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Housing & Community Development Commission

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Housing and Community Development Commission
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Meeting called to order @ 5:35 p.m. 
  1. Roll Call
Present Commissioners – Bill Boehning, Marie Cabler, Chad McComas, John Michaels and Daniel Smith. Staff – Angela Durant. Council Liaison – Dick Gordon. Absent Commissioners: Heidi Hill, Jennifer Puryear and Denise James.
  1. Public Comments – None.
  1. Approval of Minutes from March 30, 2017 – Available for review and approval at next meeting.   
  1. New Business
a) Action Plan Update – Marie Cabler initiated the update by announcing that City Council approved the 2017 CDBG Action Plan during the June 7, 2017 Council meeting. All recommendations made by the Commission were approved as presented.
  1. Old Business
a) Substantial Amendment Proposals – Marie Cabler initiated conversation regarding the Commission’s plans to hold a study session to develop commission goals. Angela Durant suggested utilizing Seth Kaplan as a facilitator of the meeting. Mrs. Durant mentioned CDBG program administration funding may be used if the efforts are directly related to administering the program. The City Manager’s Office is in favor if CDBG funds may be utilized. Staff mentioned three consultants would be contacted for bids prior to initiating a contract. Daniel Smith suggested making sure the Commission is prepared with a direction before engaging a consultant.
Motion: A motion passed to approve seeking professional services from a consultant to facilitate a Housing and Community Development Commission goal setting session. Motion made by Chad McComas; seconded by Daniel Smith. Motion passed with five votes.  
Further discussion on the importance of attendance, timing and format of the study session concluded this agenda item.   
Commissioners discussed HUD definitions of community development, efforts of like-size cities, neighborhood revitalization, exploring modifying the Commission’s charge, housing trust funds and the importance of all commissioners participating in the session and to formulate one or two long-term/short-term goals prior to the session. Marie Cabler introduced John Michaels’ “Idea Flow Chart” and suggested the Commission utilize this approach during the goal setting process. The steps in the flow chart were briefly discussed.  John Michaels expressed a strong focus be made on the process rather than project as well as making sure goals are achievable.
Bill Boehning suggested categorizing objectives to work through the process more efficiently and utilizing a SWOT analysis. Additional conversation fell on reviewing Consolidated Plan goals, objectives and priority needs, and the need to continue to work toward developing the 6-Step Tool-Kit.  Goal setting ideas from past included: 1) economic development subcommittees; 2) private/public partnerships; 3) housing trust funds; 4) community education; and 5) housing opportunities.  John Michaels requested staff re-send his piece on lobbying local government titled: “Lobby Local Governments with Effectiveness”.
Chad McComas expanded conversation with a comment of the significance of defining the purpose of the Commission. Commissioner McComas would like the Commission to formulate ideas for Council that can eliminate housing road blocks.  Off-street parking, the permitting process, cost of inspections, SDC waivers, the missing middle, receivership, the 6-Step Toolkit and incentives for developers were mentioned. Daniel Smith suggested all commissioners email staff goal priorities prior to the study session.
  1. Remarks from Council Liaison 

Council Liaison Dick Gordon added comments on the likelihood of consultants requiring multiple meetings. He also updated the Commission on Council’s efforts to complete a visioning process. He is optimistic of this public process which includes members of Council, the Mayor, City Manager and all department heads. 

  1. Remarks from Commissioners
a) Chair – Marie Cabler mentioned attendance is being monitored. She also updated the Commission on the open seat; five to six applicants will be interviewed.
b) John Michaels commented on Housing Authority of Jackson County’s plans for replacing aging housing units. He used the Royal Apartments as an example. Councilman Gordon questioned the Commission receiving quarterly updates and monitoring projects especially regarding the amount of funds that were carried forward from the 2016 program year. Angela Durant suggested that she begin to provide the Commission with a quarterly report on the progress of each project/program in addition to ongoing updates on the status of real property funded through CDBG. Chad McComas added that CDBG funding can be cumbersome to work with, which may be a reason why funds are often used for rehabilitation and/or carried forward.  Commissioner McComas also provided the Commission with an update on Hope Village.
  1. Staff Report

Angela Durant informed commissioners that a second staff member from the Planning Department will be attending all future meetings to record minutes.   

  1. Adjourn
Meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.  

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