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Housing and Community Development Commission

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Housing and Community Development Commission
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Lausmann Annex Building - Conference Room 151
Meeting called to order @ 5:31 p.m. 
  1. Roll Call
Present: Commissioners – Bill Boehning, Marie Cabler, Heidi Hill, Denise James (*arrived late), Daniel Smith, and John Michaels (*arrived late) and Chad McComas. Staff – Angela Durant. Council Liaison – Dick Gordon. Absent: Commissioners – Dawn Blanchette and Jennifer Puryear.
  1. Public Comments – None.
  1. Approval of Minutes from March 1, 2017 – Minutes were approved with one correction indicating Heidi Hill left the meeting at 6:45 p.m.  Marie Cabler set precedence that future minutes reflect all late arrivals and early departures.
*Denise James arrived at 5:36 p.m.
*John Michaels arrived at 5:40 p.m.
  1. Staff Report
a) Program Income Receipt from ACCESS’ First-time Homebuyer Program - Angela Durant updated the Commission on receipt of a $15,000 loan-payoff on 1460 Yucca Street. ACCESS did not request re-allocation of these funds, which are now available for reallocation to another capital improvement program.
b) CDBG Funding Update – Mrs. Durant provided the Commission with an update on the status of CDBG funding. Entitlement funding for the 2017/18 program year has not been released. HUD has suggested the Housing Commission assume the same allocation as the previous grant cycle which was $633,060. The 2018/19 program status has not been determined; however, staff remains optimistic that Congress will maintain the CDBG program in some capacity. Staff will initiate a support letter through the National Community Development Association.  
  1. New Business
a) Develop 2017 CDBG Funding Recommendation - Marie Cabler launched development of the 2017/18 CDBG funding recommendation by distributing a staff generated summary of past funding allocations from 2009 through 2016 (including the 2017 funding requests). Staff summarized total requests versus anticipated entitlement funding and carry-forward. A surplus is expected on the capital improvement side, but a deficit for public services.
Application scores and rankings, and HUD mandated funding allocations were reviewed prior to developing final funding recommendations that will go before Council during a public hearing to take place after the 30-day public comment period.  
Motion: A motion passed to award each capital improvement project application 100% of the funding request, as indicated below. Motion made by Chad McComas; seconded by Daniel Smith. Discussion focused on the status of the Senior Center. Both Marie Cabler and Dick Gordon provided updates. Motion passed with seven votes.
Rank Project Description Amount Requested Recommended Percent of requested CIP Funding
1 Housing Authority of Jackson County - Homeowner Repair  $200,000  $200,000 60.35%
2 Housing Authority of Jackson County – Royal Apartments Infrastructure 55,400 55,400 16.72%
3 Children’s Advocacy - Porch Replacement 21,800 21,800 6.57%
4 Medford Parks & Recreation – Jackson Park ADA Upgrade 32,500 32,500 9.81%
5 Medford Senior Center – Floor Replacement 13,218 13,218 3.99%
6 Medford Parks & Recreation – Union Park ADA Upgrade 8,500 8,500 2.56%
  Total $331,418 $331,418  
Commissioners discussed the impact of partially funding specific agencies prior to brainstorming several funding scenarios.
Motion: A motion passed to narrow the public service program candidate pool down to the top six ranked applications which included: 1) Maslow Project; 2) Hearts with a Mission; 3) Community Volunteer Network; 4) Center for Nonprofit Legal Services; 5) St Vincent de Paul; and 6) Consumer Credit Counseling. Motion made by Bill Boehning; seconded by Heidi Hill. Motion failed with four yes votes and three no.   
Motion: A motion passed to recommend 2017 CDBG funding related to public service programming under the 2017/18 Action Plan as follows. Motion made by Chad McComas; seconded by John Michaels. Motion passed after discussion and six votes. 
Rank Public Service Amount Requested Recommended Percent of anticipated PS Funding
1 Maslow Project  $25,000 $25,000 26.40%
2 Hearts with a Mission 20,000 18,000 19.01%
3 Community Volunteer Network 15,000 10,200 10.77%
4 Center for Nonprofit Legal Services 20,000 13,600 14.36%
5 St. Vincent de Paul 30,000 20,400 21.54%
6 Consumer Credit Counseling 12,500 7,500 7.92%
7 Alliance of Generations 10,000 0 0.00%
8 Medford Senior Center 12,000 0 0.00%
  Total $ 144,500 $ 94,700  
The Commission discussed how to address a variance in the City’s anticipated and actual entitlement, which is not expected to be known until late April.

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