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Transportation Commission Meeting Agenda & Minutes - March 20, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


March 20, 2019 – 12:30 p.m.
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy, Medford, OR – Room 271
10.       Roll Call
20.       Citizen Communications
30.       Approval of Minutes from February 27, 2019
40.       Agenda Items:
            40.1     Transportation Project Budget (R)
            40.2     Cross-sections and Legacy Street Code Amendment (R)
            40.3     Valley View – Recommendation to Council on changing the speed to 20mph between Hillcrest and Capital (R)
50.       Other Business
            50.1     Concurrency Code Amendment (D)
60.       Planning and Public Works Department Updates (I)
70.       Comments from Commissioners and Other Committees (I)
80.       Next Meeting:  April 24, 2019 – 12:30 p.m.
90.       Adjournment
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March 20, 2019 – 12:30 p.m.
Lausmann Annex, 200 S. Ivy Street, Medford, OR
Room 271
10.       Roll Call
Members Present:  Dennie Conrad, Jaime Jordan, Kim Parducci, Peggy Penland, Suzanne Schroeder, Tim D’Alessandro
Others Present:  Paige West, Joseph Smith
Staff Present:  Karl MacNair, Cory Crebbin, Matt Brinkley, Carla Paladino, Eric Zimmerman, Sheila Giorgetti
Absent:  Al Densmore, Jared Pulver
Dennie Conrad called the meeting to order at 12:33 p.m. 
20.       Citizen Communications:  None.
30.       Approval of Minutes from February 27, 2019.  There were no comments, questions or revisions to the minutes.  Kim Parducci MOVED to approve the February 27, 2019, minutes as presented.  Suzanne Schroeder SECONDED.  Motion was approved and minutes were accepted.
40.       Agenda Items:
40.1     Transportation Project Budget (R)
Karl MacNair briefed.  This topic was introduced at the last meeting and relates to the Transportation System Plan (TSP) project list and budget.  There were a number of questions and more information has been put together for the Commission to review.  The city budgets for two-year periods, with the fiscal year running from July 1st through June 30th.  The projects currently being considered are for the FY2020 and FY 2021 budget cycle which will run from July 2019 through June 2021.
Several projects were carried forward from the current biennium, including Springbrook: Cedar Links to Pheasant which is in design phase and the Transportation Facility public hearing is done.  Also carried forward is Foothill Road improvements; the Transportation Facility is done and the project is in design. 
There are two projects from the 17 Project list; this list resulted from a 1996 bond measure and all except two projects are complete.  The two projects that remain on this list are proposed for the new biennium.  Funding for these two projects has already been collected from surcharges and utility bills. 
Mr. MacNair explained Tier 1 versus Tier 2 projects.  Tier 1 projects are planned to be built by the city within the 20 year planning horizon and Tier 2 projects are not planned to be built at this time.  In addition, projects are further identified by term.  Short term is 1-5 years, medium term is 6-10 years and long term is 11-20 years.
The TSP identified annual funding targeted specifically for pedestrian and bicycle projects, but did not prioritize specific projects.  The Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee was asked to prioritize specific locations.  Some of the projects on the list reflect these priorities.
Mr. Conrad complemented staff on the format and information provided, stating that was very helpful to visualize the project and tie-back to the budget.
Cory Crebbin clarified that it is questionable whether Public Works has sufficient funding to build all the projects on the proposed budget list.  It is very likely that some may have to be taken out of the budget.  In addition, the Budget Committee could direct that transportation project funding be reduced.  In these scenarios, staff will rely on the Transportation Commission to help determine which projects are taken out of the budget.
Suzanne Schroeder asked if there are criteria – such as safety, location, number of accidents – for making budget cut decisions.  Mr. MacNair responded there is no system in place, but this will be created for the Transportation Commission to include criteria listed by Ms. Schroeder. 
Eric Zimmerman reminded members of the importance of having criteria and knowing what people care about.  This will help the commission determine priorities.   
