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Bicycle License Application

Bicycle Licenses are free of charge and are available to any resident of Jackson County.

Note:  The serial number is stamped into the metal frame and is usually located on the pedal housing, goose neck housing, seat post housing, or on the frame where the rear axle is attached.

* Registration Date 
* Owner 
* Birth Date: 
* Phone 
* Physical Address, City, Zip 
* Mailing Address, City, Zip 
* Serial Number 
* Brand 
* Model 
* Color of Frame 
* Color of Trim 
* Wheel Size 
* Speeds 
* Seat type 
* Lights 
* Fenders 
* Tires 
* Frame 
* Handle 
Additional Information
* Brakes 

By clicking submit, I understand that users under 16 years of age are required to wear bicycle helmets per ORS 814.485

No persons shall operate a skateboard, scooter, or bicycle on a sidewalk within the area bound by Bear Creek, the north right-of-way of Sixth Street, the west right-of-way of Oakdale Avenue, and the south right-of-way of Tenth Street, except where official signs mark a designated bicycle path. (MMC 6.430) Click here to see a map.


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