Study Session Preview - Oct. 26

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Study Session Preview - Oct. 26

City Council Study Session Topics – Thursday, Oct. 26 at 6 p.m.
Marijuana Indoor Grows – City staff is seeking Council direction on the following areas:
  • What is (or should be) considered to be “outdoor production” of marijuana?
  • Should the City allow the production of marijuana in residential areas to occur other than inside of a residence or its garage? If so, what types of structure(s) should be permitted?
  • If structures other than a residence or garage are used for the production of marijuana, are there construction requirements that should be codified? E.G. specific materials, minimum/maximum height and/or size, opacity, security measures, etc.  Click here to learn more on this topic.
Shopping Cart Ordinance - City staff is seeking Council direction on a draft shopping cart ordinance. The removal of shopping carts for unauthorized use has created both financial and operational issues for businesses. These carts are often found abandoned throughout Medford streets, parks and Bear Creek Greenway. Medford Parks and Recreation Department, Police and Public Works staff are spending a lot of resources collecting and disposing of carts on a daily basis. Prior to presenting this second code revision for consideration to Council, staff contacted 51 stores in Medford to attend one of two opportunities to review the proposed ordinance and provide feedback on the impacts to their operations. Click here to learn more on this topic.

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