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Housing Advisory Commission Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September 11, 2019                                               
12:00 P.M. Ė 1:30 P.M.                                                                                  
Lausmann Annex, Room 151
200 S. Ivy Street, Medford, Oregon
10.   Roll Call
The meeting of the Housing Advisory Commission (HAC) was called to order at 12:18 P.M. in Room 151, Lausmann Annex, Medford on the above date with the following members and staff in attendance:
Commissioners Present Staff Present
Jeffrey Bender, Chair
Jason Elzy, Vice Chair
Debra Lee
Matt Stranahan
Paul Tanner- arrived at 12:15 P.M
Commissioners Absent
Randell Embertson
Steven Erb
Randy Jones
Clay Bearnson, City Council Liaison
Angela Durant, Staff Liaison
Aleia Fletcher, Staff Liaison
Carla Paladino, Staff Liaison
Harry Weiss, Staff Liaison
Staff Absent
Matt Brinkley, Staff Liaison
Madison Simmons, Legal Staff Liaison
20.   Opening Remarks
Chair Jeffrey Bender provided brief overview of agenda items.
30.   Housing Opportunity Fund Proposals Scoring and Ranking
Staff liaison Angela Durant reviewed the upcoming funding schedule for the Housing Opportunity Fund (HOF) proposal process; Commissioners will finalize HOF proposal recommendations during the next meeting scheduled for October 9, 2019, in order to allow staff time to prepare for presentation to City Council occurring on November 7, 2019. In addition, on October 9, 2019, Mrs. Durant will request direction on funding priorities for the HOF to provide to City Council, with City Council study session to discuss annual funding priorities scheduled for October 10, 2019.
Mrs. Durant and commissioners discussed prospective funding options, along with the importance of aligning with City Council goals for 2020/2021 of producing 100 units and supporting Oregonís Statewide Housing Planís priority of creation of 1,000 units of permanent supportive housing. The commissionersí ranking for the HOF proposals is as follows: 1) Hearts with a Mission, 2) Columbia Care, 3) Community Works, 4) Compass House, 5) OnTrack, and 6) Sturdy Homes. If the high and low scores of each proposal are removed, staff confirmed that the ranking remained the same.
In addition, commissioners discussed and agreed upon setting an agenda item for next meeting of October 9, 2019, in order to review the HOF scoring criteria. For future proposals, scoring criteria will be provided to grant applicants in the Request for Proposals (RFP), in efforts to assist with providing transparency and helping prospective applicants understand funding priorities. Following funding recommendations, commissioners recommended staff provide a quick debriefing with agencies that will not receive funding.
40. Remarks from Council Liaison
50.   Remarks from Commissioners
Commissioner Jason Elzy invited commissioners to attend the grand opening of Newbridge Place, a new 64 unit affordable housing complex located off of Ross Lane in West Medford, from 2 P.M.-4 P.M. on October 24, 2019.

60.    Remarks from Commission Chair


70.     Remarks from Staff Liaisons 

Mrs. Durant discussed the importance of adding a regular agenda item for remarks from the Executive Director of the Medford Urban Renewal Agency (MURA) Harry Weiss, to which commission agreed with.
Mr. Weiss discussed that he would like to hold a joint study session between the MURA Advisory Board and HAC to help develop the process and criteria for evaluating MURA-owned (City owned) properties in downtown and inquiring about prospective developer interest. Study session will tentatively be scheduled for September 25, 2019. Mrs. Durant requested that a portion of this study session be used to discuss funding priorities with both commissions, as staff is seeking guidance to take to City Council during a study session on funding priorities on October 10, 2019. Mr. Weiss also mentioned that, when reviewing the HOF proposals, he identified a City surplus property of 0.2 acres located next to the Columbia Care project, which could be utilized as a non-cash asset to assist with development of project.
Commissioner Jason Elzy recommended adding a regular agenda item of remarks from guests early on in the meeting; commissioners agreed. Guests from Compass House, Executive Director Elizabeth Hazelwood and Development Coordinator Christopher Folden, thanked commission for allowing the opportunity to come to the meeting and receive feedback regarding their requested proposal.

80.     Adjourn 

Meeting adjourned at 1:23 P.M.

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