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Eli Matthews
Councilmember Ward 2

Eli Matthews 2013

Eli Matthews was appointed as Councilman for Ward 2 on May 3, 2012 to complete a partial term. He was re-elected and his current term of office is through December, 2016.

Eli Matthews has a B.A. degree in Philosophy from Wheaton College, his Master's degree from George Fox University and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. He is employed at Comnet Marketing as an Account Executive.

Eli Matthews has been resident of Medford for over 18 years. He has served the citizens of Medford through membership on the City of Medford Arts Commission, Rogue Valley Pregnancy Resource Center, Citizen's Planning Advisory Committee and the Christian Education Committee at Eastwood Church. He has also worked as a volunteer at the Medford Mission, Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity, Jackson County Republican Party and the Voice for Life Club.

Councilmember Matthews displays a professional demeanor and is well-spoken. His passion for the community and his strong desire to be a public servant, coupled with his enthusiasm and youthful energy, bring a different perspective to the Medford City Council.

In response to the question of why he wanted to serve the City, Councilmember Matthews stated: "I desire to serve because I want to volunteer my energy and time to a pertinent and important cause. As a product and benefactor of growing up in the Rogue Valley, and growing in my love for the City, I have a first-hand experience and freshness that is very much needed in making influential decisions. I desire to bring a youthful approach to the Council because I believe that I can communicate the perspective and needs of this new generation."

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