corcoran did not care who they were, he wanted the most qualified applicant. Mr. Hoke wanted everyone to be treated the same, even internal candidates.
Councilmember Zarosinski questioned what he wanted before he walked out the door; Mr. Rohre requested your assessment of keys and concerns. Councilmember Zarosinski thought marijuana was a big issue. Mr. Rohre needed to know the compensation parameters, who would be on the panel mentioned above, and severance. Mayor Wheeler noted we need to look at our budget pertaining to the severance.  Mr. Hoke noted compact is 40%, he knows the deferred comp numbers and car allowance but there are comps we will have to look at that are not done annually.
Councilmember Bearnson questioned housing crisis in terms of affordable housing. Mayor Wheeler would like to broaden our perspective on where the candidate is from. They also need to be a communicator, both in the city and outside. He would like a person with a team approach, job skills for city employees, committee outreach for staff, a thinker and can bring ideas to Council. Councilmember Corcoran said someone that can take the temperature of the city and department heads.
The meeting adjourned to the Executive Session at 7:34 p.m.
Karen M. Spoonts, MMC
City Recorder

Desired Qualities of City Manager
  • Leadership skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Perfect fit
  • Team player
  • Public safety knowledge
  • Communicator
  • Education
  • Broad oversight in all departments
  • Consensus maker
  • Vision
  • Collaborative with other city leaders
  • Uniqueness of candidate
  • Can bring ideas to Council
  • Someone who can take the temperature of the city and department heads
  • Provides job skills for city employees
  • Allows community outreach for employees
Issue and Concerns
  • Affordable housing crisis
  • Urban Renewal experience
  • Marijuana
  • Public safety
  • Size of city they have managed
  • Compensation package/salary/severance/parameters
  • Relocation and recapture clause
  • Commitment to staying in Medford
  • Major expansions
  • Oregon candidate
  • Changes or vision for City
  • Mayor/Council/Ad Hoc /Department head response
  • Council changes in the future
  • Scoring videos
  • Compensation for spouse
  • Spouse issues/concerns addressed
  • Provide pros and cons of issues

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