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Housing Advisory Commission (View All)

Housing and Community Development Commission

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Housing and Community Development Commission
Wednesday, May 30, 2017
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Meeting called to order @ 5:34 p.m. 
  1. Roll Call
Present: Commissioners – Bill Boehning, Marie Cabler, Denise James, John Michaels, and Daniel Smith. Staff – Angela Durant. Council Liaison – Dick Gordon. Absent Commissioners: Dawn Blanchette, Heidi Hill, Chad McComas and Jennifer Puryear.   
  1. Public Comments – None.   
  1. New Business  
a) CDBG Funding Recommendation for Potential Surplus Funding – Marie Cabler opened conversation regarding a Commission funding recommendation for potential CDBG surplus funding. As explained in the presented agenda item commentary, entitlement jurisdictions were experiencing a delay in 2017 CDBG funding notifications resulting from efforts to reduce or eliminate program funding.  HUD instructed staff to assume level funding from the 2016 program year. Making this assumption would result in a potential entitlement surplus of approximately $80,071. Unexpended program administration funds up to $30,000 may also be available for reallocation to capital improvement projects during the 2017 program year. The Commission was not able to account for this surplus when formulating its funding recommendation on March 22, 2017 because of the delay in communication from HUD. Commissioners discussed options for addressing surplus funds which included: 1) opening a second grant cycle; 2) increasing funding to an existing or newly funded capital project; or 3) requesting direction from Council. Analysis supported the conclusion of the Commission, which was to allocate surplus funds to the Medford Senior Center. Additional project funding would expand the original project scope to include a formal facility ADA assessment, asbestos testing and potential abatement, interior flooring beyond the 2017 grant proposal, and entry/exit safety improvements. Commissioners expressed concerns about asbestos and ADA requirements. Marie Cabler expressed satisfaction with the transparent approach staff took to poll interest and need from other applicants including Housing Authority of Jackson County, Children’s Advocacy Center and Medford Parks and Recreation. Mrs. Cabler also updated the Commission on the status of the management contract with the Senior Center.  Staff reported the operational contract would be effective July 1, 2017, but that staff would not assume a role until July 5th.  Commissioners also discussed the scope of work versus funding availabity, future role of the Senior Center’s Board, duration of the contract, and timely nature of formulating a recommendation to go before Council on June 1, 2017.  Councilman Gordon clarified the Board will continue in its role to build membership and manage improvements to the facility; and the Parks and Recreation Department will assume the role of operational management excluding bingo.
Motion: A motion passed to approve, under the City’s 2017/18 Action Plan, the allocation of all surplus entitlement and unexpended program administration funds to the Medford Senior Center to expand the original project scope to include a formal facility ADA assessment, asbestos testing and possible abatement, interior flooring beyond the 2017 CDBG grant award and entry/exit safety improvements.
Motion made by Denise James; seconded by John Michaels. Motion passed with five votes.  
  1. Old Business
a) Commission Focus – Marie recapped plans to schedule a 2-3 hour goal setting study session and for commissioners to submit 2-3 ideas to staff prior to the meeting. September was identified as the target date for completion of the goal setting process.
  1. Remarks from Council Liaison –  Councilman Gordon suggested commissioners go back and review the Commission’s original charge as set aside by City Council to examine its current alignment. A discussion of the history of the Commission, including the 2003 implementation of the current charge, concluded this conversation.
  1. Remarks from Commissioners
a) Chair – None.
b) Commissioners – Commissioners discussed the June agenda, open commission seat, role of MURA and utilizing a facilitator during the study session.
  1. Staff Report – Angela Durant introduced the Continuum of Care (CoC) as both a funding program and system to address homelessness in Jackson County. Her introduction was made in preparation for a more formal presentation to be made during a future meeting. Seth Kaplan was mentioned as the consultant working with ACCESS and members of the Homeless Task Force to formulate a recommendation for the reorganization of the CoC to meet HUD requirements, secure funding and strengthen the CoC system. Angela informed commissioners that she is serving on a committee to assist in these efforts. Marie Cabler discussed the possibility of members of the Housing Commission serving on new subcommittees of the CoC.
  1. Adjourn
Meeting adjourned at 6:27 p.m.

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