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Housing and Community Development Commission Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Housing and Community Development Commission
Wednesday, March 14, 2018
4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
City Hall, Medford Room 330
Meeting called to order at 4:31 p.m.
  1. Roll Call
    Present: Commissioners Marie Cabler, Denise James, Paul Tanner, Bill Boehning, Rebecca Erickson, Carol Fiddler, Heidi Hill, John Michaels, Council Liaison Dick Gordon and Staff Liaisons Angela Durant and Laura Stewart
    Absent: Daniel Smith
  2. Public Comments
    Denise James spoke for Jeff Jackson of the Housing Authority of Jackson County (HAJC), who was unable to attend due to illness.  Mr. Jackson believes HAJC’s Homeowner Repair Program does comply with requirements to receive the 25 Bonus Points for the 2018 CDBG application scoring.  HAJC Executive Director, Jason Elzy, is on the Board of the CoC and the Chair of the Housing Pipeline. Mr. Jackson feels his program does prevent homelessness.  In several situations, the homeowners would have been homeless if they were not able to receive assistance from the Homeowner Repair Program.   
    Becky Snyder of Community Volunteer Network was unable to attend due to illness, however provided a public comment via email to Angela Durant.  Ms. Durant supplied the Commissioners with a copy of Ms. Snyder’s comment and it will be included as part of the minutes for this meeting.  Ms. Durant summarized Ms. Snyder’s comment, regarding her concern about not receiving funding due to not qualifying to receive the bonus points.  In order to receive additional leverage, the program must receive a minimum of $7,200 of local funds. 
  3. Introduction of New Staff Member
    Planner I, Laura Stewart, has joined the Housing and Community Development Division
  4. Approval of Minutes from December 6, 2017 and January 3, 2018
    Tabled until April 4, 2018 Meeting
  1. CDBG Program Income and Residual Funding
Ms. Durant reported a payoff of $15,000 from the Down Payment Assistance program run by ACCESS, has been returned as program income and ACCESS requested the funds not be returned to them.  The Public Works Thomas Rd. Demolition Project was completed under budget, resulting in $9,429.78 in residual funding.
Ms. Durant explained how the funds can be used: allocate funds to an existing CDBG capital project in need of additional funding, carry-forward funds to 2018 program year allocating to a new CDBG project or allocate funds to new project identified by Council as an immediate priority need. 
  1. Old Fire Station #2 – 1241 W. 8th St.
Deputy City Manager, Kelly Madding, requested the available CDBG funding be allocated to the rehabilitation of the old Fire Station #2, located at 1241 W. 8th St, in preparation to sell or lease the building to a nonprofit agency serving low-to-moderate income residents.  Ms. Madding detailed some of the necessary repairs: replace leaking roof, repair water damaged walls and floors, replace windows, repair damaged electrical wiring and evaluate large tree in the rear yard.  
Commissioners questioned Ms. Madding about the zoning and use of the building, the soundness of the structure, the tree in the rear yard and inspections conducted.
Motion:  “I motion to allocate the $15,000 in program income and $9,429.78 in residual funds from the Thomas Rd. Demolition project to the rehabilitation of the City-owned Fire Station #2, located at 1241 W. 8th Street in preparation for City Council to lease or sell the building to ACCESS, Rogue Retreat or Rogue Valley Youth for Christ.  This motion is made in support of expending residual CDBG funds in accordance with the U. S. Department of Housing and Development’s CDBG timeliness and eligibility guidelines.  I also move to direct staff to initiate a substantial amendment to the 2017 Action Plan authorizing said allocation, which is dependent upon Council direction made on March 15, 2018.   
Moved by: John Michaels                   Seconded by: Rebecca Erickson
Motion passed with 8 affirmative votes, 1 commissioner absent
  1. Old Business - Assignment of Priority Bonus Points – Homeowner Repair Program
    Ms. Durant presented a recent situation demonstrating how the Homeowner Repair Program prevents homelessness.  The Building Department was made aware of a single mom who owns a blighted home and has nowhere else to go.  The house has no foundation and significant electrical, roof and structural damage.  The previous owner of the house is carrying the loan and the current owner does not have the funds to complete the necessary repairs.  If the Building Department condemns the home, the mother and child will be homeless.
    Commissioners discussed possible improvements to the scoring process and the importance of upholding the established rules for the 2018 CDBG scoring process.  Commissioners discussed the possibility of allocating funds for City projects separately from the CDBG public service and capital improvement projects. 
  2. New Business - Develop 2018 CDBG Funding Recommendation
  3. Ms. Durant reported HUD announced a delay in the 2018 Program year funding allocations, possibly until the end of May 2018.
  4. Staff recommends establishing funding allocations, using a contingency plan; Commission agreed.
  1. Commissioners explored and discussed 3 different methodologies and contingency plans for each the Public Service Programs and the Housing and Community Development Capital Projects.
  2. City Council Liaison Dick Gordon left the meeting.
  3. Commissioner Michaels made a motion to adopt option ‘C’ with a contingency plan.Option ‘C’ approves a full 15% of the total CDBG allocation allowable to public service programs and anticipates an award of $94,000. Of this amount, $25,000 would be awarded to top scoring Maslow Project, $23,850 to second place St. Vincent de Paul, $20,700 to Hearts with a Mission, $17,250 to Center for Nonprofit and $7,200 to Community Volunteer Network.If the City’s allowable public service allocation is greater than $94,000, the contingency plan calls for the surplus to be awarded 34.56% to St. Vincent de Paul; 30% to Hearts with a Mission; 25% to Center for Nonprofit Legal Services; and 10.44% to Community Volunteer Network. A deficient in funding would be deducted from these same four agencies using reverse percentages including 34.56% from Community Volunteer Network; 30% from Center for Nonprofit Legal Services; 25% from Hearts with a Mission; and 10.44% from St. Vincent de Paul.
    Moved by: Commissioner Michaels                   Seconded by: Commissioner Erickson
    Motion passed with 7 affirmative votes, 1 negative vote and 1 Commissioner absent.
  4. Commissioner Michaels made a motion to adopt option ‘A’ with a friendly amendment to the contingency plan.Option ‘A’ allocates $250,000 to the top scoring Youth for Christ, $100,000 to second place Compass House and $60,000 to the Housing Authority Homeowner Repair program.The contingency plan states that if funds come in over the anticipated entitlement amount and if the City closes the 2017 program year with non-allocated residual funds, the balance of the surplus will be awarded 50% to Compass House and 50% to Housing Authority. In the event the City receives less than the anticipated entitlement award, the deficient will be deducted 60% from Youth for Christ and 40% from Compass House.
    Moved by Commissioner Michaels                    Seconded by: Commissioner Erickson
    Commissioner Boehning seconded the friendly amendment.
    Motion passed with 7 affirmative votes, 1 negative vote and 1 Commissioner absent.
  5. < >Council Liaison – None
  6. Commissioners – Commissioner Michaels inquired about future Study Sessions, Ms. Durant replied future Study Sessions will be scheduled soon.
  7. Chair – None
    Commissioner Cabler thanked everyone for coming at approximately 6:59p.m.
    (The meeting was not officially adjourned.)

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