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Traffic Coordinating Committee (View All)

Traffic Coordinating Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes - July 26, 2018

Thursday, July 26, 2018

July 26, 2018 - NOON
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy, Medford, OR – Room 151
10.        Roll Call

20.        Approval of Minutes – May 24, 2018

25.        Consent Calendar -
25.1       Place “No Parking Bike Lane” along Fichtner Mainwaring Park, Holly/Holmes
25.2       Place No Camping Signs along Parsons Dr, Stowe Ave and Disk Dr.

30.         Agenda Items
30.1       Wilson School Frontage Bus Parking Restriction Changes
30.2       McLoughlin Middle School Loading Zone along 2nd St
30.3       Parking Restriction along Springbrook south of Blackthorn
30.4       Loading Zone Parking restrictions along Hawthorne Ave
30.5       Parking restrictions along Jackson St East of Mary St
30.6       Parking restrictions at the intersection of Clark St and Narregan St

40.        Reports
40.1       Oregon Impact Newsletter – June 2018
40.2       Safe Routes to School workshops
40.3       Oregon Impact Newsletter – July 2018

50.        Non-agenda Items

60.        Adjournment
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Approved Minutes
July 26, 2018 - Noon
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy Street – Room 151
10.       Roll Call
The following members were present:  Peggy Penland, Chairperson; Jeff Morejohn, Medford School District; Mike Montero, Chamber of Commerce; Lewis Osborn, At-Large Member
Staff representatives present:  Jake Sarver, Traffic Engineering Technician; Karl MacNair, Traffic Manager; Don Lane, Medford Police; Doug Norman, Public Works Senior Technician; Tim Zacha, Public Works Technician; Brenda Barker, Administrative Support Technician
Citizens in attendance: Kristin Stormberg, Ryan Kantor, Kendra Warren, Kacie Kantor, Tracie Van Dyke, Kelly Soter, Aaron Luksich, Julie Ann Barlow, Jason Licato
The meeting was called to order at 12:01pm by Peggy Penland.  A quorum was present.
20.       Approval of Minutes – May 24, 2018.  Jeff Morejohn MOVED to approve the minutes of May 24, 2018.  Mike Montero SECONDED.  Motion was approved and minutes accepted. 
25.       Consent Calendar:
25.1        Place “No Parking Bike Lane” along Fichtner Mainwaring Park, Holly/Holmes
25.2        Place No Camping Signs along Parsons Dr, Stowe Ave and Disk Dr.
               Bottle recycle
30.       Monthly Agenda
30.1     Wilson School Frontage Bus Parking Restriction Changes
Aaron Luksich, principal of Wilson Elementary School (1400 Johnson Street, Medford OR 97504), has submitted a citizen request for moving the current bus parking along Johnson Street to Corona Avenue.
Public Works upon conducting a site visit has determined that if the changes were approved it would open the parking along the frontage of the school along Johnson Street providing approximately 520ft of open parking and remove only 180ft of parking along Corona Avenue. Johnson Street currently has bus parking for 348 ft. from the corner of Corona Avenue and restricted parking (7am to 5pm School Days) along the north side from Corona Avenue to Velia Street. Johnson Street is not counted for Public Works annual traffic volume counts.
Aaron Luksich, principal of Wilson School addressed the committee, stating that during the busy child pick up times it would alleviate traffic issues.  Red parking north of the school is a no parking area and it actually limits the ability for visitors and people to have meetings at the school and do business at the school conveniently. Handicap parking is around the corner and limits easy access to the school.  The afternoon pick up times between noon and 2:30pm is extremely heavy with cars trying to park in designated no parking areas. To move the parking areas would create more parking for parents and would keep kids safer as well as staff and visitors to the school.
Peggy Penland stated that she has seen kids dart in and out of traffic with cars parked along the no parking area and even cross mid-block.  Principal Luksich replied that if students are crossing mid-block it’s because parent had to slow down on the purple side area.  If we do have the extra parking it would encourage kids to go further down the block and not dart in and out of traffic. This would add approximately fifteen extra parking spots. She asked if the Bus company will be on board if approved.
Principal Luksich responded that at afternoon pick up time there are cars parking in the designated “no parking” area and this would create some more parking spaces for parents.  With designated parking kids, families, and staff would be a lot safer.  This will encourage the kids to go down to the corner. Bus company and school safety department is on board if approved.  Jeff Morejohn liked the idea and makes the area safer.  He has personally seen near misses. This will provide better parking and pick up opportunities for the kids.  Mike Montero stated school safety is paramount to the TCC committee.  Mike Montero MOVED to accept and approve recommendations to the parking.  Lewis Osborn SECONDED. Bus parking move to Corona Avenue from Johnson Street and place open parking there. Motion was approved.
30.2     McLaughlin Middle School Loading Zone along 2nd Street

