2.441 Community Services and Development Commission

(1) The Community Services and Development Commission shall consist of eleven (11) voting members as follows:

One (1) current member of the Budget Committee; one (1) member representing healthcare; one (1) member representing social services; one (1) member representing local business; one (1) member representing workforce development; one (1) member representing an educational institution; one (1) member representing affordable housing; two (2) members-at-large encouraging representation from throughout the whole community; and two (2) members who have experienced homelessness in the past or who are currently homeless, referred to as having “lived experience.” Voting members of the Commission shall be appointed by the Mayor and Council for terms of three years.
(2) The Community Services and Development Commission shall adopt rules of procedure, as necessary, and shall by resolution establish either a regular meeting date or rules of procedure under which a meeting may be called. Six voting members shall constitute a quorum.
(3) The Community Development Commission shall administer the City’s General Fund Grant program, including:       
            (a)        Administering the General Fund grant selection process; and
            (b)        Overseeing General Fund Grant reporting.
(4)        The Community Services and Development Commission shall advise the City Council on matters associated with homelessness, including, without limitation, implementing the Medford Homeless System Action Plan.
(5) The Community Development Commission shall advise the City Council on the appropriate implementation of the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and related programs and statutory responsibilities including, without limitation:
(a) Administering the CDBG annual grant selection process;
(b) Implementing the City’s CDBG Citizen Participation Plan;
(c) Assisting the Housing Advisory Commission to implement the City’s Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan, and Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice;
(d) Overseeing CDBG regulatory requirements including but not limited to subrecipient reporting, risk assessment and monitoring; and
(e) Advising City Council on grant opportunities.
[Added Sec. 1, Ord. No. 2018-73, June 21, 2018; Amd. Sec. 1, Ord. No. 2020-113, Sep. 3, 2020.]