Record Requests and Fees

The following are the current City of Medford fees charged for public record requests:

  • Readily available Police Report or CAD Entry:  $10 each

  • Certified Copy Police Report or CAD:  $12

  • Digital Photographs: $9 per CD (CD included in the fee)

  • Photographs:  $1 per page (plain paper) up to 4 photos per page. 

  • Certification of Reports:  $10 each (free for victims)

  • Audio or Video CD/DVD:  $34 per hour with a $9.00 minimum (includes CD/DVD)

  • MPD Record Check Letter:  $10 each

  • Notarized Record Check Letter:  $12 each

  • Statistical Requests referred to Technical Information Bureau:  $34 per hour

  • MAV:  $34 per hour for length of time needed to copy recording

  • Body Cam:  $34 per hour for length of time to review and perform any needed redactions


Note:  Open or confidential police reports cannot be released.  We cannot release reports/records involving juveniles.  Please contact JDH at (541)774-4800 regarding these records.  Record check requests released only with signed waivers on adult arrest records held by our department.

If you require further assistance, please contact the Records Division at (541)774-2250


Additional Department Information

Police Department Contacts

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Phone: (541) 774-2250
Fax: (541) 774-2570

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