Linda White, principal of McLaughlin Middle School (320 W 2nd Street, Medford OR 97501), has submitted a citizen request for restricting the parking along 2nd Street to loading and unloading only during school drop-off and pick-up times, from the staff parking lot to the edge of school grounds, approximately 470ft west.
Kelly Soter is the incoming principal of McLaughlin Middle School, as such doesn’t have as much background knowledge as Linda White, outgoing principal.  Jeff Morejohn and School Officer Barringer, the school resource officer can speak on the concerns and issues.  With parents parking in between busses on the curvature it has kids running the perimeter looking for their bus.  Parents trying to find a parking space to pick up kids are also parking on the other side of the street on the curvature and with cars parked on one side and busses on the other is causing one lane of traffic and kids darting in and out. Providing the change to a designated pickup spot and drop off with an education campaign will get the word to parents. Students are crossing without looking and people are trying to do u-turns.  Having the designated pick up area will make a great stop gap.
Mike Montero commended staff for reaching out to neighbors and the school. The solution isn’t always obvious to the folks who come to the meeting asking for restricted parking.  It impacts neighbors and they may be used to parking and we have received requests to eliminate parking in front of someone’s house.   Restrictions are reasonable and doesn’t deprive anyone to park on their side of the street.  Mike Montero MOVED to approve the motion and Jeff Morejohn SECONDED to restrict parking on north side of Second Street. 8:00am – 9:00am and 3:00pm – 4:00pm on school days. Motion was approved.
Out of sequence.
30.5     Parking restrictions along Jackson Street East of Mary Street
Trent Kopta, resident of Mary Street (address undisclosed), has emailed City Manager’s office seeking parking restrictions along Jackson Street for visibility at the intersection. 
The Public Works Department has done a site visit and determined that parking restrictions are warranted per City of Medford Code 10.735. To comply with this code all 95ft of parking along Jackson Street would need to be restricted. Signing these restrictions will displace 5 parking spots along the frontage. 
Employee who works at Escape Salon addressed the committee and confirmed the five parking spaces in front of the business are being used by clients.  Escape Salon is open twelve hours per day, 7:30am – 7:30pm.  Peggy Penland asked if employees were parking in front of business as was indicated in the complaint and was told no, employees don’t park there for the whole day.  Employees are parking down Mary Street to provide more convenient parking for customers.
Ryan Kontor, owner of Escape Salon on Jackson Street has public parking in front of their business. The Salon has a lot of clients that use the parking spaces on Jackson Street.  If the spaces are taken away there will be no place to park except Mary Street or to cross lanes of traffic by parking on Jackson Street.  Jake Sarver confirmed the legal parking spots will be five. Mr. Kontor asked if this is a real safety issue as he has not seen an accident nearby since owning salon for 20 years.
Jason Licato, owner of Northwest Property Management asked if there has there been an actual accident.  His business has three employees and needs the four spots for customer parking. Clients need to be able to park in front of his business.  It moves the inconvenience beyond Escape Salon to my business. This could make customers park across the street on Jackson which is a busy street.  With families and children coming into my business it’s not a safe option. 
Ryan Kontor commented that this will push cars onto Mary Street which is residential and add to blocking driveways and citizen concerns.  Mike Montero responded this is an ongoing conflict anytime there is businesses in residential neighborhoods which Planning encourages residential commercial areas.  But this kind of conflict is always a concern.  Peggy Penland stated that she has been on the committee for 24 years and Mike Montero confirmed these are valid concerns.  Officer Donald Lane said no accidents have occurred that he knows of.
Mike Montero addressed the committee asking how long Peggy Penland had been on the TCC.  She answered it was 24 years.  He then stated the committee has always had these types of complaints with residential and commercial areas coexisting.  Mike Montero MOVED to do nothing to change the parking on E Jackson Street and deny the request. Jeff MoreJohn SECONDED the motion.  Peggy Penland asked Officer Donald Lane for a history of the area.  Officer Donald Lane stated the complaint came into Code Enforcement/Traffic and it was worked extensively and found the public parking couldn’t be restricted and informed the complainants to the findings.  The City Attorney was also involved in the complaint.  Pictures were provided by complainant and showed blocked driveways with vehicles parking in the way. Office Lane instructed the citizens to let Police know whenever that happens so he could address it and issue citations as necessary.  He has not received any phone calls with the issues, even after providing his direct number.  Peggy Penland directed committee back to the motion on the table to deny the request.  Motion was approved.
Back in sequence.
30.3     Parking Restriction along Springbrook south of Blackthorn
Wayne A. Draheim, of 3252 Blackthorn Way Medford, OR 97504, has submitted a citizen request for restricting the parking along the west side of Springbrook Road south of the intersection of Blackthorn Way.  Patti Martin of Medford Police Code Enforcement also requested parking restrictions along the same area.
Springbrook Road was found to carry 7,900 vpd (vehicles per day) from Delta Waters Road to Owens Drive in 2016.  Blackthorn Way was found to carry 600 vpd from Springbrook Road to Delta Waters Road in 2016.  Site visits indicate sight distance south of the intersection along Springbrook Road are obstructed by parked vehicles, in addition it was observed to have, on two different site visits, to have vehicles including trailers parked in front of the existing fire hydrant Medford Municipal Code (MMC) 10.735 Clear View of Intersecting Streets provides boundaries of clear view triangles at stop-controlled intersections.
