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Traffic Coordinating Committee (View All)

Traffic Coordinating Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes- January 24, 2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019

January 24, 2019 - NOON
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy, Medford, OR – Room 151

10.        Roll Call
20.        Approval of Minutes – December 13, 2018
25.        Consent Calendar -
25.1        Placing ‘Stop’ Sign on Enterprise Dr at Industry Dr
30.        Agenda Items
30.1       Valley View – Changing Roadway to One-way
30.2       Siskiyou Speed Change Clarification
30.3       Speed Limit on Ellendale Drive
30.4       Traffic Commission Election
40.        Reports
40.1       No Reports-
50.        Non-agenda Items
60.        Adjournment
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January 24, 2019 – Lausmann Annex, Room 151
10.       Roll Call
The following members were present:  Peggy Penland, Cheryl Noles, and Lewis Osborn
Members Absent: Mike Montero and Jeffery Morejohn
Staff Representatives present: Jake Sarver, Traffic Engineering Technician; Tim Zacha and Doug Norman, Public Works; Brenda Barker, Administrative Support Technician
Citizens in attendance: 
Brian Schmitz, 200 Valley View Drive                           Carol & Lorenzo Concina, 242 Valley View Drive
Mary Kay Harmon, 232 Valley View Drive                    Dean Ayers, 624 Valley View Drive
Bill Branham, 532 Valley View Drive                            Dawna Curler, 217 Girard Drive
Diane Huntemann, 2207 Capital Ave                              Mujahid Rizvi, 226 Valley View Drive
Glenn Berg, 217 Girard Drive                                         Kathie Rulon, 212 Valley View Drive
Erin Brendel, 226 Valley View Drive                             Diana Marsh, 128 Valley View Drive (email)
The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. by Peggy Penland. A quorum was present.
20.       Approval of Minutes – Cheryl Noles MOVED to accept the minutes of December 13, 2018. Lewis Osborn SECONDED. Motion was approved.
25.       Consent Calendar –
            25.1 Placing ‘Stop’ Sign on Enterprise Drive at Industry Drive
Jake Sarver stated the installation of stop signs due to the road being designated as a collector road. Code requires stop signs under those conditions. Peggy Penland asked why the signs hadn’t been installed before now and Jake responded the road was a dead end with no through-traffic prior to the latest development. There are now conditional lot assets and with significant south and northbound traffic the signs are necessary. This is ahead of any additional lots going in to the area.  
30.       Monthly Agenda
Due to the number of citizens attending the meeting, Peggy Penland asked for a leader of the neighborhood group. As no one volunteered, each person would like to speak. Due to the number of citizens at the meeting Peggy asked the group to please limit the response time to as short as possible. Each person speaking needs to state their name and address.
30.1     Valley View – Changing Roadway to One-Way
Erin Brendel, resident at 226 Valley View Drive requested to change Valley View from a two way street to a one way with bike lanes.
Jake Sarver gave the Staff Analysis:
Valley View is a residential street with variable widths, the minimum being 16ft. There are large American Elm Trees on both sides of the street. Valley View was found to carry 1148 vehicles per day (VPD) from Jackson St to Capital Ave in 2018. 631 VPD southbound and 517 VPD northbound.

Public Works performed a Synchro analysis of both the AM and PM peak volumes at the intersections of Barneburg Rd / E Main St, Valley View Dr / Hillcrest Rd, and Sunrise Ave / Jackson St with the results showing no significant changes to the delay at the intersections as a result of the proposed change and anticipated re-routing of traffic.

The proposed changes are expected have a noticeable impact along Capital Ave between Sunrise Ave and Valley View Dr. This section of Capital Ave was found to carry 351 VPD. The proposed changes are expected to add approximately 630 VPD to Capital Ave, an increase of 280% and approximately 80 trips in the peak hour.

Public Works has polled all residents along Valley View (north of Hillcrest), Capital (east of Sunrise) and some residents in close proximity to these streets. The results of the poll were 51 responses out of 270 sent letters, with 23 in favor of the change to a One-way (12 for Northbound, 9 for Southbound and 2 Undecided), and 28 in favor of leaving the existing conditions. 

