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Agenda & Minutes

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City Council Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Thursday, February 15, 2018

 February 15, 2018
 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                    Medford City Hall, Council Chambers
411 West 8th Street, Medford, Oregon
10.    Roll Call
20.    Recognitions, Community Group Reports
         20.1     Employee Recognition
         20.2     Quarterly Economic Development update from SOREDI by Colleen Padilla
30.    Oral Requests and Communications from the Audience
         Comments will be limited to 4 minutes per individual, group or organization.  PLEASE SIGN IN.
         30.1    MWC Quarterly Report by General Manager Brad Taylor
40.    Public Hearings
Comments are limited to a total of 30 minutes for applicants and/or their representatives.  You may request a 5-minute rebuttal time.  Appellants and/or their representatives are limited to a total of 30 minutes and if the applicant is not the appellant they will also be allowed a total of 30 minutes.  All others will be limited to 4 minutes. PLEASE SIGN IN.
40.1   COUNCIL BILL 2018-10 – CONTINUED -  An ordinance proclaiming annexation to the City of Medford of an approximately 2.98 acre parcel, including an adjacent right-of-way located on the north side of East Vilas Road, and approximately 4,900 feet west of Crater Lake Highway, and concurrent zone change from County LI (Light Industrial) to City I-L (Light Industrial) and designated within the Limited Industrial Overlay District (I-00), and withdrawal of said property from Medford Rural Fire Protection District #3, effective pursuant to State Law. (A-17-105) Land Use, Quasi-Judicial
         40.2   COUNCIL BILL 2018-14 An ordinance vacating an approximately 50 foot wide strip of public right-of-way, being a portion of Evergreen Street, running north-south from West Third Street to West Fourth Street, 300 feet in length. (SV-17-106) Land Use, Quasi-Judicial
         40.3   COUNCIL BILL 2018-15 An ordinance adopting an Affordable Housing Construction Excise Tax, related administrative regulations, and establishing new Medford Municipal Code sections 9.280 through 9.295, to be effective after the Department of Land Conservation and Development or the Land Conservation and Development Commission acknowledges the City’s proposed Urban Growth Boundary amendment. Legislative
50.    Approval or Correction of the Minutes of the February 1, 2018 Regular Meeting
60.    Consent Calendar
         60.1     COUNCIL BILL 2018-16 A resolution authorizing the City of Medford Parks, Recreation, and Facilities Department to apply for a Local Government Grant in the amount of $491,000 from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for Cedar Links Park development.
         60.2     COUNCIL BILL 2018-17 A resolution authorizing the City of Medford Parks, Recreation, and Facilities Department to apply for a Local Government Grant in the amount of $69,100 from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for development assistance with the Bear Creek Community Playground replacement project.
         60.3     COUNCIL BILL 2018-18 An ordinance amending sections 5.120, 5.350, 5.365, 5.370, 5.380, 5.385, 5.390, 5.990 and adding sections 5.720 and 5.725 of the Medford Municipal Code to provide consistency with and implement new state laws.
70.    Items Removed from Consent Calendar
80.    Ordinances and Resolutions
         80.1     COUNCIL BILL 2018-19 An ordinance authorizing termination and release of a utility easement granted by the City to Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice and granting utility, sewer, and gas line easements.
         80.2     COUNCIL BILL 2018-20 An ordinance awarding a contract in an amount of $230,480 to Vitus Construction for remodeling of the Public Works Department at the Service Center.
         80.3     COUNCIL BILL 2018-21 An ordinance amending section 3.470 of the Medford Municipal Code pertaining to interest on assessments.
90.    Council Business
         90.1     Proclamations issued: None
         90.2     Committee Reports and Communications
100.  City Manager and Staff Reports
         100.1   Medford Housing Advisory Committee Housing Strategies Recommendations and Estimated Timelines – Matt Brinkley
         100.2   Housing Advisory Committee Recommendations Regarding Establishing a Permanent Housing Committee and a System Development Charges Deferral Program – Matt Brinkley
         100.3   Further reports from City Manager
110.  Adjournment

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