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Agenda & Minutes

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Planning Commission (View All)

Planning Commission Agenda and Minutes

Thursday, June 08, 2017

The regular meeting of the Planning Commission was called to order at 5:30 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers on the above date with the following members and staff in attendance:
Commissioners Present
David McFadden, Vice Chair
David Culbertson
Joe Foley
Bill Mansfield
Mark McKechnie
E.J. McManus
Jared Pulver
Commissioners Absent
Patrick Miranda, Chair, Excused Absence             
Alex Poythress, Excused Absence
Staff Present
Kelly Akin, Assistant Planning Director
Kevin McConnell, Deputy City Attorney
Terri Rozzana, Recording Secretary
10.          Roll Call
20.          Consent Calendar/Written Communications. 
20.1 LDS-15-012 Consideration of request for a one-year time extension of the approval of 10th Fairway Office Park Subdivision, a 7-lot commercial subdivision on two parcels totaling 3.79 acres located on the south side of North Phoenix Road, approximately 370 feet south of Hillcrest Road, within the SFR-4 (Single Family Residential – 4 dwelling units per gross acre) and C-S/P (Service Commercial and Professional Office) zoning districts, and the PD (Planned Development) overlay. (Michael Mahar, Applicant; CSA Planning Ltd., Agent)
Motion: Adopt the consent calendar as submitted.
Moved by: Commissioner McKechnie    Seconded by: Commissioner Culbertson
Voice Vote: Motion passed, 7–0.
30.          Minutes
30.1.      The minutes for May 25, 2017, were approved as submitted.
40.          Oral and Written Requests and Communications.  None.
The two public hearings scheduled for this evening are continuance requests so Kevin McConnell, Deputy City Attorney, did not read the Quasi-Judicial Statement.
50.          Public Hearings – Continuance Request
50.1 ZC-17-041 Consideration of a zone change from SFR-6 (Single Family Residential – 6 dwelling units per gross acre) to MFR-20 (Multi-Family Residential – 20 dwelling units per gross acre) on 0.22 acres located on the southwest corner of Howard Avenue and Bayberry Drive (372W13CB5900). (James Mendolia, Applicant; Milan Hanson, Agent) The applicant has requested that the item be continued to the September 28, 2017, Planning Commission meeting.
Motion:  The Planning Commission continued ZC-17-041, per the applicant’s request to the September 28, 2017, Planning Commission meeting. 
Moved by: Commissioner Mansfield                       Seconded by: Commissioner Foley
Voice Vote: Motion passed, 7-0.
50.2 PUD-17-023 Consideration of a Preliminary PUD Plan for Coker Butte Business Park, a proposed development consisting of office and light industrial uses to be located on a 14.5-acre site composed of five contiguous lots bounded generally by Crater Lake Highway 62, Coker Butte Road, and Crater Lake Avenue, within the Light Industrial (I-L) zoning district. (Coker Butte LLC & Table Rock LLC, Applicant; CSA Planning Ltd./Craig Stone, Agent). The applicant has requested that the item be continued to the July 13, 2017, Planning Commission meeting.
Motion:  The Planning Commission continued PUD-17-023, per the applicant’s request to the July 13, 2017, Planning Commission meeting.    
Moved by: Commissioner Mansfield                       Seconded by: Commissioner Foley
Commissioner Pulver asked, are there no timelines when the applicant requests a continuance?  Vice Chair McFadden reported that as long as the applicant has requested the continuance there is not a problem.  The 120-day rule is automatically extended.
Voice Vote: Motion passed, 7-0.
60.  Reports
60.1            Site Plan and Architectural Commission.
Commissioner Culbertson reported that the Site Plan and Architectural Commission met on Friday, June 2, 2017.  They had a seven minute meeting.
60.2        Report of the Joint Transportation Subcommittee.
Commissioner Pulver, reported that the Joint Transportation Subcommittee has not met since their last meeting. 
60.3        Planning Department
Kelly Akin, Assistant Planning Director, reported that the Planning Commission’s next study session scheduled for Monday, June 12, 2017, has been cancelled.  There is no business.       
There is business scheduled for the Planning Commission on Thursday, June 22, 2017, Thursday, July 13 and Thursday, July 27, 2017. 
Last week the City Council initiated a street vacation for a portion of Belknap east of Highway 99.
Next week the City Council will hear the transportation facility proposal for Foothills Road and the mobile food vendor code amendment that the Planning Commission forwarded several weeks back.   
70.          Messages and Papers from the Chair. None.
80.          Remarks from the City Attorney. None.
90.          Propositions and Remarks from the Commission. 
Commissioner Pulver reported that from Realtor Magazine an article on Home Shoppers Wish List stated that the top three items they were looking for were large backyards, garages and updated kitchens.  Commissioner Pulver feels that density is being pushed hard from the State level.  Not all cities in Oregon operate the same way.  One of the benefits of our community and one of the reasons people come to a less urbanized areas of our State is privacy, yards, etc.  He does not know there is a real avenue to win an argument of that nature with the State but he thinks it is worth having.  It is possible other communities in the State feel the same way.  That some of the requirements that are coming from the State level will have a more metropolitan area in mind, namely Portland and its suburbs.  He highlights that because he does not think legislation is one size fits all for all the cities in Oregon.
Commissioner Mansfield stated there are reasons for density but now is not the time to debate it.  He thinks it would be healthy for the Planning Commission to have a discussion both ways.  He would like to hear the other Commissioner’s views.   He thinks he knows their views but they should be aired.  He would like the opportunity to air the case for density. 
Vice Chair McFadden reported that there is high density in the City, which is the State’s goal. When limiting footage to a lot and people want more, their only option is to go outside the City into the County area.  That increases the development in the area that is not supposed to be developed in some cases.       
100.        Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 6:11 p.m. The proceedings of this meeting were digitally recorded and are filed in the City Recorder’s office.
Submitted by:
Terri L. Rozzana                                                                
Recording Secretary
David McFadden
Planning Commission Vice Chair
Approved: June 22, 2017

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