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Traffic Coordinating Committee (View All)

Traffic Coordinating Committee Meeting

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Lausmann Annex, Room 151
200 S. Ivy Street, Medford, Oregon
CALL TO ORDER: 12:02pm
10.     Roll Call

Members Present:
Peggy Penland, Chair
Mike Montero
Jeff Morejohn
Lewis Osborn
Susan Tooley
Members Absent:
Staff Present:
Jake Sarver, Public Works
Debra Royal, Public Works
Jenny Bridges, MPD
Guests Present:
Christina Charvat
20.     Approval or Correction of Minutes February 27, 2020

There being no additions or corrections, the minutes were approved as presented.

25.     Consent Calendar

There are no items on the Consent Calendar.

Mr. Saver presented an update on several projects including a speed survey for Liberty Park neighborhood. City Council has requested the Committee review all school zones for updating and bringing into compliance with current standards.

30.     Agenda Items

30.1    Ridge Way and Ridge Way Circle Sight Triangle    

Staff Analysis:

Cory Sarver of Ridge Way Circle requested parking restrictions at the intersection of Ridge Way and Ridge Way Circle for sight triangle. UPDATE: Mr. Sarver informed Committee members that since the notifications went out to residents, their responded that the problem has been resolved. Mr. Sarver spoke with the requestor and the request has been withdrawn.

Ridge Way at the intersection of Ridge Way Circle is a 28-foot wide local street with curb, gutter, sidewalk, and parking on both sides of the street. Ridge Way Circle is ‘T’ intersection with Ridge Way on the south end. Ridge Way Circle is a 28-foot wide local street that ends in a cul-de-sac.

Public Works has conducted an analysis (See Figure 30.1.1) using the Medford Municipal Code 10.735, Clear View of Intersecting Streets (Figure 30.1.3), which states, “In order to provide a clear view of intersecting streets, there shall be a triangular area of clear vision formed where a street intersects with another street, driveway, or alley.” The analysis found that the clear vision triangle would be a 50ft triangle as described in Medford Municipal Code 10.735-1 without stop controls. (See Figure 30.1.2).

Public Works notified all the owner/occupants against or adjacent to the potential sight triangle parking restrictions. This resulted in a variety of responses 3 for the restrictions and 3 against with 2 undecided. One of these responses was from Doug and Bridget Hansen asked for their frontage at 2244 Ridge Way to be added to the upcoming parking restrictions.

Possible Recommendations:

Do nothing.
Install parking restrictions to alleviate the sight triangle.
Allow for additional parking restrictions in front of 2244 Ridge Way.
Resident Christina Charvat testified to her opposition to any parking restrictions. Having signs in the sidewalk creates an unacceptable annoyance for pedestrians as the sidewalk is only 5’ wide. Also, parked cars have a traffic calming effect.

Mr. Morejohn noted that since the original request had been removed, and a majority of the neighbors support no action, the item should be voted on without further discussion.

Motion:  Due to the circumstances being that the requestor has removed the request and the majority of neighbors support no action be taken, the Committee will take no action.

Moved by:   Mr. Morejohn        Seconded by:  Mr. Lewis
Roll Call:  Unanimous - yes.
Motion carried and so ordered.
30.2    Main and Bartlett Crosswalk          

Staff Analysis:

Cheryl Turnage has requested the placement of a crosswalk at the intersection of Main St and Bartlett St. Main St is 53 foot wide one-way major collector with curb, gutter, sidewalks and parking on both sides of the street. Bartlett St is a 36 foot wide local street with curb, gutter, sidewalks and bulb outs for parking on both sides of the street.
Public Works has performed a crosswalk treatment analysis at this location as well as a site visit. Upon a site visit 34 pedestrians were counted during the peak hour using the unmarked crosswalk on the west side of the intersection and 29 pedestrians using the east side unmarked crosswalk. The analysis shows that a marked crosswalk is warranted at this location.
Possible Solutions:

Do nothing.
Mark the crossing at only one location.
Mark both crossing locations.

Mr. Lewis asked about the City’s policy of not creating crosswalks unless there are traffic controls in place. Mr. Sarver reminded the Committee members that this is a mid-block crossing, and that marked crossings are permitted with signage and markings.

Chair Penland offered that something has changed from what the Committee was previously told.
Mr. Sarver clarified that crosswalk marking are permitted for only two reasons 1) it is a school crosswalk and the school is willing to man the crosswalk and 2) the area meets the national standard minimum threshold of 20 pedestrian crossing at peak hours.

Officer Bridges discussed the issue with cars parking on the east side immediately adjacent to the proposed crosswalk obstructs the view from the south corner. Mr. Sarver said that he would look into a parking restriction to alleviate the sight problem.

Mr. Sarver offered that most of the pedestrian traffic was college age students going to and from the parking garage. A stop sign in the ally has been installed, but there was no consistency on which side the college students were coming from. The school is on both sides so they come from both directions. It was even the whole way.

Motion:  In so far as it meets the revised criteria, the Committee supports asking the City to paint a crosswalk on both sides.

Motion by:  Mr. Montero                 Seconded by:  Mr. Morejohn
Roll Call:  Unanimous – yes.
Motion carried and so ordered.
40.     Reports

40.1    Update to Setting Speeds in Urban Areas
Mr. Sarver offered that Public Works has conducted speed zone investigations, and two speed zones were set: Lozier Extension to Cunningham from Stewart and Barnett from North Phoenix to east of Golf View. Both were moved to 35 MPH.
Chair Penland asked that if this was within the city limits, Mr. Sarver would be using the 50th percentile instead of the 85th percentile going forward - no questions asked. Mr. Sarver responded that that is essentially the breakdown of the change. ODOT permits the use of the 50th percentile, but they are looking more at the pace in the ten MPH range.
50.     Other Business

Mr. Montero offered that the City of Medford is forwarding to ODOT letters of support for the Safe Routes to School Program for consideration.

60.     Transportation Commission Liaison Update

Chair Penland updated the Committee members on the Transportation Commission’s work on acquiring grants for certain projects and prioritizing a list of projects. The Commission’s top six projects are: Table Rock Road (Merriman Road to I-5); Delta Waters Road (Nome Court to Bedford Circle); Stewart Avenue (Lozier Lane to Dixie Lane); Highland Drive & Barnett Road Intersection; Spring Street (Crater Lake Avenue to Sunrise Avenue); and Columbus Avenue (West McAndrews Road to Sage Road). At the next meeting, budget information will be available allowing the Commissioners to further narrow the list.

70.     Next Meeting:   September 24, 2020

80.     Adjournment:   12:25pm
Respectfully submitted,

Debra Royal
Public Works - Engineering

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