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Code Enforcement FAQ's

Q 1. How long can vehicles park on the street in the same location without moving?

Vehicles, with valid registration, may sit in the same location without moving for 5 days.  They become a violation on day 6.  Once they move a minimum of 25 feet from their original position this 5-day period will start over. Vehicles with expired registration should not be on the street for any length of time.  See MMC 6.345 (1)

Q 2. How long can trailers park on the street in the same location without moving?

Unlike vehicles, any type of manufactured vehicle or trailer, ie. boat trailer, camp trailer, utility trailer, etc., are only allowed for 24 hours and then must be removed from the public right-of-way and placed on private property.  It should be realized that the public street is for just parking, not storing.  See MMC 6.345 (2)

Q 3. What should I do if I see Graffiti anywhere within the city

The City of Medford has a graffiti ordinance that requires the affected property owner to remove or cover over the graffiti within 10 days of notification of the nuisance.  The Code Enforcement Department takes photos of the graffiti (or accepts digital photos via email) and files them within the Police Department for their follow-up investigation.  Phone calls to the Code Enforcement Department are appreciated when instances of graffiti are noticed so that we can get this damage covered over or removed as soon as possible to help keep the city graffiti-free.  See MMC 5.519

Q 4. Is my landlord required to provide my garbage service? Is he required to pay for anything else?

All owners of RESIDENTIAL rental property within the city limits of Medford is required to subscribe to and pay for weekly garbage service.  This means that your landlord (or property manager) must order & pay directly for your garbage service through the current City of Medford franchise holder.  The City of Medford has no other requirements for what the property owner must provide tenants, any other requirements would be between the tenant and landlord as per a rental agreement.  See MMC 5.502

Q 5. Can people leave flyers on my vehicle?

No.  Advertising relating to commercial enterprises of any kind is not allowed to be placed in or on a vehicle without the consent of the owner.  The only exception is handbills or stickers placed by US, state, county or municipalities for enforcement activities.  See MMC 8.835

Q 6. Can I post a sign for my garage sale or lost dog on the utility pole?

No.   It is unlawful to post or attach in any way a sign on a utility pole, wall, hydrant, bridge, tree or structure in the public right-of-way except by permission of the City Council.

Q 7.  Are chickens allowed in Medford?

Yes.  Chickens are allowed in Medford but with conditions:  the environment they are kept in must be kept odor and debris free; and the chickens cannot cause a noise disturbance to neighboring properties.

Q 8. Can my out of town relatives stay in my travel trailer while they are visiting?

No.  Trailers can only be occupied if parked in an RV park.  MMC 10.859


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