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City Council Special Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Thursday, June 25, 2020

June 25, 2020

Immediately Following the Evening MURA Meeting
Prescott Room, Medford Police Department
219 S. Ivy, Medford, Oregon

The special meeting of the Medford City Council was called to order at 7:42 p.m. in the Prescott Room of Medford Police Department on the above date with the following members and staff present:
Mayor Gary Wheeler; Councilmembers Clay Bearnson, Kay Brooks, Dick Gordon, Eric Stark, Kevin Stine, Michael Zarosinski; Acting City Manager Kelly Madding, City Attorney Rick Whitlock, Chief Financial Officer/Deputy City Manager Ryan Martin, Medford Urban Renewal Agency (MURA) Executive Director Harry Weiss, Deputy City Recorder Winnie Shepard; Councilmembers Tim D’Alessandro and Alex Poythress were absent.
20.  Recognitions, Community Group Reports
30.  Oral Requests and Communications from the Audience
Bob Shand, Medford, spoke about the financial impact of COVID and provided suggestions on how the City should budget funds.
40.  Approval or Correction of the Minutes
50.  Consent Calendar
60.  Items Removed from Consent Calendar
70.  Ordinances and Resolutions
       70.1     COUNCIL BILL 2020-87
A resolution approving the extension of the time period for collecting tax increment proceeds by the Medford Urban Renewal Agency under the City Center Revitalization Plan.
City Attorney Rick Whitlock noted a reference to $500,000 within the resolution, which he will modify to reflect MURA approval of taking only $250,000 in tax increment revenues. MURA Executive Director Harry Weiss advised that the Plan requires the City Council to approve time extensions for collections.  Acting City Manager Kelly Madding explained that this matter was discussed prior to COVID and was because of a shortfall in revenue, MURA’s cash flow and the projects anticipated for this year.
Motion: Approve Council Bill 2020-87.
Moved by:   Dick Gordon                                               Seconded by: Kevin Stine
Mr. Whitlock advised that the original resolution had been revised to reflect the $250,000 amount.
Roll call: Clay Bearnson, Kay Brooks, Dick Gordon, Eric Stark, Kevin Stine and Michael Zarosinski voting yes.
Motion carried and so ordered. Council Bill 2020-87 approved.
80.  Public Hearings
90.  Council Business
       90.1     Committee Reports and Communications
                     a.   Council Officers Update
                     b.   Councilmember Stine stated that Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Julian Cordle requested formal City support for the “Let Them Play” initiative and that Council could personally support it.
                           Council discussed internal policy regarding members of City boards and commissions referencing their positions in any type of outreach without prior approval, as it could be viewed as a City opinion or position. Mr. Whitlock will research the matter, report to Council and provide direction to the boards and commissions. Council also requested policy information for employees and Council regarding the same.
Motion:  Adopt the direction as given in the MURA meeting earlier today to explore ways of removing various development constraints identified by staff through a modification to the Bartlett Street and 4th Street transportation facilities and direct staff to analyze 4th Street, bring back proposals for the treatment of the streets and elimination of the identified development constraints.
Moved by:   Clay Bearnson                                            Seconded by: Kay Brooks
Roll call: Clay Bearnson, Kay Brooks, Dick Gordon, Eric Stark, Kevin Stine and Michael Zarosinski voting yes.
Motion carried and so ordered.
Motion:  Accept MURA’s recommendation to review and identify effective methods, including GIS mapping, for capturing City decisions that impact development and integrating that information with other land development references and standards to facilitate development review; staff is directed to bring recommendations as necessary to the Board/Council to implement the needed methods/processes.
Moved by: Eric Stark                                                       Seconded by: Kevin Stine
Roll call: Clay Bearnson, Kay Brooks, Dick Gordon, Eric Stark, Kevin Stine and Michael Zarosinski voting yes.
Motion carried and so ordered.
100. City Manager and Staff Reports
110. Adjournment
         There being no further business, Council adjourned at 7:59 p.m.
The proceedings of the City Council meeting were recorded and are filed in the City Recorder’s Office. The complete agenda of this meeting is filed in the City Recorder’s Office.
Winnie Shepard, CMC
Deputy City Recorder

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