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City of Medford announces layoffs due to impact of COVID-19

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City of Medford announces layoffs due to impact of COVID-19

The City has announced it will lay off 13* employees as a result of the economic impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is in addition to the seven positions that are currently vacant and will remain unfilled. The City anticipates lost revenues of at least $5.4 million in the General Fund, or nearly 8.3% percent of annual revenue since the statewide Stay at Home order went into effect on March 27.  
“Like many of our local companies, the city is facing very serious financial impacts as a result of the coronavirus pandemic,” said City Manager Brian Sjothun. “We are significantly reducing non-personnel expenses and department directors are forgoing future Cost of Living Adjustments and step increases, but the reality is that the financial impact requires layoffs. We are assessing the situation every day; my heart goes out to our employees who have dedicated their service to this community.”
Impacted employees were notified on Monday, July 6 & Tuesday, July 7 and will be paid through July 15 with access to full benefits through July 31.

Sjothun said the City will continuously evaluate the financial and personnel impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. “This is an unprecedented situation,” he said. “Unlike a natural disaster or past economic downturns, the duration of this crisis is unknown; the pandemic is impacting every community across the country. It is creating very real financial hardships for businesses and individuals, and there is incredible uncertainty about public health outcomes and our ability to get back to normal.”

*On Wednesday, the City incorrectly reported the number of impacted part-time positions. Six full-time positions and seven part-time positions were impacted by the layoffs due to the impact of COVID-19. The total number of impacted positions has been updated to reflect the correction.

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