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Traffic Coordinating Committee (View All)

Traffic Coordinating Committee Meeting

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Lausmann Annex, Room 151
200 S. Ivy Street, Medford, Oregon
CALL TO ORDER: 12:02pm

10.     Roll Call

Committee Members Present:
Peggy Penland, Chair
Jeff Morejohn
Lewis Osborn
Susan Tooley
Committee Members Absent:
Mike Montero
Staff Present:
Jake Sarver, Pubic Works Engineering
Curtis Naegele, Public Works Operations
Brad Westcott, Public Works Operations
Jason Becker, Medford Police Department
Debra Royal, Public Works Engineering
Brian O’Quinn, 1121 Colman Court, Medford
Deborah Boles, 1115 Colman Court, Medford
Azucena Burton, 474 Hillcrest Road, Medford
Greg Ingram, 4406 Hillcrest Road, Medford
Steve Brown, 2136 E. Jackson Street, Medford
20.    Approval or Correction of Minutes
There being no additions or corrections, the minutes were approved as presented.
25.     Consent Calendar
There were no items on the Consent Calendar.
Mr. Saver provided an update on school zones. Kids Unlimited is the last school zone to be up-to-date throughout the City.

30.    Agenda Items
30.1    Jackson Street Sight Triangle
Mr. Steve Brown of 2141 E Jackson St has requested a Hidden Driveway sign be place before his address.

Staff Analysis:
Jackson St is a 32-foot wide major collector with curb, gutter, and sidewalk on both sides of the street. Jackson St from Sunrise Ave to Hillcrest Rd was found to carry 8300 vehicles per day.
Public Works has conducted an analysis (See Figure 30.1.1) using the Medford Municipal Code 10.735, Clear View of Intersecting Streets (Figure 30.1.2), which states, “In order to provide a clear view of intersecting streets, there shall be a triangular area of clear vision formed where a street intersects with another street, driveway, or alley.” The analysis found that the clear vision triangle of 200ft (30mph) was impeded by shrubs in both directions from the driveway along Jackson St (See figure 30.1.1).
The signage requested is not an approved MUTCD sign and provides no safety benefit to the resident or the public. In 2008 Public Works did a road improvement project in which a home was removed from this lot due to the relocation of the road and in 2014 the shrubs were placed.

Possible Recommendations:
Do nothing.
Have the shrubs cut to meet the code.
Chair Penland recognized Committee guest, Steven Brown. Mr. Brown suggested several corrections to the Staff Report: 1) the project referred to was undertaken in the 2004-2005; 2) the shrubs on the map above were present in 2004-2005 as the City sent him a map of them during the 2008 analysis; 3) in 2014, shrubs were placed – that is partially accurate. However, all shrubs in front of the house have been there for years and they were there at that time of the 2008 analysis. He sent a copy of the email he received from the City saying they took enforcement action and they removed the fence and in the future if there were any other problems, they would let him know. That was 12 ˝ years ago; 4) the last paragraph of the Staff Analysis is not accurate. The project was 2005, the house the shrubs that are on the City’s lot have been there at least 25 years. He knows this, because he bought the property in 1999.

Mr. Morejohn asked who planted the shrubs on the corner. In 2010 there are no shrubs. In 2014 there are shrubs.

Mr. Brown said he planted the shrubs.

Mr. Morejohn offered if the shrubs are causing the sight problem they should be trimmed to meet code.

Mr. Brown requested to respond. Chair Penland asked Mr. Brown to provide his vision and then the Committee would discuss. Mr. Brown offered the following: His request had to do with the speed in both directions. He said there is no way to do a radar enforcement due to the curve in the roadway. In his petition, he mentioned that he had reached out to Traffic Enforcement of the Medford Police Department a few years ago asking for a photo truck, but they couldn’t do it as it is a bad angle. The curve at the intersection to the right is eight feet higher than the driveways, so when drivers come down Hillcrest heading west, they accelerate quite a bit. Coming the other direction, the project of 2005, raised the roadbed by about three feet above Mr. Brown’s property, so all the shrubs are below that.

Mr. Morejohn asked Mr. Sarver if the City had reviewed the area and if a determination had been made that the shrubs are interfering with drivers’ line of sight. Mr. Sarver responded in the affirmative.
Chair Penland offered that the Committee hears speeding complaints from residents who live in every area of the City. She said it is difficult to stop the speeding, but what can be done is to clear the lines of sight to make it safer. Mr. Morejohn asked Mr. Sarver if a speed study had been done. Mr. Sarver responded not since he has been with the City. Officer Jason Becker offered that enforcement in that area is not a priority as the speeds are not breaking the threshold, therefore it does not meet the criteria to dedicate an officer to monitor the area.

Motion:  The City shall clear the sight triangle by trimming shrubs to City Code.

Moved by: Mr. Morejohn     Seconded: Ms. Tooley
Roll Call: The Motion was agreed to unanimously.

Motion carried and so ordered.
Chair Penland asked staff to work with the Mr. Brown to clear the shrubs.
30.2    Colman Court Parking Restriction
Deborah Boles has requested the placement of parking restrictions along Colman Ct.

Staff Analysis:
Colman Ct is 24-foot wide residential lane cul-de-sac with curb, gutter, and parking on both sides of the street. The requirement of residential lanes that terminate in a cul-de-sac include parking restrictions on one side of the street prior to the termination into the cul-de-sac.
Public Works has polled the neighbors and the results are as follows: 8 lots polled (owner and occupant), 9 responses, all for parking restrictions. Two for the south side, 5 for the north side, and 2 no preference.

