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City Council Study Session Agenda & Minutes

Thursday, February 09, 2017

February 9, 2017
12 Noon
City Hall, Medford Room
411 West 8th Street, Medford, Oregon
1.  Joint Study Session with Traffic Coordinating Committee
     Roundabout Outreach Presentation – Kevin J. Haas, P.E.
                   2.  Pedal Pub Request for Code Change

February 9, 2017
12 Noon
City Hall, Medford Room
411 West 8th Street, Medford, Oregon

The Medford City Council Study Session was called to order at 12:00 p.m. in the Medford Room of Medford City Hall on the above date with the following members and staff present:
Councilmembers Dick Gordon*, Kim Wallan, and Michael Zarosinski
City Manager Brian Sjothun; Senior Assistant Attorney Eric Mitton; Deputy City Recorder Winnie Shepard, ODOT Traffic Standards Engineer Kevin J. Haas, Public Works Director Cory Crebbin
Mayor Gary Wheeler; Councilmembers Clay Bearnson, Kay Brooks, Tim D’Alessandro, Tim Jackle and Kevin Stine were absent
Roundabout Outreach Presentation – Kevin J. Haas, P.E.
Kevin J. Haas, P.E., Traffic Standards Engineer from the Oregon Department of Transportation spoke regarding the benefits of roundabouts, noting:
  • Department of Motor Vehicle statistics indicate roundabouts are safer than traffic signals
    • Roundabouts improve safety
      • Almost 100% reduction in fatal accidents
      • Difference in fatal and serious injury crashes is 6%
    • Approximately 100 roundabouts in Oregon; not a single fatality from 2011-2015
    • Only three crashes have occurred in Medford’s roundabout from 2011-2015
    • Multi-lane roundabouts have a higher rate of minor accidents versus signaled intersections
    • Outlined traffic fatalities at newly-lighted intersections within various cities
    • Should be constructed to accommodate large trucks and buses
    • People slow down before entering roundabouts and everyone travels in the same direction, promoting safety
    • Although roundabouts have a higher installation cost, traffic signals have higher maintenance and lifecycle cost
    • In areas with higher posted speed limits, long splitter islands and curvatures installed before roundabouts will slow vehicles to safe speeds
Public Works Director Cory Crebbin noted the following:
  • Roundabouts are considered for intersection before any traffic signal is installed
    • Intersections must meet physical space requirements to allow a roundabout
    • The number of cars coming from all directions should be similar for a successful roundabout
    • Intersections at Spring and Springbrook and/or Owens and Crater Lake Avenue may meet roundabout requirements
  • Roundabouts have higher installation costs
  • Developers are required to install signals; then signals become the City’s responsibility to maintain
  • Hillcrest’s roundabout was created to promote bicyclists in the area; cars slow down significantly, allowing bicycles to travel through at same speeds as vehicles
Pedal Pub
Senior Assistant City Attorney Eric Mitton spoke regarding a proposed amendment to the restrictions on open containers for alcohol, outlining:
  • Currently, Medford Code allows
    • “Pedicabs” include party bikes, bicycle rickshaws, and bicycle sidecars and trailers
  • Currently owners ride the bike, taking passengers from bar to bar to drink; the passengers cannot drink while en route
    • Open containers are allowed in wine trolley and limos
  • Outlined other jurisdictions and their alcohol regulations for party bikes
*Dick Gordon arrived.
Proposed vehicle has turn signals, etc.:
  • Proposed Code amendment:
    • Would be an exception to the open container law
    • Limos are not subject to the open container law
    • Worked with the OLCC and Police for the language
      • Vehicle operators would not need serving license
    • Pedicab is defined to include other vehicles
    • Includes 10 conditions
      • Vehicle completely controlled by a driver not consuming alcohol
      • Driver will not provide alcohol
      • Driver will not touch alcohol
      • Alcohol must be completely consumed on the vehicle
      • Passengers must be 21 years or older
      • Containers held while vehicle in motion must be unbreakable
      • Liability insurance required
      • Alcohol limited to wine, beer and cider are allowed; no hard alcohol
      • Open containers may not be removed from the vehicle
  • Staff supports recommendation
    • Helps businesses and downtown bars
    • Safe with current proposed conditions
    • Police & OLCC do not object to proposed Code amendment with the conditions
  • Council comments:
    • A special event permit may be a good idea
    • In the alternative, limit geographic locations to routes pre-approved by the Police Department
    • Owner/operator should maintain order
    • Can we require the owner/operator to discontinue service to visibly intoxicated passengers
    • Council may hold another study session due to limited attendance
Councilmember Gordon noted the County’s Urban Growth Boundary hearing was continued until March 9, 2017 because of extensive public comment.
The study session adjourned at 12:59 p.m.
Winnie Shepard
Deputy City Recorder

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