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Temporary Use of Occupied RVs Rules Eased

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Temporary Use of Occupied RVs Rules Eased
Posted: Friday, September 11, 2020

In an effort to help residents displaced by the Almeda Fire, City Manager Brian Sjothun signed an Executive Order allowing temporary use of recreational vehicles (RVs) on residential lots or the right-of-way abutting private property.

Generally, pursuant to Medford Municipal Code (MMC) 10.859, the City of Medford does not allow occupancy of recreational vehicles (RVs) outside of mobile home parks or other limited, specific circumstances. 

The Executive Order temporarily reduces restrictions on occupied RVs, with safeguards to mitigate impacts on surrounding neighborhoods, and allows for additional, temporary housing for displaced individuals until additional housing is available.

To host an RV on a residential lot, please review the following conditions:
  • One RV (in addition to those already allowed under MMC 10.859) shall be allowed to be occupied for each residential lot, either parked on the private property or parked within lawful parking spaces in the right-of-way abutting the property, with the owner's permissions.
  • RV occupants must have access to sanitation facilities.
  • If RVs are parked in the right-of-way:
    • They may not obstruct the travel lanes;
    • They may not be located across the street from another RV parked within the right-of-way if the two parked RVs obstruct travel lanes to the extent emergency services vehicles annot pass;
    • Extending panels on the RV may not be expanded further into the travel lane portion of the right-of-way;
    • They may not be parked within 50 feet of an intersection;
    • They may not be parked in a location that creates visibility problems for other drivers such as the inside of a curve in the roadway.
Owners of residential properties larger than 0.5 acres, or commercial or industrial parcels of any size, may apply to the City Manager for permission to have multiple RVs parked on a single parcel. 

This order is in effect until September 10, 2021, unless it is earlier terminated by the City Council or Executive Order of the City Manager. Click here to read the Executive Order in its entirety. 


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