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City Council Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Thursday, February 20, 2020


February 20, 2020
6:00 P.M.
Medford City Hall, Medford Room
411 W. 8th Street, Medford, Oregon
The regular meeting of the Medford City Council was called to order at 6:00 p.m. in the Medford City Hall Council Chambers on the above date with the following members and staff present:
Mayor Gary Wheeler; Councilmembers Clay Bearnson, Kay Brooks*, Tim D’Alessandro, Dick Gordon, Alex Poythress, Eric Stark, Michael Zarosinski*; Councilmember Kevin Stine was absent.
City Manager Brian Sjothun; Deputy City Attorney Eric Mitton; City Recorder Karen Spoonts
*Councilmember Brooks arrived.
20.  Recognitions, Community Group Reports
         20.1     Employee Recognitions
                     Employees from IT and Police were recognized for their years of service. Stacey Krouse, although not in attendance, was recognized in her retirement.
         20.2    Medford-Alba Sister City Committee Quarterly Report by Robin Snider
Robin Snider, President of the Medford-Alba Sister City Committee, reported on upcoming events. On February 18, 1960, a resolution was officially signed pertaining to the Sister City friendship. Alba’s celebration will be April 24 - 27 in Alba, Italy. Medford’s celebration will be June 30 – July 2.
30.  Oral Requests and Communications from the Audience
         30.1     Sue White, Medford, spoke about the potential Medford Sports & Events Complex and the two measures going before the voters in May. There is no mention on the measures regarding the Sports & Events Complex and questioned where the money was coming from to build the facility. She expressed concern as the land would be leased.
40.  Approval or Correction of the Minutes of the February 6, 2020 Regular Meeting
         There being no additions or corrections, the minutes were approved as presented.
50.  Consent Calendar
         50.1     COUNCIL BILL 2020-17
                     A resolution authorizing the opening of interest bearing escrow accounts at Umpqua Bank as necessary to comply with House Bill 2415.
         50.3    COUNCIL BILL 2020-19
                     An ordinance approving an Intergovernmental Agreement concerning MURA’s operational integration with the City of Medford for the purpose of insurance.
50.4    COUNCIL BILL 2020-20
                     A resolution setting the public hearing and initiating annexation to the City of Medford of approximately 33.68 acres of property located at the northwest corner of South Stage Road and Kings Highway and the full width of adjacent rights-of-way along the property. (ANNX-19-002)
Motion:  Adopt consent calendar.
Moved by:  Dick Gordon                                                Seconded by:  Tim D’Alessandro
Roll call: Bearnson, Brooks, D’Alessandro, Gordon, Poythress, and Stark voting yes.
Motion carried and so ordered.  Council Bills approved: #2020-17, 2020-19, 2020-20.
60.  Items Removed from Consent Calendar
         Councilmember Brooks requested 50.2 be pulled to question the chain of custody. Police Chief Clauson noted a companion officer will take the officer involved in a shooting to headquarters and stay with the officer. At that point, they check the ammunition count and seize the weapon. Clauson noted the issue is to give follow-up care to the officer and their health and wellness. This was initially adopted in June of 2018 and will come before all cities within the County.
*Councilmember Zarosinski arrived.
         50.2    COUNCIL BILL 2020-18
A resolution approving the revised Jackson County Deadly Physical Force Plan.
Motion:  Approve the resolution.
Moved by:  Dick Gordon                                                Seconded by:  Tim D’Alessandro
Roll call: Bearnson, D’Alessandro, Gordon, Poythress, Stark, and Zarosinski voting yes; Brooks abstained.
Motion carried and so ordered.
70.  Ordinances and Resolutions
80.  Public Hearings
         80.1     COUNCIL BILL 2020-21
                     An ordinance amending the Southeast Plan and Southeast Circulation Plan sections of Chapter 10, the Neighborhood Element of the Medford Comprehensive Plan, and updating the Southeast Overlay District regulations in Sections 10.370-10.385, 10.426, and 10.462 of the Medford Land Development Code. (CP-19-002 and DCA-19-007)
                     Planner Seth Adams presented the staff report. The proposed amendment removes PUD requirement, updates text, tables, SE Plan maps, and Greenway standards, establishes maximum block lengths, and incorporates SE Plan street and Greenway cross-sections. Planning Commission recommended approval of this amendment. Staff noted there was public comments pertaining to the N. Phoenix Road median; staff recommended the median remain as is as this is not covered in this amendment.
Councilmember Stark noted he will abstain as he represents a citizen in the area; Councilmember Zarosinski lives close to this area and questioned if it would be a conflict. City Attorney Mitton noted it would not be under the circumstances.
Public hearing opened.
Randy Jones, Mahar Homes, spoke about the 166 homes that would be affected by the median on North Phoenix Road. He noted the median will be a concern next year as they can only put in 27 more lots before the median needs to be put in. He recommended a traffic signal on Calle Vista Drive.
Public hearing closed.
Councilmember Stark questioned the circulation plan; Public Works Director Cory Crebbin noted there is not a traffic study done at this time and requested direction from Council should they want the issue resolved. Councilmember Brooks questioned if there was opposition by the Planning Commission to the median; Adams noted it was recognized but would not be decided at this time as data was needed to make a decision.
Motion:  Approve the ordinance. Direct staff to study the right in/right out option on Calle Vista and North Phoenix Road.
