2.457 Traffic Coordinating Committee

(1) A Traffic Coordinating Committee is hereby established to:

(a) Make recommendations to the Transportation Commission concerning general traffic management policies;

(b) Act as a forum to hear citizen requests with regard to traffic matters; and

(c) Provide recommendations to the Public Works Department and the Police Department.

(2) The Committee shall be composed of five voting members.  Each of the listed organizations shall appoint one member and an alternate:

(a) The Medford/Jackson County Chamber of Commerce

(b) The local branch of the American Automobile Association

(c) School District 549-C

Two members shall be appointed by the Mayor and Council.

(3) The City Manager shall provide staff members from the Public Works and Police Departments to assist the Traffic Coordinating Committee and may provide other staff assistance as he deems appropriate.

(4) The minutes of the meetings of the Traffic Coordinating Committee shall be filed with the City Recorder.

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