Treatment of this road section, if it were to be approved for a one-way, would consist of either an 11’ vehicle lane and 5’ bike lane or 10’ vehicle lane and 6’ bike lane to conform to the COM standard vehicle lane width and minimum AASHTO guidance on the bike lane width.

Public Works recommends that the committee also consider a treatment for this section of Valley View found in the FHWA Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks publication. Informational pages on a treatment called a Yield Roadway are included in the packet. If the committee recommends this treatment, the committee should also make a recommendation on speed. Per recent changes to ORS 810.180, the City Council can adopt an ordinance designating a 20MPH speed limit for certain roadways. See attached excerpt of ORS 810.180 (10) for details. Jake Sarver added that in addition, there have been phone calls from citizens voicing concerns about the side streets and alleys will be significantly affected along their property frontages and backyards.

Peggy Penland asked again for a leader for the group and received a no. Peggy will ask one by one each citizen to speak and to stay within the 30 second time frame. She restated the need for name, address, and each one going around the table to give their suggestion and/or concerns. Then the committee will have a discussion.

Kathie Rulon stated her concern is for consideration for one-way going north. It would eliminate traffic funneling into the dangerous intersection. Mujahid Rizvi voice concern of speeding vehicles if Valley View is changed to a one-way. There would need to be a six foot bicycle lane if it became a one-way.
Glenn Berg has an alley behind him and traffic is already bad. His concern is there would be even more traffic if changed to a one-way and pedestrian safety. Would like to see a lower speed limit. Dawna Curler stated agreement with Glenn Berg’s response and would like to see a 4-way stop instead of two-way stop. Mary Kay Harmon stated changing Valley View to a one-way is not the only solution and suggested traffic calming measures on the street as well. She has requested this before and received no response and is glad to see some direction. People walking pets and children is unsafe due to the number of speeders. She would like protection for the street trees. The school has created increased traffic during early and late times.

Bill Branham commented he hasn’t seen much change.  Not much change or even a traffic accident during his 52 years at his residence. If changed to a one-way or if the speed limit is lowered to 20mph, drivers would not slow down. Mr. Branham would like to leave Valley View as-is. Dean Ayers spoke in favor of a one-way going south bound for safety reasons. Having turns onto and off of Sunrise would be more awkward if changed to northbound travel.  Carol and Lorenzo Concina favor a one-way. Speed is a huge consideration with the number of vehicles traveling fast. Prior speed limit is 20mph and now 25mph vehicles are driving 35mph or more. She drives the speed limit has experienced vehicles backing up behind her during rush hour. Speed bumps would be highly affective. Carol was told Medford doesn’t install speed bumps. Portland has many speed bumps throughout the city and seem effective in lowering speeds. If vehicles used the alleyways to go around the change, it would cause problems for pedestrians walking in the alley.  Brian Schmitz responded to leave Valley View as-is. Pulling out of his circular driveway into traffic has been an issue and daily with speeding vehicles. He would like to see a lower speed limit.

Peggy Penland added that the committee exists because of people not obeying the speed limits.  Carol Concina feels the worst traffic times is not being recorded accurately. Peggy Penland asked Jake Sarver for clarification of the radar van versus traffic counter results. Jake replied the radar van operates with volunteers who work four hour shifts. Either from 8:00am to 12:00pm or 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Erin Brendel spoke about preserving Valley View Drive as originally intended as a historic street designed to be a drive way. Would like to see one-way with designation due to the number of people driving down the street to view the historic tree canopy. Designated as a heritage tree by the City of Medford and the Tree Foundation.  Diane Huntemann stated with a big change to the intersection has seen a large increase in traffic that drive by her house. Most citizens are representing Valley View and a larger picture should be considered. Due to potential for increased speeds she is not in favor of the options presented. Peggy Penland read the email from Diana Marsh who doesn’t see the necessity to change what has worked for the 40 years she has lived on Valley View.
Peggy Penland asked for committee input. Lewis Osborn stated Valley View Drive is the best way to go south out of quite a sizable neighborhood to the north. The survey should have gone to more addresses on Girard and down the hill. Jake Sarver stated the survey didn’t go further into Girard than four houses off Capital. Sunrise and Capital are already a busy intersection. Lewis Osborn made a motion to request Council to adopt 20mph speed limit on Valley View. Cheryl Noles seconded the motion. Peggy asked the group to discuss the motion and the second. Peggy has spent some time out there and agrees this is unusual circumstance with speed being the biggest issue out there. This Committee can recommend the speed limit be lowered and ask Police Department to spend more time out there. After further discussion the motion remains with Lewis Osborn and Cheryl Noles second. Motion was approved.
30.2     Siskiyou Speed Change Clarification
In the prior meeting, the TCC recommended to have speed changed to 25MPH for Siskiyou between Windsor Ave and Black Oak Dr. See the meeting minutes from December 13th for detailed background information. Public Works has reviewed this decision and would like to have additional consideration by the committee on this matter.

