2.438 Arts Commission

(1) The Arts Commission shall consist of nine voting members and one nonvoting ex officio member, as follows:

(a) Voting members: Nine members-at-large, one of which shall be a student from a high school listed in Section 2.470(1).

(b) Nonvoting member: The Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designee.

(2) Voting members of the Commission shall be appointed by the Parks and Recreation Commission for terms of three years, except that shorter terms may be used to stagger appointments, so that the terms of three members expire each year. Three-year terms for members shall begin February 1 and expire January 31.  High-school student member term shall begin July 1 and expire June 30 annually.

(3) The Arts Commission shall adopt rules of procedure, as necessary, and shall by resolution establish either a regular meeting date or rules of procedure under which meetings may be called. A majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum.

(4) The duties of the Arts Commission shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) Act on behalf of the Council on matters pertaining to the selection, acquisition, siting, restoration and preventive maintenance of public art for the enjoyment of the citizens.  This shall include the hiring of consultants to assist in the development of public art programs and procedures.

(b) Advise the Parks and Recreation Commission concerning the acceptance and disposition of gifts of art to the City.

(c) Act in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Commission on matters pertaining to arts education and promotion, artistís recognition and encouragement of the arts and artistic performances to help foster broad participation in and understanding of the arts and their value to the Medford community.

(d) Assist City staff in obtaining gifts and grants for the arts fund, which shall be used for support of arts programs/activities and the procurement of public art for the enjoyment of the citizens. Advise City Council of funding needs for arts to attain the desired vision for arts and culture in Medford.

(e) Assist City staff with the administration of the 1.5% for art program, which allocates funds from specific City building and remodeling projects for the incorporation within and or inclusion of public art to the project.

(f) The Chairperson or designee will serve as liaison to the Medford Parks and Recreation Commission regarding the placement of public art and scheduling of arts and cultural events in Medford public parks.

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