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City Council Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Thursday, February 21, 2019

February 21, 2019

6:00 p.m.
Medford City Hall, Council Chambers
411 West 8th Street, Medford, Oregon

The regular meeting of the Medford City Council was called to order at 6:00 p.m. in the Medford City Hall Council Chambers on the above date with the following members and staff present:
Acting Mayor Tim D’Alessandro; Councilmembers Clay Bearnson, Kay Brooks* (arrived as noted), Dick Gordon, Alex Poythress, Eric Stark, Kevin Stine, Michael Zarosinski; Mayor Gary Wheeler was absent
City Manager Brian Sjothun; Deputy City Manager Eric Zimmerman; City Attorney Lori Cooper; City Recorder Karen Spoonts
Employee Recognition
Employees from Finance, Public Works, and Fire were recognized for their years of service. Employees from Police and Fire were recognized for their retirement.
*Kay Brooks arrived.
20.    Recognitions, Community Group Reports
         20.1        Quarterly Economic Development update by Colleen Padilla of SOREDI
Colleen Padilla of SOREDI presented the quarterly economic update, such as membership, LAUNCH talk in Medford, and recruitment activity.
Councilmember Bearnson referred a man from a Housing Strategic meeting to SOREDI and questioned the outcome; Ms. Padilla was unsure who he was speaking of but there is a lot of interest on housing and may be a topic at the Crown Dinner. Councilmember Bearnson stated he will provide her the name. Councilmember Bearnson also asked about industrial hemp as a legal product; Ms. Padilla stated it is now legalized but has to abide by the EDA partner rules, which they have not received. Councilmember Brooks questioned cannabis producers and the ability to export globally. Ms. Padilla noted she still needs direction from the federal government.
         20.2        Audit Report by Moss Adams
Amanda McCleary-Moore of Moss Adams presented the audit results and stated the City and the Medford Urban Renewal Agency was found in compliance. She provided best practice recommendations for financial statement preparation, financial statement close and reporting, information technology, disbursements and accounts payable, inventory management, and GAGAS report finding.
Councilmember Gordon questioned where the Audited Financial Statements are located; City Manager Sjothun sent a link to Council via email. Councilmember Zarosinski, speaking in behalf of the Audit Committee, discussed the Committees questions, such as fixed assets. They felt the report went well for the first year.
30.    Oral Requests and Communications from the Audience
40.    Public Hearings
50.    Approval or Correction of the Minutes of the February 7, 2019 Regular Meeting
         There being no additions or corrections, the minutes were approved as presented.
60.    Consent Calendar
         60.1     COUNCIL BILL 2019-09 An ordinance awarding a contract in an amount of $199,700 to Van Row Mechanical for replacement of the air-conditioning system located in the Lausmann Annex.
         60.2     COUNCIL BILL 2019-10 An ordinance awarding a contract in an amount of $47,170 to S&S Sheetmetal, Inc. for modification to the ventilation duct system located in the Lausmann Annex.
         60.3     COUNCIL BILL 2019-11 An ordinance awarding a contract in an amount of $181,095 to J. Copeland Construction, Inc. for installation of storm drain improvements on Cherry Street from Prune Street to Lewis Park.
         60.4     COUNCIL BILL 2019-12 An ordinance authorizing execution of a Purchase and Sale Agreement in the amount of $175,000 for purchase of right-of-way from Phoenix-Talent School District for the realignment of Coal Mine Road.
Motion:  Adopt consent calendar.
Moved by:  Dick Gordon                                                  Seconded by: Kevin Stine
Roll call:  Bearnson, Brooks, D’Alessandro, Gordon, Poythress, Stark, Stine, and Zarosinski voting yes.
Motion carried and so ordered.  Council Bills approved: #2019-09, 2019-10, 2019-11, 2019-12
70.    Items Removed from Consent Calendar
80.    Ordinances and Resolutions
90.    Council Business
         90.1     Proclamations issued: None
         90.2     Committee Reports and Communications
                     a.   Transportation Committee
Medford Code 2.451 requires Council approval of the appointments of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Traffic Coordinating Committee and the Planning Commission members to the Transportation Commission. Suzanne Schroeder, Peggy Penland and Jared Pulver have been recommended and agreed to serve in these member positions.
