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Transportation Commission Meeting Agenda & Minutes - April 24, 2019

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

April 24, 2019 – 12:30pm
City Hall, 411 W 8th St, Medford, OR – Room 330
10.       Roll Call                                                                                                          12:30-12:35
20.       Citizen Communications                                
30.       Approval of Minutes from March 20, 2019                                                   
40.       Agenda Items:
            40.1     Ethics Powerpoint (I)                                                                        12:35-12:55
            40.2     Valley View – Recommendation to Council on changing           12:55-1:05
                         the speed to 20mph between Hillcrest and Capital (R)  
            40.3     Concurrency Code Amendment (D)                                               1:05-1:35
            40.4     Pavement Management Report (I)                                                 1:35-1:50
50.       Other Business
60.       Planning and Public Works Department Updates (I)                            1:50-1:55
70.       Comments from Commissioners and Other Committees (I)              1:55-2:00
80.       Next Meeting:  May 22, 2019 – 12:30pm
90.       Adjournment                                                                                                  2:00
If unable to attend the current meeting, please call 541-774-2100.
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April 24, 2019 – 12:30pm
City Hall, 411 W 8th St, Medford, OR
Room 330
The regular meeting of the Transportation Commission was called to order at 12:32 p.m. i
10.       Roll Call
Commissioners Present:
Al Densmore, Chair
Dennie Conrad, Vice Chair
Jaime Jordan
Kim Parducci
Peggy Penland
Jared Pulver
Commissioners Absent:
Suzanne Schroeder
Staff Present:
Cory Crebbin, Public Works Director
Karl MacNair, Transportation Manager
Kyle Kearns, Planner II
Sheila Giorgetti, Recording Secretary
Others Present:
Paige West, RVTD
Lance Ussery, Siskiyou Velo
20.       Citizen Communications: None.
30.       Approval of Minutes: There being no additions or corrections, the minutes for March 20, 2019, were approved as submitted. 
40.       Agenda Items
40.1     Ethics: Madison Simmons, Senior Assistant City Attorney, presented Ethics training to Commissioners.

40.2     Valley View – Recommendation to Council on changing the speed to 20mph between Hillcrest and Capital:  This item was continued from the last meeting.  Karl MacNair, Transportation Manager, briefed that a speed 85th percentile has been added for consideration, per Commissioner Parducci’s request.  A Citizen Request was submitted by a resident asking for Valley View to be designated a one-way street and the issue went before the Traffic Coordinating Committee (TCC) in January 2019.  Public Works Engineering staff polled area residents by sending 270 letters; from these, there were 51 responses, with 23 in favor of changing the street to one-way and 28 in favor of keeping existing conditions. 
As part of the investigation, staff researched a traffic treatment called Yield Roadway that is used on low volume streets with low speeds.  This treatment calls for pedestrian signage and two-way vehicle traffic that pulls over to allow oncoming traffic to pass.  There is also a new state law that allows local jurisdictions to sign streets that meet low volume standards as 20MPH in residential areas.
The TCC recommended the Yield Roadway treatment with posted 20MPH speed limit.  The 20MPH designation requires an Ordinance change be approved by City Council. 
Vice Chair Conrad recused himself from voting on this issue.
MOTION:  Change the speed limit to 20MPH and add Yield Roadway signage.
MOVED by:  Commissioner Penland.  SECONDED by:  Commissioner Pulver
Motion approved unanimously.
40.3     Concurrency Code Amendment: Karl MacNair, Transportation Manager, gave a PowerPoint presentation on Transportation Concurrency.  Transportation concurrency is the requirement that developments must mitigate transportation impacts at the time of development.  A development has transportation impacts if it contributes traffic to an intersection that is shown to operate below the City’s level of service (LOS) standard with the project traffic.
During the Transportation System Plan process, concurrency came into question.  One idea was to remove concurrency in the Medford Municipal Code (MMC) and rely on the Transportation Planning Rule (TPR) to determine whether capacity is present in the system.
The TPR requires that future capacity is planned, while the MMC requires that capacity is available now (concurrency), which is at the time of zone change.  TSP advisory groups determined three options:
Concurrency at Zone Change
Concurrency at Site Plan
No concurrency 
Of these options, the advisory group consensus was that no concurrency was the best option.
Commissioner Pulver questioned whether a change to no concurrency means that Public Works would receive System Development Charges (SDCs) that would go into a pool that would fix problems; would the developer build a project, would SDCs be enough to solve the problem.  Mr. MacNair responded that the future condition is what gets looked at.  For current Tier 1 projects, any impacts of development that aren’t planned in the TSP would still need to be mitigated by the developer. 
Commissioner Pulver asked about the frequency of updating the TSP.  Mr. MacNair stated the State of Oregon would like cities to update the plan every five years.  Staff would like to establish a regular update cycle. 
Among other things, the TPR:
Requires analysis of the horizon year of the adopted TSP
Allows “planned” facilities, improvements or services to be included as built in the analysis (Tier 1 projects)
Allows for alternative mitigation measures
Provides for “no further degradation” allowance at already failing facilities 
Chair Densmore stated that he hopes this commission will anticipate failing and/or unfixable areas in the TSP and shine a light on issues for the community to avoid significant economic consequences.
Mr. MacNair briefed on the “mega corridor,” which includes Foothill Road, North Phoenix Road, and South Stage Road.  City Council has long said this is a high priority and will be an important corridor.  This is a Tier 1 project that has a large funding gap, despite the fact this is a regional partnership project.  Grant opportunities are being explored, but even if received the city will still have to raise additional funds. 
Commissioner Pulver questioned how the mega corridor project relates to concurrency.  Mr. MacNair responded that as a Tier 1 project with a giant funding gap, the TPR requires that it must be reasonably likely to be funded by the end of the planning period.  Removal of concurrency will dramatically increase existing issues around intersections under ODOT jurisdiction; the city anticipates a challenge from ODOT if South Stage Road is included in Traffic Impact Analyses without a better defined funding plan.
Chair Densmore clarified that part of the commission’s task this summer is to figure out how to make this project viable.  Mr. MacNair agreed and stated that in the meantime code language that will change concurrency is being updated; this will be discussed at the May meeting.
Commissioner Jordan questioned the percentage of Tier 1 projects that actually get completed and how often are they pushed back.  Cory Crebbin, Public Works Director, responded that it is hard to predict which projects will be completed.  Commissioner Parducci asked if the projects not completed under the 2003 TSP could be counted.  Mr. Crebbin stated that some of those were dropped because things changed and the projects were no longer needed.
40.4     Pavement Management Report: Continued to next meeting.

50.       Other Business: Karl MacNair informed members that the TSP was appealed to the Land Use Board of Appeals, but the plan was affirmed. 
60.       Planning and Public Works Department Updates: None.
70.       Comments from Commissioners and Other Committees: None.
80.       Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22, 2019, at 12:30 p.m., and will be back in Lausmann Annex Room 151.
90.       Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 2:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Giorgetti
Office Administrator

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