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Housing Advisory Commission (View All)

Housing Advisory Commission Study Session Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

10.   Roll Call
The joint special meeting between the Community Development Grants Commission (CDGC) and Housing Advisory Commission (HAC) was called to order at 5:34 P.M. via phone on the above date with the following members and staff in attendance:
Commissioners Present
Marie Cabler, Chair (CDGC)
Tom Sramek, Jr., Vice Chair (CDGC)
Jason Bull (CDGC)
Barbara Laskin (CDGC)
Chad McComas (CDGC)
Randall Embertson, Chair (HAC)
Jason Elzy, Vice Chair (HAC)
Debra Lee (HAC)
Matt Stranahan (HAC)
John Michaels (HAC)
Commissioners Absent
Rebecca Erickson (CDGC)
September Flock (CDGC)
Carol Fiddler (CDGC)
Paul Tanner (HAC)
Randy Jones (HAC)
Steven Erb (HAC)

Staff Present
Angela Durant, Staff Liaison (CDGC & HAC)
Eric Mitton, Legal Staff Liaison (CDGC & HAC)

Staff Absent
Clay Bearnson, City Council Liaison (HAC)
Aleia Fletcher, Staff Liaison (CDGC & HAC)
Carla Paladino, Staff Liaison (HAC)
Matt Brinkley, Staff Liaison (HAC)
Harry Weiss, Staff Liaison (HAC)

20.   Homeowner Repair Program
Chair of the CDGC, Marie Cabler provided background on the Homeowner Repair Program, a City program that is administered by nonprofit partner, the Housing Authority of Jackson County (HAC).  At the CDGC’s study session on Friday, March 6, 2020, commissioners discussed that the longstanding Homeowner Repair Program (HRP) is vital to both the City and assisting community partners, in order to address aging housing stock and help ensure that low- to moderate-income households have access to home rehabilitation and repairs to maintain safe, healthy, and accessible housing.  Funding this program in full will help ensure program stability; without full funding, this program is at risk. With commission and City Council approval, this program may be directed to receive designated funding of $200,000 annually with annual program income of $95,000 (income returning back to the program from homeowner liens upon transfer of ownership of the property) and be removed from future general competitions of CDBG funding to ensure continued success. In addition, this City-requested program serves multiple Consolidated Plan goals and strategies in eliminating blight, stabilizing housing, and assisting community partnerships; discussion also examined that City staff may apply for future funding to alleviate lead-based paint hazards, and if awarded, may utilize HAJC’s expertise as a partner.

Vice Chair of the HAC, Jason Elzy expressed a conflict of interest, although meeting is a study session, as he represents the applicant Housing Authority of Jackson County as the Executive Director; when it comes time for decision-making, he will abstain. Mr. Elzy also stated that he will be happy to answer any questions regarding the HRP for the commissions.

30.   Housing-Related Community Development Block Grant Proposals
Mrs. Cabler discussed the current Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding proposals and requested funding amounts. She reviewed the Medford Senior Center’s request for a new water line, which is an urgent repair needed to continue serving seniors, a vulnerable population in the community; without funding for this urgent repair, if the water line fails, the building will be unusable. Furthermore, City staff has also discussed the possibility of utilizing this facility as an emergency shelter during off-hours.

She continued discussion and mentioned that Southern Oregon University’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) funding request of $25,000 would assist with satisfying the 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan goals and strategies related to economic development, which have not yet been met.
Staff liaison Angela Durant reviewed that the upcoming CDGC meeting on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 will focus on developing funding recommendations for the CDBG and GFG programs, which will eventually be taken to HAC & City Council.

40.  2020-2024 Consolidated Plan Strategies and Goals
Mrs. Durant reviewed and sought feedback from the commissions on the draft of the 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan strategies and goals, developed with assistance from consultant Beth Goodman from ECONorthwest; Mrs. Durant will seek commission approval of this plan in April 2020. She presented the goals and strategies to City Council during a study session on Thursday, March 12, 2020 for direction and feedback.

Development of goals and strategies integrated and leveraged existing local research and studies, including the City’s Homeless System Action Plan (HSAP), Housing Authority of Jackson County’s Five-Year Plan, Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), City Center Revitalization Plan, City’s Liberty Park Neighborhood Plan, and more.

Proposed goals included:
  • Goal 1: Expand and Improve Affordable Housing Options
  • Goal 2: Support and Strengthen Homeless Services and Housing
  • Goal 3: Increase Opportunities for Low- to Moderate-Income and Special Needs Residents to Become Self-Sustaining
  • Goal 4: Improve Quality of Life through Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Goal 5: Promote Community and Economic Development Efforts that Support Economic Stability
50.  Adjourn
Meeting adjourned at 7:00 P.M.

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