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FAQs - Planning

Q: What is my zoning?


To find your zoning you will need to know your map and taxlot number.  You can either (a) locate your map and taxlot number on your tax statement or (b) visit the Jackson County Front Counter website.  The Jackson County Front Counter website will provide you with a "search" by address option.  The maps that appear on the Front Counter website do not accurately represent zoning in the City of Medford at this time and should only be used to obtain a map and taxlot number.

To find your zoning, once you have acquired a map and taxlot number, proceed to our Zoning Map in the Map Gallery. 

Our zoning maps are currently hyperlinked and are ordered by Township, Section and Range designations.


The map and taxlot number for Medford City Hall is 372W25DA8600

37 = Township

2W = Range

25 = Section

TRS = 372W25

(D = Quarter Section, A = Quarter-Quarter Section, 8600 = Taxlot - these designations are not necessary to find the relevant map.)

To look at the relevant map you would click on the hyperlink marked "372W25."  The map that appears will be larger than your parcel.  You will need to locate your parcel by street name and zoom to your lot.

For more information, contact Planning Department at 541-774-2380.

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