Commission members discussed the project list, priorities, and funding.  Mr. Conrad noted that the first few projects in the budget account for 70% of the total budget.  Tim D’Alessandro stated that the Urban Growth Boundary expansion needs to be watched to ensure projects aren’t chosen to be eliminated that would stall development.
The group reviewed the proposed projects to determine which could be earmarked to be taken out of the budget.  Mr. MacNair listed projects that could be eliminated or postponed if needed.  Mr. Conrad summarized that key criteria will include growth, expansion, safety and connectivity versus retrofit and contingency.  These projects are: 
Stewart Ave / Lozier Lane to Dixie
Traffic System Management
Adaptive Signal – McAndrews
Unidentified Traffic Signal
Mr. Zimmerman stated this list is a good recommendation for City Council consideration.  The group did well identifying projects that weren’t objectionable and already in progress, so funding and time already expended won’t be lost. 
Peggy Penland MOVED to recommend the project priorities discussed.  Suzanne Schroeder SECONDED.  Motion was approved. 
40.2     Cross-sections and Legacy Street Code Amendment (R)
Carla Paladino briefed.  The Planning Department is proposing to amend Chapter 10 of the Medford Municipal Code (MMC) with concepts from the Transportation System Plan (TSP).  This would add a new section on Legacy Streets.  She is looking for recommendations to the Planning Commission. 
Legacy Streets are existing facilities that exist for all travel modes, but are narrower than the current standard. 
Peggy Penland elaborated on feedback she provided previously.  Table Rock and Morningside are a concern.  Children live on the east side of Table Rock, which is not an improved street and there are ditches along a good portion of this road.  The fog can be bad, there are no street lights, and the crosswalk isn’t painted very often.  There are now about 80 children crossing Table Rock and they don’t go all the way to the traffic signal at Berrydale, they cross at Midway.  She’s concerned that the turn lane at Morningside will only benefit vehicle traffic.  She would like to see whatever can be done to improve pedestrian safety in this highly dangerous area.
Ms. Paladino briefed on comments received from Jared Pulver relating to definitions, evaluation criteria, and standards.  Kim Parducci asked about speed limits and street parking, pointing out that on-street parking restricts sight-distance.  Mr. MacNair responded there are existing sections that have parking restricted to accommodate sight-distance.  He stated that language may be added clarifying that the parking is optional.
Joseph Smith spoke about a comment forwarded from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) regarding flipping bike lanes to the right side of parking.  He would like to add an addendum to the comment that space would need to be added to intersections to increase visibility for bicyclists. 
Kim Parducci MOVED to recommend the comments be presented to the Planning Commission.  Peggy Penland SECONDED.  Motion passed.
40.3     Valley View – Recommendation to Council on changing the speed to 20mph between Hillcrest and Capital (R)
Karl MacNair briefed this was an item at the Traffic Coordinating Committee (TCC) on January 24, 2019.  The original request was to change Valley View into a one way street with a bike lane on one side from Hillcrest to Capital.  Public Works provided an alternate option and the TCC recommended to add a yield roadway treatment and change the speed limit to 20 MPH.  This item will have to go to City Council and is brought to the Transportation Commission for recommendation to go along with the TCC. 
Mr. Conrad stated he knows the requestor.  Mr. Crebbin explained the option is to abstain from voting or declare judgement won’t be influenced in the matter.  Mr. Conrad stated it would not influence his judgement in this matter.
Kim Parducci stated she prefers not to vote until she knows the 85th percentile speed on the roadway.  This agenda item will be continued to the next Transportation Commission meeting.
50.       Other Business
50.1     Concurrency Code Amendment (D):  This item was continued.
60.       Planning and Public Works Department Updates (I):  None.
70.       Comments from Commissioners and Other Committees (I):  None.
80.       Next Meeting:  April 24, 2019 – 12:30 p.m.
90.       Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 2:21 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Giorgetti
Office Administrator

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