Possible Solutions:
Do nothing.
Restrict parking on the South side.
Restrict parking on the North side.
Chair Penland recognized Committee guest, Deborah Boles. Ms. Boles offered examples of trash trucks, neighbors with larger vehicles with trailers, and emergency vehicles being unable to access her neighborhood due to the plethora of parked vehicles on the street. She offered no preference upon which side of the roadway a parking restriction should be placed, just that one side of the roadway needs to be No Parking.

Chair Penland recognized Committee guest, Brian O’Quinn. Mr. O’Quinn discussed the difficulty he has maneuvering his work truck and enclosed trailer on Colman Ct and his concern that emergency vehicles are unable to access the area due to the parked cars on the street. He prefers the north side of the roadway be parking restricted.

Chair Penland inquired of staff how the City would restrict parking if no posting of signs or painting of curbs are permitted. Mr. Sarver responded the no signs and no painting directive predates his time with the City, however, the current standards include posting of signs.

Motion: Parking restriction signs be installed on the north side of Colman Ct.

Moved by:   Mr. Morejohn        Seconded by: Mr. Osborn
Roll Call:  The Motion was agreed to unanimously.

Motion carried and so ordered.
30.3    Hillcrest Road Speed Zone  

Public Works has received several requests for speed changes along Hillcrest Rd in two sections, Black Oak Dr to Foothill Rd (to 30mph) and McAndrews Rd to Cherry Ln (to 35mph).

Staff Analysis:
Hillcrest Rd is a major collector that is 44 foot wide with curb, gutter, and sidewalk on the south side of the street from Black Oak Dr to Foothill Rd. The section from McAndrews Rd to Cherry Ln varies from a 30 to 34 ft wide with curb, gutter on both sides and sidewalk on the south side, to a 44 foot wide with curb, gutter, and sidewalk on both sides. The speed between Black Oak Dr and Foothill Rd changes from 30mph to 35mph 150 feet east of the west intersection of Eastover Terrace. The speed from McAndrews Rd to Cherry Ln is 40mph.

Possible Solutions:
Do nothing.
Recommend the speed from Black Oak Dr to Foothill Rd to be changed to ____
Recommend the speed from McAndrews Rd to Cherry Ln to be changed to ___
Chair Penland recognized Committee guest, Azucena Burton. Ms. Burton lives on Hillcrest and explained to the Committee how the excessive speeds are adversely impacting the pedestrians and the wildlife.
Chair Penland recognized Committee guest, Greg Ingram. Mr. Ingram has lived on Hillcrest for 44 years. He shared his experiences with deer being killed in front of his house and the safety problems that have been caused by the intersection of Hillcrest and E McAndrews and the blind curve that was created when the two roads were joined. Mr. Ingram questioned the wisdom of increasing a neighborhood speed limit from 35 to 40. He testified that he can hear the significant increase in the operation of vehicle engines. He has the only turnaround driveway and his neighbors use it. He has asked Medford to put a truck in his driveway to study the speeds.
Chair Penland and Mr. Ingram discussed the speeds on both Hillcrest and McAndrews. Mr. Sarver confirmed that the speed is 40. The wildlife concentration was discussed. Mr. Ingram shared his opinion that 40 mph on roadways with driveways is excessive speed. Ms. Burton offered that the parked cars along Hillcrest is helpful at slowing down the speeding vehicles. Chair Penland confirmed with Mr. Sarver that the City would have to submit the request to the state/ODOT to change the speed limit.
Mr. Ingram reiterated he would like the police to put a traffic monitoring van in his driveway so that supporting statistics could be gathered. Mr. Sarver shared that this information would not carry any weight in changing the speed zones. MR. Sarver discussed that ODOT would have to make a site visit and to initiate that visit a request would need to be made to reduce the speed. Chair Penland and Mr. Sarver warned the guests that if ODOT does make a visit, they could decide to increase the speed limit.  
Motion: The City requests ODOT perform a speed zone investigation to lower the speed limit to 35 from McAndrews Road to Cherry Lane and Black Oak Drive to Foothill Road.

Moved by:   Mr. Osborn        Seconded by: Mr. Morejohn
Roll Call:  The Motion was agreed to unanimously.

Motion carried and so ordered.
40.    Reports
40.1    Making an Impact September 2020
Mr. Sarver shared that there is nothing new to report.
50.    Other Business

50.1    Holiday Meeting Schedule

Staff to review and suggest an alternate date to combine the November and December meetings.

60.    Transportation Commission Liaison Update

The Transportation Commission was tasked with reviewing and recommending to the City Council which projects that appear on the TSP should be prioritized for the next six years. There is $3.5 million available funds to do projects other than the Mega Corridor project. There are not many projects in Medford that can be done with $3.5 million especially when spread over six years. However, the Commission did narrow the list to five projects. The Commission determined making safe (widening, installing sidewalks etc.) Table Rock Road should be the City’s number one priority. The Table Rock Road project will cost $4.7 million. However, finding a solution to the shortfall was not part of the Commission’s tasking. 

70.    Next Meeting: To be determined.

80.    Adjournment: 12:31pm

Respectfully submitted,
Debra Royal
Public Works, Engineering

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