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Traffic Coordinating Committee (View All)

Traffic Coordinating Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes - March 22, 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

March 22, 2018 - NOON
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy, Medford, OR – Room 151
10.        Roll Call
20.        Approval of Minutes – February 22, 2018
25.        Consent Calendar:  None
30.        Agenda Items
30.1       Summit Avenue and Jackson Street–Stop/Yield Request
30.2       Farmington Avenue and Saint Francis Drive–Stop/Yield Request
30.3       Cedar Links Striping
40.        Reports
40.1       Oregon Impact Newsletter – February 2018
50.        Non-agenda Items
60.        Adjournment
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March 22, 2018
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy Street – Room 151
10.       Roll Call
The following members were present:  Peggy Penland, Chairperson; Mike Montero, Chamber of Commerce; Jeff Morejohn, Medford School District; Lewis Osborn, At-Large Member
Staff representatives present:  Jake Sarver, Traffic Engineering Technician; Karl MacNair, Traffic Manager; Jeff Simas, Public Works Supervisor; Doug Norman, Public Works Senior Technician; Sheila Giorgetti, Administrative Support Technician
Citizens in attendance:  Glenn McElroy, Eleanor Hammond, Jeff Hamm, Phyllis Alled, Dave Erickson, Linda Erickson, Heather Kile, Susan Claridge, Elvin Hawkins, Nancy Hawkins, Rhonda Refsnider.
The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by Peggy Penland.  A quorum was present.
20.       Approval of Minutes – February 22, 2018.  Jeff Morejohn MOVED to accept the minutes of February 22, 2018.  Lewis Osborne SECONDED.  Motion was approved and minutes accepted. 
25.       Consent Calendar:  None.
30.       Monthly Agenda
Out of sequence to 30.2 Farmington
30.2     Farmington Avenue and Saint Francis Drive–Stop/Yield Request
John Westmoreland, 1040 Saint Francis Drive, Medford OR 97504, submitted a Citizen Traffic Request Form requesting STOP signs at the intersection of Farmington Avenue and Saint Francis Drive or additional speed signs.  In addition, Eleanor Hammond, 531 Saint Augustine Drive, Medford OR 97504, emailed City Councilman Dick Gordon with an additional request, including a hand written letter from Phyllis Allen, 2811 Farmington Avenue, Medford OR 97504. 
Farmington has 532 vehicles per day (vpd) and Saint Francis has 89 vpd.  The east side of Saint Francis Drive is not yet completely developed.
The intersection of Farmington Avenue and Saint Francis Drive is an uncontrolled 4-way intersection.  Farmington Avenue is a residential street that connects to a major collector, Cedar Links Drive, and serves several additional residential streets.  The intersection of Farmington Avenue and Saint Francis Drive is approximately 820 feet from Cedar links Drive.
This area is generally without traffic control at the intersections of residential streets.  The only intersection with controls is approximately 1550 feet away, with a YIELD control at the intersection of Farmington Avenue and View Point Drive.
A Standard STOP Sign Warrant Investigation at Farmington Avenue and Saint Francis Drive was conducted.  There were no crashes at this intersection in 2016 or 2017.  The analysis determined that this intersection does not meet the warrants for a STOP or YIELD sign.
There is an obstructed sight distance caused by the hill along Farmington Avenue that is further north than the sight distance required for the intersection.  After reviewing the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the placement of “Hill Blocks View” signs may help warn drivers of the conditions.
Possible solutions include installation “Hill Blocks View” signs, place additional “25 MPH SPEED” signs, or do nothing
Eleanor Hammond and Dave Erickson spoke on behalf of the citizens present.  Eleanor stated that this issue was brought before the city in October 2016 and they are resubmitting.  She is concerned about safety along Farmington Avenue, saying that drivers cannot see beyond the hill and this continues to be a problem.  Construction continues in this area and impacts traffic.  She spoke with neighbors and they suggest adding a YIELD sign and pedestrian crossing signs.
Dave Erickson addressed the committee, speaking on behalf of his neighbors who live on the crest of the hill.  He says the problem times are early mornings, mid-day, and after school into the evening.  There are a couple of cars that race through on this street.  Their concerns are lack of courtesy by passing motorists (cars, trucks, construction crews and delivery vehicles).  Farmington is used as an expressway to Cedar Links Drive.  They need enforcement to keep motorists at 25 MPH. 
Mike Montero expressed his sympathy with the residents, noting that this is not a new phenomenon to the committee.  He agrees these are legitimate issues.  Peggy Penland also agrees and said a request will be sent to Medford Police Department (MPD) to increase enforcement efforts.  She asked the residents to help identify the vehicles causing problems so MPD can watch for them.
