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Transportation CommissionThe Transportation Commission works with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Traffic Coordinating Committee to advise the City Council and the Planning Commission on all matters affecting transportation policy in the City and the surrounding area, including:
  • Examining multi-modal transportation issues.
  • Evaluating level-of-service alternatives.
  • Evaluating travel demand management alternatives.
  • Making recommendations concerning provisions of the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Code that affect transportation.
  • Facilitating coordination of transportation issues with other governmental agencies.
The meetings of the Transportation Commission are not to be considered a part of any land use hearings process and the records of its proceedings shall not be a part of the record of any land use case.  However, the Transportation Commission may submit testimony and evidence in a land use matter in the same manner as any other party.

The Transportation Commission acts on the authority provided by Medford Municipal Code Section 2.451 and 2.452.
Meetings Length of Term
TBD 3 years

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