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Traffic Coordinating Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes - January 25, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25, 2017 - NOON
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy, Medford, OR – Room 151
10.      Roll Call

20.      Approval of Minutes – December 14, 2016

25.      Consent Calendar
25.1       McLoughlin north of Delta Waters- NO PARKING along school frontage

30.      Agenda Items
30.1       Garfield Street - Request for Speed Zone Investigation
30.2       Pearl Street – Request for Additional Speed Signage

40.      Reports
40.1       KOBI Crosswalk PSA - video
40.2       Oregon Impact Newsletter – December 2016

50.      Non-agenda Items

60.      Adjournment

January 25, 2017
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy Street – Room 151
10.       Roll Call
The following members were present:  Peggy Penland, Chairperson; Jeffrey Morejohn, Medford School District; Cheryl Noles, AAA; Mike Montero, Chamber of Commerce; Lewis Osborne, At-Large Member
Staff representatives present:  Christina Charvat, Traffic Engineering Technician; Jeff Simas, Public Works Supervisor; Kevin Stine, Council Liaison; Sheila Giorgetti, Administrative Support Technician
Citizens in attendance: None
The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. by Peggy Penland.  A quorum was present.
20.       Approval of Minutes
Mike Montero MOVED to accept the minutes of December 14, 2016.  Jeff Morejohn SECONDED.  Motion was approved.
25.       Consent Calendar
25.1     McLoughlin north of Delta Waters – NO PARKING signs posted along middle school frontage and vicinity
30.       Monthly Agenda
30.1     Garfield Street - Request for Speed Zone Investigation
Mina Miller, 988 Garfield Street, Medford, OR 97501 has submitted an electronic Citizen Traffic Request Form requesting lowering of the speed limit on Garfield Street between Columbus and Peach.
Garfield Street is a 46 foot wide minor arterial street that is built to collector standards, with curb and gutter, sidewalks, and street lighting.  The roadway was fully built out several years ago with a center turn lane, a single travel lane in each direction, bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides.  The segment in question, from S. Columbus Avenue to Kings Highway, is approximately 3,000 feet in length, straight, and level.  Both major intersections along the segment, Kings Highway and S. Peach Street, are all-way stops.
The posted speed limit for this segment is 35 MPH; however, the speed limit was not established by a speed zone investigation.  A school speed zone is posted on Garfield, approaching S. Columbus and South High School.  Last investigated in 2011, the speed limit has been established east of Kings Highway as 30 MPH until S. Holly Street where it changes to 40 MPH.
In 2016, Garfield traffic volume between S. Columbus and S. Peach was 5,100 vehicles per day (vpd), up 18% and 104% over 2014 and 2012, respectively.  Data recorded during the current school year shows an 85th percentile speed of 36 MPH.  
Conclusion:  A speed zone investigation should be performed.  Public Works recommends 30 MPH.
Mike Montero MOVED to recommend a speed zone investigation.  Lewis Osborn SECONDED.  Motion was approved.
30.2     Pearl Street – Request for Additional Speed Signage
Tom and Sally Bourgeois, 529 Pearl Street, Medford, OR 97504 submitted an electronic Citizen Traffic Request Form requesting an additional speed limit sign on Pearl Street between Stevens Street and Saling Avenue.
Pearl Street is a 36 foot wide residential street with curb and gutter.  There are no sidewalks and street lighting is only available over Pearl Street’s intersections with Stevens Street and Saling Avenue.  This is a low volume street running between Stevens and Jackson Streets.  The segment between Jackson and Saling is a school speed zone.  Stevens Street is a minor collector, posted as statutory 25 MPH.  There is no change in speed limit from Stevens to the segment requested for signage.  The entire surrounding area is residential 25 MPH.
Upon exiting the school speed zone, there isn’t an END SCHOOL ZONE and there should be.  This signage should be placed south of Saling Avenue (which is not inside the requested area).
Conclusion: Deny the request, but install an END SCHOOL ZONE assembly installation.
Lewis Osborn MOVED to deny the request, but install an END SCHOOL ZONE sign.  Cheryl Noles SECONDED.  Motion was approved. 
40.       Reports
Channel 5 has aired Public Service Announcements for speed limits and crosswalks.  The committee reviewed the spots and suggested incorporating them on the city’s website.  Lewis Osborn noted that literature could be placed in city utility bills and posted to Facebook.  The discussion continued about posting policy information on the city’s website.
Mike: misunderstood? Clips not posted on public works website?  If portal to talk to us, have links?  Peggy: include sidewalk policy, too. 
50.       Non-Agenda Items
Christina reminded the committee of the upcoming Council Study Session that the TCC has been invited to attend.
60.       Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 12:24 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sheila Giorgetti
Administrative Support Technician

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