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Traffic Coordinating Committee (View All)

Traffic Coordinating Committee Meeting

Thursday, December 10, 2020

CALL TO ORDER: 12:08pm
10. Roll Call
Committee Members Present:
Peggy Penland
Mike Montero
Jeffrey Morejohn
Lewis Osborn
Susan Tooley
Committee Members Absent:
Staff Present:
Jake Sarver, Public Works Engineering
Debra Royal, Public Works Engineering
Officer Jenny Bridge, Police Department
Guests Present:
Jonathan Holden, 1415 W 8th Street, Medford
India Simmons, 541 Whitney Terrace, Medford
Mike Crennen, 4872 Bordeaux Avenue, Medford
Lou Ellen Crennen, 4872 Bordeaux Avenue, Medford
Neil Coyle, 4350 Falcon Ridge Terrace, Medford
Tom Schramm, 4531 Dear Ridge Drive, Medford
20.  Approval or Correction of Minutes
There being no additions or corrections, the minutes of the October 22, 2020 meeting were approved as presented.
25.  Consent Calendar
Public Works Operations Department has completed the Schools Zones work discussed at the last meeting. There is a new School Zone along Riverside. People are driving through it, not noticing it. Please get the word out that that zone is now operational and we want people to be aware that it is there. We are also in the 30-day window of the School zone and the change to 20mph in Liberty Park and the flags will be going down and the enforcement will be going up.
30.  Agenda Items
Chair Penland provided some guidance to the guests who were attending the meeting via Zoom, and asked for their understanding and cooperation to help the meeting run smoothly.
30.1   Elm St and 8th St Intersection
Debra Ryan of 1415 8th St has requested changes be made to the intersection to improve safety.
Staff Analysis:
Elm St is a 36-foot wide local street with curb, gutter, and sidewalk on both sides of the street. Elm St between Main St and 8th St is a one-way street southbound and a 2-way street south of 8th St. Elm St carries 3700 vehicles per day from Main St to 8th St.
8th St is a 44ft wide minor arterial with curb, gutter, and sidewalk on both sides of the street. 8th St between Elm St and Washington St is a one-way street eastbound and a 2-way street west of Elm St. 8th St carries 4100 vehicles per day east of Elm St.
The crash history shows there were 0 reported crashes from 2015-2018, 1 crash in 2019, and 1 so far in 2020 (the 1 recorded crash was DUII and is not considered correctable). In 2013 a vehicle crash left the roadway and made contact the home at 1415 8th St as well as hit a parked vehicle. Over the last several years, the requestor has regularly informed Public Works anytime they see a crash or near miss at the intersection. Some of these incidents are not reflected in the crash history because there is no property damage and/or they are not reported to police. Even though the crash history does not reflect what we would normally consider a safety problem, there does seem to be a pattern of people driving too fast around the curve.
Public Works plans to perform surface maintenance along both Elm St and 8th St over the summer of 2021. This is an opportune time to implement striping changes.
Public Works has developed three potential treatment packages consisting of changes to striping and signage.

1. Minimum recommended changes include solid double centerline, a continuation of the bike lane lines around the corner, painting the no parking area on the inside of the corner, adding an additional chevron sign to the back of the stop sign, and installing a ďno left turnĒ sign for eastbound 8th  St. 

