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Housing Advisory Commission (View All)

Housing and Community Development Commission Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Housing and Community Development Commission
Wednesday, January 3, 2018
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
City Hall, Medford Room 330
Meeting called to order at 5:30 p.m.   
  1. Roll Call
    Present: Commissioners Bill Boehning, Rebecca Erickson, Heidi Hill, Chad McComas, John Michaels, Daniel Smith and Denise James (arrived at 5:35 p.m.), Council Liaison Dick Gordon, Staff Angela Durant
    Absent:  Marie Cabler, Carol Fiddler
  2. Public Comments – None
  3. Approval of Minutes from November 1, 2017: Minutes were approved as presented.
    Approval of Minutes for October 25, 2017 Study Session:  Minutes were approved as presented.
  4. New Business
  5. Mrs. Durant reported that the Planning Department has changed the name of the Housing and Neighborhood Resources Division to the Housing and Community Development Division.
  6. Housing Authority of Jackson County (HAJC) - Homeowner Repair Program
    The HAJC returned a check for $63,215.91 from the payoff of seven properties and requested a full return of the funds for use during the 2017 program year. Mrs. Durant reported that $173,594.61 in program income was returned during the 2016 program year. HAJC has the ability to spending this full amount before the end of the program year.  
    Mrs. Durant advised the Commission on the options of how to allocate the returned program income, including allocating the funds to other projects.  Mrs. Durant explained allocating program income to new projects could possibly have a negative impact on the HUD timeliness test, if the funds are not spent by May 2, 2018.
Motion:  “I move to approve the request to return $63,215.91 in 2017 eligible program income from the Housing Authority of Jackson County back to the City’s Homeowner Repair program for use during the remainder of the 2017 PY through June 30, 2018.”
Moved by: Heidi Hill                                                       Seconded by: Chad McComas
Motion Passed with 7 yes votes
  1. HUD Environmental Responsible Entity Designation
    Mrs. Durant informed the Commission of the Housing Authority of Jackson County’s (HAJC) request to assume the role of the Environmental Responsible Entity, for housing projects not funded through the CDBG program. She provided an explanation of the pros and cons, using the example of a potential project on Roberts Rd.  HAJC has not determined if they will request CDBG funding during the 2018 PY grant cycle.  
    Commissioner Smith requested staff obtain the opinion of the City Attorney prior to deciding.  
  2. Housing Commission Accomplishments
    Mrs. Durant asked the Commission to describe what they have accomplished in 2017, so she can present it at the 2018 Boards and Commissions luncheon. The Commissioners provided suggestions and Mrs. Durant will write a brief paragraph.
  3. Old Business
  4. Temporary & Transitional Housing (DCA-17-062)
    The Planning Department requested the Commission’s input regarding an amendment to the   Transitional Housing Code, which will be presented to Council at a future date.  Mr. Kearns received feedback from Commissioners in December and is requesting additional input.  He would like to take a deeper look into how the code intercepts and connects with issues that are happening in our community.  Mrs. Durant recommended scheduling a study session during the week of January 22-26, a second session the week of February 19-28, with an ultimate endorsement from the Housing Commission during the Commission’s March 14, 2018 meeting. Mr. Kearns plans to presents to Council during a Council study session on April 26, 2018
    Mr. Michaels asked at what point in this process would the public be involved? Mrs. Durant informed commissioners that there would be two tentative public hearings; one in May and the other in June.
    Mrs. Durant agreed to send out an email to schedule study sessions.
  5. Staff report
  6. Continuum of Care
    Mrs. Durant reported that ACCESS hired Connie Wilkerson as the new CoC Coordinator.  The City of Medford granted ACCESS $30,000 to help support this position.  The CoC Interim Board is working to secure additional funding to sustain this position with possible sources including other regional jurisdictions. Jackson Care Connect and AllCare are other potential funders.  
    The CoC Interim Board is also working on establishing a work group for the coordinated entry piece which is mandated by HUD and needs to be implemented in January.
    Mrs. Durant announced new CoC board members Anna D’mato with SOU, Patsy Smullin with KOBI, Kimberlyn Collins with the City of Phoenix and Ryan Martin with the City of Talent.
    Asante and Providence have yet to accept a seat and recommend representation.  
  7. 2018 CDBG Orientation
    Mrs. Durant reported strong representation from both Public Service programs and Capital Improvement projects.
    Mrs. Durant reported on adding the option of allocating 25 bonus points to programs that are in line with this year’s focus on homelessness.  Commissioners discussed the scoring process and adding the 25 bonus points.  One Commissioner suggested staff create scoring criteria.  Other commissioners were against the idea, due to the possibility of applicants using bullet points as leverage to earn the 25 bonus points.  The Commission discussed both opinions and agreed it would be better to remove the coordinated entry, as a requirement for the 2018 scoring criteria.  
    Motion:  “I move to remove Coordinated Entry from the required criteria to receive priority bonus points for addressing homelessness during the 2018/19 Community Development Block Grant program competition.”
    Moved by: John Michaels                                          Seconded by: Rebecca Erickson
    Motion passed with five yes votes. Two abstained votes from Denise James and Chad McComas and two commissioners were absent.
  8. Regional Housing Strategy
    Mrs. Durant reported that the Regional Housing Strategy was prompted by the City’s involvement in the Regional Problem Solving initiative and works to support the Urban Growth Boundary Expansion.  The ad hoc Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) has been meeting regularly to develop strategies on how to meet the housing needs and preferences of current and future residents, while supporting the Regional Housing Strategy Plan and Urban Growth Boundary, as well as the City’s broader community development goals.  Mrs. Durant distributed reading material describing 41 strategies/tools that were reviewed and scored by the HAC. Strategies scoring 75% or greater will be forwarded to City Council, while those scoring 50% - 74% were discussed in greater detail, and those scoring below 50% were removed from the list. The results will go to Council during a study session on January 18, 2018.  The next step is to complete the Regional Housing Strategy and present a resolution with recommendations to Council on February 1, 2018.  During that meeting, HAC will request Council to adopt the recommendations and direct staff to outline a work plan to accomplish the goals.  They will also ask Council to establish a permanent Housing Advisory Committee, to help develop policies and programs.
Motion:  “I move to extend the Housing and Community Development Commission meeting 15 minutes.”
                        Moved by:  John Michaels                                         Seconded by:  Heidi Hill
                        Voice vote:  Motion passed  
  1. Collage Way Veteran’s Project
    Mrs. Durant introduced a potential blighted property project on College Way, currently occupied by a veteran at risk of homelessness, due to unsafe living conditions.  She is working on developing a public/private partnership with ACCESS and Hayden Homes.
  1. Remarks from Council Liaison: None
Remarks from Commissioners:  RFP for the CDBG is due January 26, 2018.
Meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

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