7.410 Uncontrolled Weeds and Grass: Purpose and Scope

The uncontrolled growth of high grass, weeds, brush, and other like vegetation on property in city areas causes:

(1) A fire hazard endangering people and property;

(2) An interference with the use and enjoyment of other properties by propagating noxious weeds and causing them to spread; and

(3) A health hazard by furnishing an area for the breeding of vermin and by generating irritants. Therefore, permitting such uncontrolled growth is unreasonable and unnecessary in an urban area and constitutes a public nuisance. Any person who owns and has the right to control real property assumes no obligation to the rest of the community and is therefore chargeable with knowledge of the growth of vegetation on that property and has a duty to remove any nuisance which reasonable inspection would reveal.

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