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Traffic System Maintenance

The City of Medford operates and maintains over one hundred and eight traffic signals and other devices. With over two hundred miles of streets and over twenty thousand signs, maintenance is a large part of the Medford transportation system. The Traffic Maintenance section has four traffic signal technicians and five Public Works Technicians performing signal and streetlight maintenance, sign installation/repair and painting of pavement markings.

Traffic Maintenance operates an Intelligent Traffic System or “ITS.” This system uses interconnected communications wiring to monitor and program individual signal controlled intersections. A standard model 170-traffic computer, utilizing a BiTrans 200SA1X intersection program, controls all City of Medford traffic signals.

The City also operates and maintains over 4500 streetlights. Street lighting is vital for traffic safety in intersections, neighborhood crime prevention, bicycle and pedestrian safety after daylight hours. Requests for maintenance or repairs to streetlights should be referred to Public Works Operations at, 541-774-2600.
Additional Department Information

Infrastructure Maintenance Department Contacts

821 N. Columbus Avenue
Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 774-2600

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