2.  Alternate 1 (figure 30.1.1) removes the ability to travel both west on 8th St or to continue south on Elm St and marks both lanes as left-turn-only lanes. Traffic would still be able to travel northbound on Elm St and eastbound on 8th St. 
3.  A
ernate 2 (figure 30.1.2) leaves the access to both Elm St and 8th St open. Since the left lane is not a left-turn-only lane, speed reduction markings could be placed in that lane to help bring attention to the slow curve.
Public Works has not noticed any of the other residents or property owners in the area of these potential changes. The plan is to incorporate input from this TCC meeting into a preliminary plan that can be sent to the other residents and property owners in the area to provide their input. This item will then come back to the TCC for a final recommendation.
Possible Recommendations:
Do nothing.
Choose to follow treatment 1, 2, or 3.
Choose a hybrid treatment with               .
Chair Penland opened the floor for discussion.
Mr. Johnathan Holden of1415 W 8th St, Medford. Mr. Holden shared that his property has been significantly impacted twice by vehicles crossing onto his property. He incurred twenty thousand ($20,000) dollars of damages to his house, landscaping, and vehicles. He stated that those in the house would have been killed if not for the boulders he had put along his property. Mr. Holden shared that speed and vehicles cutting each other off are the main cause of danger. He has taken video recordings of the traffic passing his house and he is confident that this is just a small fraction of the dangerous actions of motorists.
Mr. Holden continued with his opinion that the number of warning signs now present are more of a hindrance than a help as drivers are extremely confused. For instance, the One Way sign does not give drivers enough time to process what the sign is telling them. They must turn quickly without adequately decreasing speed. Mr. Holden suggested the amount of analysis drivers must engage in before they can act should be decreased by less and better signage. There are too many options. He also stated that the chevron signs are barely visible until a driver is already committed to turning so the warning is of no use, and there is no speed limit sign. Drivers are under the false believe that 30 mph around the corner is doable. The last incident where the police were called, a small vehicle ramped up over the curb. The driver was able to correct, but the officers said this corner and my house is legendary. Neighbors agree. I donít know why most of this is not in the Public Record. There is a history of decades of accidents that have happened at this corner. Unfortunately, near misses are not in the record. It is very unsafe for pedestrians crossing Elm Street from 8th Street. ďWeíre living here wondering when the next time this is going to happen. When is the next time Iím going to have somebody come through my property and potentially through my house and is that going to kill someone? It is not good for mental health. It causes a lot of stress and itís just really a very bad situation.Ē
Mr. Morejohn asked staff if it was possible to redesign the corner as a one lane street from Columbus Ave so you donít have the competing two lanes of cars around the corner. Mr. Sarver said that he would look into that possibility. Mr. Morejohn expressed his concern that the City keeps trying ways to fix the problem but nothing seems to work and itís clear that drives donít seem to understand they donít own the entire road.
Mr. Holden added that Elm Street sees a lot of tractor trailer traffic that must use both lanes while making the turn.
Mr. Montero offered that this is an example of many of Medfordís streets that were designed long about without the benefit of todayís information. He agreed that Mr. Holdenís complaint is legitimate and lamented there are no easy solutions, and asked Mr. Sarver if Jersey barriers are permitted by City Code.
Chair Penland said the Committee needs more information before a decision can be made. She tends to agree with the one lane option and Mr. Monteroís observations and asked Mr. Sarver to look into what has been suggested. Mr. Sarver agreed and informed the Committee that there is time to do the needed administrative work, but that the time is not unlimited as there is scheduled maintenance on Columbus Avenue.
Mr. Osborn offered that he is in agreement to install Jersey barriers.
Officer Jenny Bridges suggested that if it is made into a one-lane road, the westbound left from Main St onto Elm St may need to be eliminated. Mr. Sarver agreed to look at that option as well.
Motion:  Table the matter until further information is gathered and take up at the next meeting.
Moved by:  Mr. Morejohn     Seconded by:  Mr. Montero
Roll Call:  The Motion was agreed to unanimously.
Motion carried and so ordered.  
30.2     Bordeaux Ave Closure
Multiple residents from the neighborhood have requested the closure of Bordeaux
Ave north of Whitney Terrace due to reported problems with vandalism and safety.
Staff Analysis:
Bordeaux Ave is 36 ft wide Local Street with curb, gutter, street lighting and parking
on both sides of the street. Currently there are intermittent sections of sidewalk along both sides of the road.
Currently the section of Bordeaux Ave North of Whitney Terrace is a dead end that has no homes or access points along it. There is an approved development plan with homes taking driveway access from this section of Bordeaux Ave. Public Works contacted the developer and they were not able to give a firm schedule for development at this time.
 Possible Solutions:
Do nothing.
Place temporary barricades across Bordeaux Ave North of Whitney Terrace.
50.    Other Business
60.    Transportation Commission Liaison Update
Chair Penland reviewed the December 9 TC meeting with the Committee members. She shared a report presented by Gary Leaming of ODOT regarding the recently opened roundabout at Highways 140 and 62. Mr. Leaming reviewed the development and construction of the roundabout and the successful testing and use by the public, thus far. Chair Penland also made a call for candidates to serve on the BPAC and Parking Committees and provided an update on the Transportation Demand Management Plan Pilot Program City Employee Survey.
Mr. Sarver provided an update on the closing of a portion of Springbrook Road for the construction of a roundabout at Springbrook Road and Cedar Links Road. The closure will be from Delta Waters Road to Roberts Road and is estimated to last from January 4, 2021 through early September 2021.
70.    Next Meeting:   January 28, 2021
80.    Adjournment:   1:25pm
Respectfully submitted,

Debra Royal
Public Works, Engineering

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