City Council Meeting Agenda Highlights - Nov. 2

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City Council Meeting Agenda Highlights - Nov. 2

City Council Meeting Topics

Thursday, November 2 at 6 p.m., 
City Hall Council Chambers - 3rd Floor
411 W. 8th Street
Non-Profit Agencies could receive over $272,000 in Social Services Grants from City’s General Fund Grant Program
Since 1997, City Council has granted over $5.5 million dollars to outside organizations augmenting essential safety net programs and services to Medford residents, which the City either cannot, or does not provide due to staffing, facility or funding limitations. The grants are awarded through a competitive process to non-profit agencies that provide fundamental essential safety net services to Medford citizens. To be considered an essential safety net, these agencies must provide one of the following services: offering assistance for emergency care, rape crisis intervention, substance abuse treatment, medical care, legal services, shelter for women and children, programs for the homeless, support for seniors and childcare. Twenty-two applications were received, of which 19 met the essential safety net criteria. Click for more details.
Jackson County Requests Expansion of Downtown Exclusion Zone
Recently, the City received a letter from Jackson County requesting that the downtown exclusion zone be expanded to include various governmental facilities such as the Jackson County Courthouse, the Jackson County Justice Building, the Jackson County District Attorney’s office, and the Jackson County Juvenile Justice Facility, as well as the parking lots adjacent to or associated with these buildings. City Councilors will review an ordinance amending section 5.256 of the Medford Municipal Code pertaining to the downtown district exclusion zone in tonight’s City Council meeting. Click for more details.
City of Medford Parks and Recreation Department Proposes “Park Watch” Program
The Parks, Recreation and Facilities Management Department is requesting the Council’s approval of a resolution to establish a “Park Watch” community outreach program. The proposed program is a proactive initiative designed to solicit vigilance and volunteerism for the general public to enhance the safety, usability and public perception of City parkland. Because it is impossible for law enforcement and park maintenance to have a continual presence in the City’s 27 developed parks and along Medford’s seven-mile stretch of the Bear Creek Greenway, the Park Watch program encourages residents and park users to help protect these assets in multiple ways. Click for more details.

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