Public Works has concerns about posting such a short section of road at 25MPH with 30MPH zones on either side given that the context and cross-section of the road do not change in a way that would indicate a different condition. It has been determined that Siskiyou Blvd from Willamette Ave to Murphy Rd meets ‘residence district’ requirements and could be posted statutory 25MPH without ODOT investigation. Public Works would the committee to consider either changing the entire length of Siskiyou Blvd from Willamette Ave to Murphy Rd to 25MPH or leaving the existing speed limit at 30MPH for the entire length.

Public Works has polled all adjoining property owners and occupants for feedback on the purposed changes details will be provided at the meeting.

Peggy Penland would like the speed changed to 25mph and requested input from the committee. Cheryl Noles made a motion to rescind existing order and post 25mph speed signs between Willamette Avenue and Murphy Road, Lewis Osborn seconded. Motion was approved.
30.3     Speed Limit on Ellendale Drive

The Engineering Department would like input from the TCC on the speed limit on Ellendale between Barnett Rd and Hobert St.
Staff Analysis:

Ellendale Drive between Barnett Road and Hobert Street is a major collector with a posted speed limit of 35MPH and a volume of 2200VPD (2016). Ellendale continues beyond Hobert St onto Rogue Valley Manor property where the posted speed is 15MPH. The roadway width is non-standard, varying from north to south from 36ft to 26ft to 40ft. In the 40ft-wide section, there are three 11ft lanes and 4ft bike lanes. The 26-36ft-wide sections have no bicycle facilities or center turn lane.
During the summer of 2019, the 26-36ft-wide section of roadway between Barnett Rd and 150ft north of Hospitality Way will be resurfaced and will need new striping. In addition, a new marked midblock trail crossing of Ellendale will be completed by October 18, 2019 as part of the Larson Creek Trail project.
Roadway width constraints will limit conventional bicycle lane installation in both directions, resulting in a shared street condition for at least one direction (for approximately 500ft). Guidance provided by NACTO’s Designing for All Ages & Abilities indicates that, for this traffic volume, a conventional bike lane is an appropriate facility type when speeds are generally at or below 25MPH. When greater than 26MPH, as this segment is, guidance indicates speed reduction be used as a part of the strategy to increase bicycle facility comfort. This document has not been adopted by the City as design criteria, but the 2018 Transportation System Plan does say that the City will review it when considering the installation of bicycle facilities.
The existing 35MPH speed limit has not been investigated since 1996. The segment meets ‘residence district’ requirements and could be posted statutory 25MPH without ODOT investigation.
Peggy Penland asked toe committee for input.  Cheryl Noles made a motion to rescind the existing motion to install 25mph speed signs. Seconded by Lewis Osborn. Lewis asked for discussion about traffic due to new hotels in the area. Peggy would like a discussion with Rogue Valley Manor. Christina Charvat, Staff Traffic engineer has discussed it. Peggy stated the motion is moved and seconded to Hobert Street. Motion was approved.
30.4     Traffic Commission Election
Choose a member to be the representative for the Traffic Commission.
Peggy Penland will volunteer to be on commission
40.       Reports

40.1     No Reports
50.       Non-Agenda Items –
60.       Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Barker
Administrative Support Technician


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