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City of Medford Oregon News

11/30/2015Daily Lane Closure on Stratford Avenue, November 30-December 18
11/25/2015Daily Lane Closure on E. Main Street, December 7-18
11/25/2015Daily Lane Closure on Comice Drive, December 7-18
11/25/2015Daily Lane Closure on Elliott Avenue, December 7-18
11/25/2015Daily Lane Closure on Lozier Lane, November 30-December 8
11/25/2015Daily Lane Closure on Mace Road, December 21-January 1
11/25/2015Daily Lane Closure on Pierce Road, December 2-16
11/25/2015Road Closure on N. 10th Street, November 30-December 4
11/25/2015Lane Closure on E. Main Street, December 2
11/25/2015Alley Closure between Stevens and Saling, November 30-December 1
11/25/2015Alley Closure between Prune and Dakota, December 7-23
11/23/2015Lane Closure on N. Phoenix Road, November 24
11/23/2015Lane Closure on Spring Street, November 24
11/23/2015Lane Closure at Intersection of Spring Street and Springbrook/Sunrise, November 23-December 14
11/23/2015Lane Closure on N. Riverside Avenue, November 24-25
11/23/2015Shooting Suspects Arrested
11/20/2015City Council Seek Applicants for Boards & Commissions
11/19/2015Daily Lane Closure on Saint Francis, November 23-25
11/19/2015Daily Lane Closure on Corona Avenue, November 20
11/19/2015Daily Lane Diversion on Jackson Street, November 20-23
11/19/2015Daily Lane Closure on Juanipero Way, November 23-24
11/18/2015Daily Lane Closure on E. Main Street, November 24-December 2
11/18/2015Daily Lane Closure on E. Main Street, November 23-24
11/18/2015Daily Lane Closure on S. Barneburg Road, November 18-24
11/18/2015Daily Lane Closure on Highland Drive, November 18-24
11/18/2015Daily Lane Diversion on E. Main Street, November 19-25
11/18/2015Daily Lane Diversion on E. 8th Street, November 19-25
11/17/2015Daily Lane Closure on Myrtle Street, November 18-19
11/16/2015Lane Closure on Manzanita Street, November 23
11/13/2015Daily Lane Closure on Cottage Street, November 18-23
11/13/2015Medford's Winter Lights Festival Set For Sat., Dec. 5
11/13/2015Daily Lane Closure on E. 10th Street, November 18-20
11/13/2015Sex Offender Sweeps
11/10/2015Final Suspect Arrested in Gang Shooting
11/06/2015Daily Lane Closure on Plum Street, November 20-December 4
11/05/2015Drug Arrest 6000 blk of Cork Drive, Central Point
10/28/2015Daily Lane Closure on W. Main Street, November 16-December 4
10/26/2015Daily Lane Closure on Pierce Road and Spring Street, October 27-December 4
10/26/2015Chief George Announces Retirement
10/14/2015Narregan Street Shooting - Additional Suspects Arrested
10/14/2015Shooting Investigation - Suspect Arrested
10/14/2015Shooting Investigation
10/07/2015S.C.R.A.M. Program
10/07/2015RCC Threats
09/30/2015Brad Poff Arrested
05/14/2015Guest Opinion from Chief George on Crime Rates and Statistics
05/05/2015Police Station Groundbreaking Video
04/28/2015Continuous Street Closure on Ivy Street and Continuous Parking Lane Closure on Holly Street thru August 2016
04/03/2015April 2015 Newsletter

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