Moved by:  Dick Gordon                                                Seconded by:  Tim D’Alessandro
Councilmember Gordon stated staff should look at other intersections due to the thoroughfare that we will soon have. Councilmember Bearnson questioned if there was a traffic impact analysis done before the houses were put in there; Crebbin was unsure as that was some time ago. Sjothun stated we will hold up housing development if they have to stop building after 27 homes; Crebbin noted the Traffic Study would need to be updated.
Public hearing reopened.
Mr. Jones noted there is a 44 lot phase that will be split in two so as to not go over the limit.
Anne Christe, Medford, questioned the number of homes in the area and the median.
Public hearing closed.
Councilmember D’Alessandro stated there are access issues that we hope not to recreate in the future.
Roll call: Bearnson, Brooks, D’Alessandro, Gordon, Poythress, and Zarosinski voting yes; Stark abstained.
Ordinance #2020-21 was duly adopted as amended.
80.2    COUNCIL BILL 2020-22
                     An ordinance amending Sections 10.108 and 10.216 of the Medford Land Development Code in order to update the processes and approval criteria for the annexation of property into the city limits. (DCA-19-006)
                     Planner Seth Adams presented the staff report stating the proposed amendment adds a fourth approval criterior for the annexation of property added to the Urban Growth Boundary, clarifies language on public hearings and noticing, updates annexation applications requirements, and makes minor text edits and rearrangement for clarity. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the amendment. He requested “from the Urban Reserve” be added to the motion.
                     Councilmember Stark questioned the Measure 37 language; Adams noted it is directly from the statute.
Public hearing opened.
No one spoke.
Public hearing closed.
Motion:  Approve the ordinance and add “for lands added to the Urban Growth Boundary from the Urban Reserve”.
Moved by:  Eric Stark                                                      Seconded by:  Michael Zarosinski
Roll call: Bearnson, Brooks, D’Alessandro, Gordon, Poythress, Stark, and Zarosinski voting yes.
Ordinance #2020-22 was duly adopted as amended.
80.3    COUNCIL BILL 2020-23
An ordinance amending Sections 10.106, 10.108, 10.110, 10.124, 10.134, 10.140, 10.141, 10.168, 10.169A, 10.175A, 10.182, 10.200, 10.358, 10.714, 10.717, 10.719, and 10.790 of the Medford Municipal Code pertaining to land use.  (DCA-19-002) 
Planner Kyle Kearns presented the staff report. He noted Planning Commission recommended criteria for SPAR – Type II is Option 3. SPAR – Type II be used when multi-family housing development is three net acres or less and requires no Type III or IV land use review in conjunction. Planning Commission voted to recommend approval.
Councilmember Stark questioned the notice timing; Planning Director Brinkley noticed there is a public notice of 14 days, as there is no public hearing, and would provide appeal rights. There is a 21-day appeal period. There is no on-site posting. Councilmember Gordon questioned leaving the record open for seven days. Mitton noted it is not required as this would not be quasi-judicial. Councilmember D’Alessandro requested on-site posting be required. Assistant Planning Director Evans noted they did not add that in order to be consistent with their processes.
Councilmember Brooks questioned if cottage housing could be added to the amendment. Kearns stated the Planning Commission did not recommend that.
Councilmember Gordon stated we need to give the public time to vent, hence the seven day input time. Continued discussion was on why a person would need to add public input if conditions are met; Brinkley states that no discretionary conditions have been added between the years of 2016-2019. Councilmember D’Alessandro agreed that during a public hearing Council does not engage in conversation with the public whereas they could during the 14-day time period. Mitton clarified that an appeal to Council from a Type II would allow people to ask for an additional seven days from Council. Councilmember Zarosinski questioned buffer zone for multi-family; Evans noted they are there for multi-family.
Public hearing opened.
No one spoke.
Public hearing closed.
Motion:  Approve the ordinance including Exhibit R, as well as on-site sign posting addition.
Moved by:  Tim D’Alessandro                                        Seconded by:  Alex Poythress
Roll call: Brooks, D’Alessandro, Gordon, Poythress, Stark, and Zarosinski voting yes; Bearnson voting no.
Ordinance #2020-23 was duly adopted as amended.
90.  Council Business
       90.1     Proclamations issued:
                                    Medal of Honor City – February 20, 2020
         90.2    Committee Reports and Communications
                     a.   Council Officers Update – No meeting held.
                     b.   Councilmember Poythress stated he met with the DC lobbyist group and requested Council concerns be forwarded to Councilmembers Stine or Poythress.
                     c.   Councilmember D’Alessandro stated Brinkley met with the MWC pertaining to reducing or eliminating SDCs for ADUs. MWC stated they have not put in a separate water meter for ADUs for over 17 years.
100. City Manager and Staff Reports
         100.1     Sjothun stated there is legislative work going up in Salem. Our lobbyist asked if we could live with 2.5 million dollars vs. 3 million; Sjothun noted we could. The amendment will be out tomorrow.
         100.2     Public Works Week is May 17 - 23 and will be at Lone Pine Elementary School.
         100.3     Councilmember Brooks noted the CDC worked with others regarding a GIS map on life expectancy. She noted there are inequities due to where you live.
110. Adjournment
         There being no further business, this Council meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.
The proceedings of the City Council meeting were recorded and are filed in the City Recorder’s Office. The complete agenda of this meeting is filed in the City Recorder’s Office.
Karen M. Spoonts, MMC
City Recorder

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