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Traffic Coordinating Committee (View All)

Traffic Coordinating Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes- May 24, 2018

Thursday, May 24, 2018

May 24, 2018 - NOON
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy, Medford, OR – Room 151
10.        Roll Call

20.        Approval of Minutes – March 22, 2018

25.        Consent Calendar - No Consent Items

30.        Agenda Items
30.1       Alameda St, 130ft East of Olympic Ave to Village Circle Parking Restriction
30.2       Reddy Ave, from Crater Lake Ave to 140ft east along the South side Parking Restriction
30.3       Valley View – Changing Roadway to One-way

40.        Reports
40.1       Oregon Impact Newsletter – January 2018

50.        Non-agenda Items

60.        Adjournment
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May 24, 2018
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy Street – Room 151
10.       Roll Call
The following members were present:  Peggy Penland, Chairperson; Jeff Morejohn, Medford School District; Cheryl Noles, AAA; Lewis Osborn, At-Large Member
Staff representatives present:  Jake Sarver, Traffic Engineering Technician; Karl MacNair, Traffic Manager; Don Lane, Medford Police; Doug Norman, Public Works Senior Technician; Tim Zacha, Public Works Technician; Sheila Giorgetti, Administrative Support Technician
Citizens in attendance:  Ron Norris, Diane Marsh, Chris Augenthaler, Judith Burgess, John Burgess, Beppy Beard, Mike Beard, Mujahid Rizvi, Erin Brender, Peter Hoyt, Lowell Norris, Kathy Bryan, Mary Kay Harmon, Robert Psota, Travis Psota, Tonya Sanchez, Kathie Rulon.
The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by Peggy Penland.  A quorum was present.
20.       Approval of Minutes – March 22, 2018.  Jeff Morejohn MOVED to accept the minutes of March 22, 2018.  Cheryl Noles SECONDED.  Motion was approved and minutes accepted. 
25.       Consent Calendar:  None.
30.       Monthly Agenda
Out of sequence.
30.2     Reddy Avenue, from Crater Lake Avenue to 140ft east along the South side Parking Restriction
Lowell R. Norris, 40 Crater Lake Avenue, Medford, OR 97504 submitted a citizen request to restrict parking along Reddy Avenue from Crater Lake Avenue, 140ft east.
Public Works staff polled 24 people (12 property owners and 12 property occupants) from this neighborhood.  There were six responses: two want to keep existing conditions and four want to restrict parking on the south side of the street.
Minimum treatment will include signage restricting parking per ORS 811.550 (Parking, Stopping and Standing) (17) within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection.
Possible solutions include restrict parking on the south side of Reddy Avenue or do nothing.
Lowell Norris addressed the committee, stating the problem is parking near Crater Lake Avenue.  With a width of just 20 feet, emergency vehicles cannot pass.  Traffic has increased over the years and there is a school at the east end of the street.  It is also difficult for residents to get out of driveways.
Jake Sarver added that Public Works’ Quick Response Team assessed this location and was unable to turn onto Reddy due to the street’s narrowness when vehicles are parked.
Peggy Penland stated she is concerned about emergency vehicle passage for the rest of the street.  Jake responded that the rest of the street doesn’t have a problem, it’s just accessing this intersection.  Mr. Norris added that the curb was once painted yellow, but is now faded.
Jake noted that by State law, it is illegal to park within 20 feet of a crosswalk on either side of the street, whether signage is in place nor not.  Jeff Morejohn asked if Public Works intends to place signs on both sides of the street and Jake responsed that they could do that.  The committee agreed it is best to put on both sides. 
Jeff Morejohn MOVED to post NO PARKING signage on both sides of the street, 20 feet in at Crater Lake Avenue and Reddy Avenue.  Cheryl Noles SECONDED.  Motion was approved. 
Back in sequence.
30.1     Alameda St, 130ft East of Olympic Ave to Village Circle Parking Restriction
Dee Wilson, 3134 Alameda Street, Medford OR 97504 submitted a citizen request to restrict current parking along Alameda Street.
Alameda Street was found to carry 600 vehicles per day (vpd) from Murphy Road to Golf View Drive.  Alameda Street currently has restricted parking along both sides from Golf View, 160ft west.  The street is bordered to the north by Multi-Family Residential 20 (20 dwelling units gross per acre) and to the south by Single Family Residential 10 (10 dwelling units gross per acre).
Public Works staff polled 349 people, 179 property owners and 170 property occupants, from the neighborhood.  There were a total of 39 responses: 16 want to keep existing conditions, 23 want to changeg the conditions (eight want to restrict parking on the south side, eight want the north side restricted, and seven would like a restriction but are undecided on which side).   
Medford Fire Department was contacted about the current conditions and they prefer a change to the parking restrictions to accommodate the needs of any fire apparatus.  They have not had a problem at this location yet, but say it is a concern.
This item was previously reviewed by the TCC at the December 12, 2012, meeting.  The request for parking restriction was denied at that time for the traffic calming element of the current conditions.
After assessing this site, staff has determined that if parking on the south side of the street were restricted, approximately 17 legal parking spaces and an additional 5 spaces being used that impede existing driveways, would be displaced.  Alternatively, a restriction on the north side would remove 27 spaces.