Mike Montero asked if the school bus stop could be relocated to the crest of the hill.  Eleanor stated that the School District told her that the stop is located in the only place it can be.  Jeff Morejohn stated he would look into it.
A citizen present stated that there is too much distance between the existing speed limit signs.  He also said one of the signs cannot be seen because of an overgrown tree.
Mike Montero MOVED to install HILL BLOCKS VIEW signs with recommended reduced speed, install at least one additional speed limit sign, and have staff contact the homeowner to address the landscape issue.  Lewis Osborn SECONDED.  Motion passed.
Back in sequence.
30.1     Summit Avenue and Jackson Street–Stop/Yield Request
Bobby Kee, 944 Carol Rae, Medford OR 97501, submitted a Citizen Traffic Request Form requesting additional STOP signs at the intersection of Summit Avenue and Jackson Street.
Jackson Street has 6,100 vehicles per day (vpd) east of and 3,700 vpd west of Summit Avenue.  To the north of Jackson Street, Summit has 3,700 vpd.
Summit Ave is a T-intersection at Jackson Street and is offset 115 feet west with a second T-intersection.  The west T-intersection is fully stop controlled and the east intersection is only stop controlled on the minor street.  The northwest corner of the east T-intersection is Jackson Elementary School.  Both T-intersections are in a 20 mph school zone. 
An all-way stop (AWS) study was conducted in accordance with Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) guidance.  There were no crashes at this intersection in 2016 or 2017.  Volume on the major street meets the minimum entering volume for 8 hrs.  The minor streets meets the minimum volume for the same period, but the average vehicle delay is less then 30 seconds which is the minimum to meet this requirement.  The conclusion of the AWS study is that additional STOP signs are not warranted at this time.
Staff observed the intersection during peak hour; the largest delays were most often caused by traffic headed west on Jackson Street, blocking the intersection which caused the queue on Summit Avenue to back up significantly. 
Solultions include adding DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION signs, add STOP signs at the east intersection for both eastbound and westbound creating an all-way STOP, or do nothing.
Jeff Morejohn asked if this traffic pattern lasts all day or just during pick up /drop off for school.  Jake Sarver responded that it is consistent all day and is significant on Summit Avenue.
Peggy Penland stated this intersection is very frustrating.  She noted that children are also present during summer months because of the park and pool.  She likes the idea of adding DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION signs.
Jeff Morejohn MOVED to add DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION signs where staff thinks will be most effective.  Lewis Osborn SECONDED.  Motion passed.
30.3     Cedar Links Striping
Cedar Links Dr is scheduled to have pavement maintenance between Lexington Drive and Wilkshire Drive between July and August 2018.  This asphalt overlay will replace existing asphalt which will require the pavement markings to be reapplied.  This is an ideal time to install bike facilities.  In addition, an upcoming road improvement project is planned to improve multi-modal transportation connectivity at the intersection of Cedar Links Drive and Springbrook Road.  Cedar Links between Lexington and Springbrook will be updated to match the connecting segments.  The Transportation System Plan (TSP) includes a Bicycle Facilities Plan which identifies Cedar Links Drive for planned bike lanes.
Following pavement maintenance, bike lanes will be painted in both directions from Springbrook Road to Wilkshire Drive.  On-street parking will be preserved on the north side of the street and will be removed on the south side of the street.  Cedar Links Drive is 40’ wide curb-to-curb.  The proposed cross section includes two 11-foot travel lanes, a seven-foot parking lane with six-foot bike lane on the north side, and a five-foot bike lane along the south side. 
Lewis Osborn asked about a traffic circle at some point in time.  Jake Sarver replied that a round-about that is in design phase for the Cedar Links Drive and Springbrook Road intersection.  Karl MacNair added that a traffic circle is somewhat different.
Peggy asked about parking.  Karl responded that parking is currently permitted on both sides, but will be restricted to the north side after the striping project. 
This agenda item is informational.  In past, striping changes haven’t been presented to the committee. 
40.       Reports
40.1     Oregon Impact Newsletter – February 2018
The Oregon Impact Newsletter was included in the agenda packet for committee members to review.
50.       Non-agenda Items
60.       Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
 Sheila Giorgetti
Administrative Support Technician

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