Motion:  Appoint Suzanne Schroeder from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Peggy Penland from the Traffic Coordinating Committee and Jared Pulver from the Planning Commission to the Transportation Commission, to serve as the member representatives. Their terms will begin immediately and expire as follows:  Suzanne Schroeder January 31, 2022; Peggy Penland January 31, 2020; Jared Pulver January 31, 2021.
Moved by:  Tim D’Alessandro                                          Seconded by:  Dick Gordon
Councilmember Stine questioned how they were selected; Public Works Director Crebbin stated each committee received nominations and selected a candidate.
Roll call:  Bearnson, Brooks, D’Alessandro, Gordon, Poythress, Stark, Stine, and Zarosinski voting yes.
Motion carried and so ordered.
                     b.   Councilmembers Brooks attended her first SOREDI meeting; a letter from Mayor Wheeler was presented supporting the Regional Economic Strategy.
                     c.   Councilmembers D’Alessandro and Poythress attended the Medford Water Commission meeting.
100.  City Manager and Staff Reports
         100.1   Federal Legislative Agenda
City Manager Sjothun stated this information was provided to Council last week and Councilmembers D’Alessandro and Bearnson will bring our list to Washington D.C. Councilmember Bearnson spoke about 1) the need for banking pertaining to cannabis, 2) if we should submit the same thing or reword some of the items, and 3) provide an updated number on retrofitting. Mr. Sjothun noted CFM crafted this information and understands the wording that is needed. He can ask them to add our portion of grant money that has been raised for retrofitting. Councilmember Bearnson questioned a wildfire grant; Mr. Sjothun noted it is pending information from staff but there is not a lot of federal money for this at the moment. Councilmember Bearnson questioned if Prescott Park falls into urban center. Mr. Sjothun noted that is there because of the grant language and eventually this will be linked to our urban center.
Councilmember Stine expressed concern with the effectiveness of our current lobbyist, CFM, in actually bringing home some of the grants requested. Mr. Sjothun noted all contracts when they come up for renewal can be evaluated. When we talk about competing federally for these grants, we have to apply many times before you actually get funded. Staff needs to effectively communicate to the lobbyist where funding is available. Since earmarks went away, this is the only way we can receive federal funding. CFM has been highly effective with grant programs (RVCOG has received funding for a grant). Councilmember Stark questioned if many of these have been on there yearly and if the wording has changed; Mr. Sjothun stated many have been and wording does change. If we as staff don’t de-brief CFM will do it on our behalf and get the comments that will help us. Mr. Sjothun noted criteria changes from year to year. Pertaining to the mega corridor it has been applied for twice and made great strides in this last year. Deputy City Manager Zimmerman noted the take away is to engage with CFM earlier and the right way. It’s a change of culture for us with growing pains. Mr. Sjothun will bring this back at the next Council meeting, and in the meantime, work with Councilmember Bearnson.
         100.2   MPO - Alternative Measures
Councilmember D’Alessandro recognized Al Densmore in the audience and stated Al Densmore will represent us in MPO, with Eric Zimmerman as the alternate. Councilmember D’Alessandro stated he will recuse himself due to his employment with Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD). Mr. Zimmerman stated the AIC presented has information pertaining to arrangement with RVTD pertaining to additional funding. The sub-committee recommended that the RVMPO fund RVTD annually with $700,000 as MPO’s alternative strategy to reduce vehicles miles traveled (VMT).
Motion: Authorize our representatives to the RVMPO to support the sub-committee’s recommendation for a steady funding agreement between RVMPO and RVTD for the discussed STBG funding.