Possible solutions include restrict Parking on the south side of Alameda Street, restrict Parking on the north side of Alameda Street, or do nothing.
Ron Norris, President of Alderwood Townhome Association, addressed the committee.  Alderwood Townhome Association is partnered with Ridgewood.  This street is used extensively by both complexes and overflow parking fills up quickly, especially in the amenities area.  He says the roadway width was discussed during construction and the existing configuration was decided and approved.  Various traffic calming was looked at.  The configuration of this street is the calming device because it forces traffic to slow down.  He’s not aware of an accident on this street.  He requests nothing be done.
Chris Augenthaler also addressed the committee.  His wife manages the Ridgewood side.  He noted that rents have gone up and it is not uncommon for a tenant to have two to three roommates, which increases the number of parking spaces needed.  He also lives on site and doesn’t see any problem; cars slow down or pull over to let traffic go through.
Peggy Penland asked for clarity about driveways being partially blocked by parking.  Jake Sarver replied that cars park inbetween driveways, some of which are only 5 or 6 feet.  He also saw a car parked in front of a fire hydrant.
Lowell Norris stated he was told he could get a permit and paint the curb 6 feet on either side of his driveway.  He asked if he did this, would people be able to be ticketed.  Officer Don Lane responded yes, they could be ticketed.
Officer Lane warned that displaced parking has a ripple effect and results in complaints right back to the committee.
The group discussed painting curbs and acquiring permits.  Mr. Norris and Mr. Augenthaler were interested in painting the curbs, especially in front of fire hydrants.  Because homeowners own the driveway, the home owners associations cannot do this.  Karl MacNair said the City can place signs near fire hydrants to restrict parking.
Jeff Morejohn MOVED to add signage near fire hydrants, clearly stating no parking.  Cheryl Noles SECONDED.  Motion was approved.
30.3       Valley View – Change Roadway to One-Way
Mujahid Rizvi, 226 Valley View Drive, Medford, OR  97504, requested Valley View Drive between Hillcrest and Capital, be designated a ONE WAY street.
Given the timeframe and scale of this request, Public Works staff was unable to conduct a complete analysis of this request.  The requestor acknowledged this and decided to proceed anyway.  
Jake Sarver briefed on the information available.  Valley View has a speed limit of 25 MPH .  Additional analysis is needed before any recommendation(s) can be made.  Staff will poll the neighborhood.  Neighborhoods to north have limited  access going south, which is a concern.  Any changes on Valley
View Drive will put more pressure on Capital and Sunrise, as well as additional traffic load on Barneburg and Main. 
Mujahid Rizvi spoke on behalf of citizens present for this agenda item.  His proposal is to make Valley View Drive between Hillcrest and Capital a one way street.  At the most narrow part of the street, 16 feet, two way traffic is difficult.  Safety is a concern; it is hazardous for residents to check mail, take out trash, or walk along the street due to the speed of traffic.  There are trees on both sides that have recently been designated as heritage trees.  The City Arborist feels that limiting traffic on the street will prolong the lives of the trees, which are 100-110 years old. 
Another citizen noted that safety is an issue not only residents, but anyone walking on that street.  Her kids didn’t ride bikes on that street because of safety.  She feels 25mph is ridiculous for that narrow of a street.  Cars cannot pass without the risk of pedestrians falling into the bushes.  Insanity. 
Another citizen stated that a second part of the proposal is to add pedestrian and bike paths.  There is a major intersection just a block away with wide streets, sidewalks, and a traffic light.  This proposal would allow more bike and foot traffic.  She said the road was designed to be a driveway, not thoroughfare. 
The group discussed varous scenarios.  Peggy Penland reminded the group that until staff has time to fully analyze this request, anything being discussed cannot be seriously considered.  Jake Sarver reminded everyone that designating the street as one way will not slow traffic, it will speed it up.
Judith Burgess requested that surrounding intersections be looked at during the staff analysis.  She wonders whether moving the 4-way stop from Hillcrest and to each end of Valley View will reduce traffic.
Discussion continued.  Peggy reminded everyone again that more information and analysis is needed.  There are various scenarios and there’s much involved.  A citizen asked if there was anything they could do to help the City.  Jake responded that the best thing they can do is to respond to the poll once it’s mailed to them.
A citizen asked to have a neighborhood representative present during the study and evaluation analysis.  Peggy explained that it is data collection that is done by staff of the Engineering Department, and is not a committee.
Another citizen asked how broad the survey will be.  Jake responded that it will include all residents on Valley View Drive and portions of Capital, Brentwood and Girard.  Also, residents within one block in each direction.
40.       Reports
40.1     Oregon Impact Newsletter – February 2018

The Oregon Impact Newsletter was included in the agenda packet for committee members to review.
50.       Non-agenda Items:  None.

60.       Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 1:12 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sheila Giorgetti
Administrative Support Technician


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