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Medford Arts Commission Mission Statement
The mission of the Medford Arts Commission is to enhance the quality of life in our community by supporting public art, programs, awareness and education to enable all of Medford’s citizens to enjoy and appreciate the arts.

Vision Statement
Medford Arts Commission: Connecting people with art.

About the Medford Arts CommissionConstable Prescott Piece
The Medford Arts Commission (MAC) is comprised of nine volunteer residents of Medford, a City Council liaison and a Parks and Recreation Commission liaison. Currently, the Medford Parks and Recreation Department provides a staff liaison whose responsibility is to facilitate meetings, support programs/projects and manage budgets.

The MAC general meeting is the second Monday of each month and study sessions are scheduled on the fourth Mondays of each month. Meetings may not take place if commissioners choose not to meet on any particular month, if there is a lack of agenda items to warrant a meeting, or if a quorum will not be present at a meeting.

There is scheduled time for the general public to present ideas or suggestions to the commission at each general meeting.  Please contact the liaison after 12 noon the day of a meeting to verify if a quorum will be in attendance; if not, the meeting may be canceled.

The MAC annual budget provides funds for maintenance of City owned art (over 100 pieces to date), acquisition of art, promotion of the MAC partnership program, and to educate and promote art in its various forms. This 7.78 mb Public Art Brochure identifies many of the pieces and offers locations and artist information. 

The Partnership Opportunities Program allows the MAC to partner with 501c3 agencies, or their affiliates, to help offset funds for programs/projects which serve Medford residents.

Grant Report Form

The Public Art and Acquisition Policy is a guideline for the MAC to follow when selecting a site and/or artist for acquisitions over $5,000.

Established Meetings Length of Term
2000 Second and Fourth Mondays each month at 5:45 p.m. 3 Years


Name Email Title Term Begin Term End
Clay Bearnson Council Liaison 2/1/2015
Kay Brooks Alt  Council Liaison 2/2/2017
Marie Cabler Parks & Recreation Liaison
Jared Davidson Commissioner 12/7/2017 1/31/2021
Michael Davis Commissioner 1/16/2003 1/31/2021
Alexis Hodel Commissioner 2/1/2017 1/31/2020
Dana Jung Commissioner 10/5/2017 1/31/2020
Janice Moon Commissioner 11/16/2017 1/31/2020
Jesse Nyberg Staff Liaison 11/14/2016
George Schroeder Commissioner 2/1/2016 1/31/2019
Simone Stewart Commissioner 6/16/2016 1/31/2019
Gabrielle Taylor Youth Commissioner 10/5/2017 6/30/2018

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