Moved by:  Kay Brooks                                                    Seconded by:  Eric Stark
Councilmember Zarosinski questioned where CMAQ is going; Mr. Zimmerman was unsure. Councilmember Gordon questioned if this was unanimous; Mr. Zimmerman noted all voted for this; although Phoenix wanted to bring it back to their city again. There is a relative impact as we may be able to compete for the $300,000. Councilmember Stine questioned the STBG, Councilmember D’Alessandro noted it is approximately $0.96M as stated in the AIC. Councilmember Stine questioned the meaning of “significant change”; Mr. Zimmerman noted it was undefined so that any member could address an issue.
Roll call:  Bearnson, Brooks, Gordon, Poythress, Stark, Stine, and Zarosinski voting yes; D’Alessandro recused himself.
Motion carried and so ordered.
100.3   Further reports from City Manager
                     a.   Mr. Sjothun stated that tomorrow we have our quarterly meeting with the Medford School District. He stated Dr. Brian Shumate will be leaving the School District and will be missed. Councilmember D’Alessandro stated to lose him is a big loss for our community.
                     b.   Councilmember Brooks wanted to talk about the State of Emergency as it needs to be addressed now due to the cold weather. There is a scheduled study session in May for this topic but it should be addressed sooner.
Motion:  Direct staff to work on the sidebars pertaining to a State of Emergency now vs. waiting until May.
Moved by:  Kay Brooks                                                    Seconded by:  Dick Gordon
Mr. Sjothun stated Connie Wilkerson, representing Continuum of Care, met with the faith based group to discuss how many are willing to have an emergency shelter. Many requested sideboards and wanted to work with the City. When this comes to Council in May, all concerns will be addressed
Councilmember Zarosinski questioned how that would change what is currently being done; Mr. Sjothun stated will do the best we can. The ability to get the faith based organization together in a room can be difficult. Councilmember Bearnson would like Council to have the authority to declare an emergency if the Mayor does not want to do so and have it be ratified by the Council at the following meeting. Councilmember Gordon stated Acting Mayor D’Alessandro could declare an emergency based on the weather and people could stay at the Santo Center gym, or school gyms. Councilmember Zarosinski called for a point of order; let’s stay with the present motion. Councilmember Stine questioned if a few members of Council could assist; Mr. Sjothun noted that does provide scheduling issues but Council could form a subcommittee to work on this. Mr. Zimmerman noted Mayor Wheeler provided the issues he would like addressed for a State of Emergency.
Roll call:  Councilmembers Bearnson, Brooks, Gordon, Poythress, and Stark voting yes; D’Alessandro, Stine, and Zarosinski voting no.
Motion carried and so ordered.
                     c.   Councilmember Brooks stated she met with MURA Director Harry Weiss, along with Councilmember Poythress. Pertaining to a second MURA district Council would have to direct MURA board members.
Motion: Begin a feasibility study for a second and third MURA district using the consultant, Elaine Howard.
Moved by:  Kay Brooks                                                    Seconded by:  Clay Bearnson
Councilmember Brooks stated the MURA board has no authority to create the districts as they receive direction from Council. The MURA can undertake the task for you. Councilmember Zarosinski questioned if there is not enough work with what we are currently doing. Mr. Weiss stated a feasibility study takes a bit of time and could be ready when Council is ready to launch it. Councilmember Zarosinski thought this should have been discussed with staff. Mr. Sjothun stated the information we have from Elaine Howard, will provide the capacity to move forward and most of this will fall on the consultant and the Advisory Committee. Councilmember Brooks noted the timing is appropriate to look at the feasibility study. Councilmember D’Alessandro stated it feels we are legislating at the dais.
Roll call:  Bearnson, Brooks, D’Alessandro, Gordon, Poythress, Stark, and Stine voting yes; Zarosinski voting no.
Motion carried and so ordered.
110.  Adjournment
There being no further business, this Council meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.
The proceedings of the City Council meeting were recorded and are filed in the City Recorder’s Office. The complete agenda of this meeting is filed in the City Recorder’s Office.
Karen M. Spoonts, MMC
City Recorder

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