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Housing & Community Development Commission

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Housing and Community Development Commission
Wednesday, August 2, 2017
5:30 p.m. – 7:20 p.m.
Meeting called to order @ 5:34 p.m. 
     1. Roll Call
Present: Commissioners – Bill Boehning (late), Marie Cabler, Heidi Hill, Chad McComas, John Michaels, Daniel Smith. Staff – Angela Durant, Cinthya Perezchica, Carol Wedman.
Absent: Council Liaison – Dick Gordon.  Absent Commissioners: Denise James and Jennifer Puryear.

     2. Public Comments – None.
    3. Approval of Minutes from March 30 and June 7, 2017: Minutes were approved as presented.

     4. Continuum of Care Presentation by Seth Kaplan, ACCESS Consultant and Heather Hassett, Housing Task Force (HTF);  Mr. Kaplan was hired by ACCESS, to look at how the housing programs were working in Jackson County and to help coordinate a broader Continuum of Care (CoC) system in Jackson County.

Continuum of Care is a community planning structure that organizes and delivers housing and services to meet the specific needs of people who are homeless as they move in to stable housing and self-sufficiency.   The CoC model creates a systemic response to homelessness, strategically allocates resources, follows the Housing First principles and strives to end chronic/targeted homelessness. 
Currently the Jackson County Homeless Task Force (HTF) is the lead entity for the CoC and leads the community-wide strategic planning process.  ACCESS is the lead agency for the CoC and submits the annual coordinated application to HUD and is also the Homeless Management Information System (HIMS) lead that is responsible for submitting the annual coordinated application to HUD.  Mr. Kaplan explained that Jackson County’s allocation of federal funding is shrinking whereas in other locations in Oregon the allocation of money is growing.

The proposed structure is to have a broad CoC membership, bi-annual meetings, a CoC Board that encourages participation and transparency.  There would be a lead entity with appropriate resources represented. There would be a number of workgroups to include faith-based services, downtown partnerships, etc. Mr. Kaplan invited the Commission to participate on the CoC Board.

Motion: To extend the meeting 15 min.

Motion made by Daniel Smith to extend the meeting until 7:15 p.m.; seconded by John Michaels. 

Motion passed with six (6) yes votes.

Ms. Hassett is the Chair of the Homeless Task Force (HTF). The HTF is responsible for ranking, reviewing and rating the applications for CoC grants Ms. Hassett  explained that funding has gone down due to not having a process and a plan in place. Ms. Hassett would like to see more of a collaboration between the CoC, CDBG, ESG. They are looking into ways to incorporate these agencies into a joint effort and, therefore, increase funding.

Ms. Hassett requested that a representative from the Housing and Community Development Commission serve on the newly formed CoC Review Committee to review grant applications. Projects must meet the Consolidated Plan priorities.  Ms. Durant confirmed that the projects that have been funded are consistent with the Consolidated Plan priorities.

The Housing and Development Commission expressed their interest in being a part of CoC Board.
Mr. Kaplan asked the Commission if he had their permission to inform ACCESS of the Commissioners interest in joining the CoC Board.  Chair Cabler reminded Commissioners of the need to bring this issue before Council.  
Motion: To approach City Council to request permission to move forward with planning activities with the CoC and to investigate the possibility of working with the CoC to address homeless issues and of the possibility to have a HCDC representative on the CoC Board. 
Motion made by John Michaels; seconded by Heidi Hill. Motion passed with six (6) yes votes.
Ms. Hill advised that she would be willing to address Council.
Commissioner Hill asked if there was a database where all the shelters could share information about the homeless individual. Mr. Kaplan replied that there is and the program is called the Homeless Management Information System. Mr. Kaplan shared that there is a low participation rate with this program, some shelters voluntary participate in it while others are required to participate if they receive certain types of funding for Jackson County.

     5. Staff Report: 2017 Action Plan Presentation
Mrs. Durant advised HCDC that she will be participating on the Evaluations Committee for the upcoming CoC applications and extended the invitation to the commissioners to join in the evaluation process.

     6. New Business
The Housing Authority of Jackson County (HAJC) income return request: The Housing Authority has returned 63,317.61 from four properties that transferred ownership or that have been refinanced. Angela Durant’s recommendation is to approve the request to increase the 2016 eligible program income for the Housing Authority of Jackson County - Homeowner Repair Program to $175,000. She also recommended approving the reallocation of $63,317.61 in program income back to the Homeowner Repair Program for use during the 2017 program year.

Motion: To approve the request to increase the 2016 eligible program income for the Housing Authority of Jackson County - Homeowner Repair Program to $175,000. Also move to approve the reallocation of $63,317.61 in program income back to the Homeowner Repair Program for use during the 2017 program year.

Motion made by Heidi Hill; seconded by Chad McComas. Motion passed with six (6) yes votes. 

     7. Old Business
a) Commission Focus – Plans to schedule a 2-3 hour goal setting study session and for Commissioners to provide two to three ideas to staff prior to the meeting.
Ms. Durant will send out a Doodle Poll for a study session later in August.  A majority is needed, not 100% participation.

b) Commission Vacancy- City Council has advised the Commission to hold off on appointing a new Commissioner for the time being due to the current Visioning process.  The Commission will align goals with the final City Vision and then fill the vacancy.

Motion: To extend the meeting an additional five (5) minutes.
Motion made by Chad McComas; Seconded by John Michaels. Motion passed with six yes votes.

     8. Items that will be tabled for next meeting.
a) Multifamily Developments
b) Action Plan Presentation

     9. Adjourn 
Meeting adjourned at 7:20 P.M.

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