Applying this code to the intersection, a NO PARKING restriction along the west side parking lane would encompass Springbrook Road frontage of 3294 Blackthorn Way and 3211 Springbrook Road. The parking restriction along this frontage will remove 4 parking spaces and reinforce the parking restriction in front of the existing fire hydrant.
Committee  Lewis Osborn has observed the same parking issue on the curve. Suggested following staff recommendation to restrict parking on west side of Springbrook Road from Blackthorn Way south the 140ft.  Lewis Osborn MOVED to restrict parking on the west side of Springbrook Road from Blackthorn Way south the 140ft.  SECONDED by Jeff Morejohn. Motion was approved.
30.4     Loading Zone Parking restrictions along Hawthorne Street
United Way of Jackson County at 60 Hawthorne Street, has requested the placement of a 15min loading zone along their frontage of Hawthorne Street.
Hawthorne Street is bordered by Service Commercial and Professional Office zoning and Hawthorne Park.  Signing a single space for loading zone will displace 1 parking spot along the frontage.  Jeff Morejohn asked for clarification of a loading zone. Peggy Penland asked what the space is need for and if United Way had recently taken over the building.  Jake Sarver replied that Rogue Valley Lift drops off people frequently and can’t get into and out of the parking lot on site. FedEx, postal carriers and other deliveries have the same issue.    Jeff Morejohn asked if this occurred only during business hours and not on weekends and evenings.  Jake stated to the committee that the restricted parking could be during business hours only. Jeff Morejohn MOVED to put one signed spot closest to the alley for a 15 minute loading zone.  SECONDED by Mike Montero.  Motion was approved.
30.6     Parking restrictions at the intersection of Clark Street and Narregan Street
Robert DeCosta, resident of 203 W Clark Street has approached the public works office, in person, seeking parking restrictions along Clark Street and Narregan Street for visibility at the intersection. 
Narregan Street is not a road segment that is counted by public works. Narregan Street has no parking restrictions.  Clark Street is not a road segment that is counted by public works. Clark Street has no parking restrictions.  The Public Works Department has done a site visit and determined that parking restrictions are warranted per City of Medford Code 10.735. To comply with this code 50ft of parking along Narregan Street and Clark Street along all corners would need to be restricted. Signing these restrictions will displace 16 parking spots along the intersection. 
Peggy Penland asked for committee input and asked staff if large trucks are causing the sight distance issues. Jake had been on site to see delivery trucks coming through that became an issue but most of the large trucks attempted to pull over far enough to not cause a site issue. He reported seeing parking at the head of the T and both intersections of the street.  He couldn’t see Clark Street clearly with all the cars, trucks, campers and vans parking on both sides of the street.  Doug Norman reported being on site during a railroad project east of the intersection and had difficulty getting through in a Public Works service truck.  If it was emergency vehicles or police it would restrict their response.  Jake reported a school bus training for those streets on the route and couldn’t get through the intersection without stopping and backing up to get around the corners of the intersection.  Karl MacNair confirmed to the committee that the 28’ street would not provide enough room to pass by. Mike Montero stated the offsets are a problem and T intersections are inefficient and dangerous. Per Jake, the homeowner that lives on the corner can’t even park in front of his house.  Even though this is not an agenda item, Public Works will be going out to place a handicapped accessible spot for him.  Jeff Morejohn MOVED to restrict the parking for 50ft at all corners of the intersection.  SECONDED by Lewis Osborn.  Motion was approved.
40.       Reports
40.1     Oregon Impact Newsletter – June 2018
The Oregon Impact Newsletter was included in the agenda packet for committee members to review.
40.2     Safe Routes to School workshops
Safe Routes to School is a for-your-information.  Karl MacNair told the committee there was $16 million in funding to work on a grant program for info structure.  Public Works will be working on the application and it’s targeted for Title 1 schools to make safety improvements.
40.3     Oregon Impact Newsletter July 2018
50.       Non-agenda Items:  XXX.

Jake Sarver placed pamphlets on the table regarding painting the east side curb at Keene Way and Amy near the crosswalk to the school.  This will alleviate crosswalk concerns from the school, students and parents. 
Update on the speed zone investigation from ODOT for N Phoenix Rd. Speeds didn’t warrant lowering the speed zone to 35mph. Jake had a discussion with Karl and ODOT and are looking to reconsider the 35mph recommendation to 40mph for section Cherry Street to Juanipero Way hopes to lower to 85 percentile in the future. Barnett Road is currently 40mph and it would make the speed zone the same in both directions.  If the committee decides to move forward and approves of the change it will slow down traffic coming in and out of the intersection and into the corner.
Karl has AIC from CC. there was JT subcommittee working on TSP which is coming to an end. As of Jan 1st restructure and Transportation Commission will forward recommendations to CC and add another layer if something was appealed by T C before going to CC.  It doesn’t really impact what committee does but terms would be 2yrs to 3yrs.  Peggy asked who would be on commission. One member of TCC and member of Bicycle Pedestrian Committee per Karl. Seven members with 4 additional added and approved by city council.

60.    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 12:47 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brenda Barker
Administrative Support Technician

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